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Author has written 10 stories for Harry Potter.

All of my fanfictions are based upon Harry Potter and his delightful wizarding adventures. My goal is to stay as true to canon and the spirit of the books as possible, so you won't find any bizarre McGonagall/Peeves missing moments or weird love stories about the giant squid (which is legitimately a character on the character selection list, weird).

I'm a blatant R/H shipper, which I freely admit. If I write any semi-serious fics (eg. Bury the Hatchet, Slap, Perfect World, The Sorceress Diaries, Interlude) you'll usually find some R/H in there somewhere. Or everywhere. I've also thrown some H/G into Interlude and some others, for kicks.

A warning: I have been on this website for a long time, and as a teenager used some desperate reviewing tactics which involved random characters bursting into songs about reviewing or about how I don't own Harry Potter. I was young and foolish, but entertaining.


01/5/13: Well, I guess it did take me 6 months to write the next one, hahaha. INTERLUDE IS FINALLY COMPLETE! Enjoy.

06/13/12: FINALLY new chapter of Interlude is up. Only two more to go...hopefully it won't take me 6 months to write the next one!

10/15/11: Thanks to those of you who have been patiently awaiting the next installment of Interlude. The next chapter is written - I'm just going through it with my beta reader right now. I expect to be able to post it in the next two weeks or so :)

07/15/11: Wow. It's been THREE YEARS.

I got sort of depressed reading reviews about people who thought I was a) dead b) on extended vacation c) literally lost in London trying to find Diagon Alley. Yes, I'm alive. Believe it or not, I've been writing fanfiction under a different penname because I could not for the life of me get back into this account. I just watched HP 7 Part 2 (OMG.) and Harry's struggle against Voldemort inspired me to try, try again. And just as Harry vanquished Voldemort after a weird CGI sequences where they were massaging each other's faces or something (?), I too managed to vanquish the login screen by figuring out the email/password combo to get me back into this account.

I'm posting my stories I've written on the other account RIGHT NOW. And yes, one day, I hope to finish Interlude.

Soooo basically, I'm not dead! Yay!


Several new chapters of Interlude are written - huzzah! - and I'm just waiting for my beta to get them back to me. Thanks to everyone still reading and's delightful to get reviews for something I haven't updated in awhile, or even fics that I finished years and years ago. You're all-stars.


No worries, am still alive. Will update Interlude soon. C'mon, sweet sweet summer holiday.

09/15/07: NEW STORY, WHAT?

An idea started growing in my mind after I finished Deathly Hallows, and I couldn't put it to rest. It's not like I have tons and tons of time to write, but I've been putting in an hour here and there on rainy days. What became of this was the first few chapters of my new fic, Interlude. That's right, after an extremely extended holiday from fanfiction, I'm back.

I don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing The Sorceress Diaries, which was actually great fun to write, and I'm a little sad that it's outdated now. Also, I find it kind of humourous that Rowling has managed to write three other huge HP books, whereas I haven't even finished writing Hermione's view of Order of the Phoenix. Buuut I really hope that you'll all read and review the new story!


So. It's all over. And in my sadness, I turned to fanfiction to fill in the gaps. What happened between Voldemort's death and 19 years later?! I charge you, noble fanfic writers, to fill in the blanks.

I wish I could get paid for writing fanfiction.

Oh, and my Silver Phoenix email got deleted through lack of use, so I now have a new email (see above) which you can reach me at.


Hey all. Wow it seems like forever since I've been on this website/even thought about fanfic. So here's what went down, and here's my massive apology:

A little thing I like to call real life got extremely crazy and then very busy. Unfortunately I got very sick, and was stuck in the hospital for awhile in summer 2005 (which I figure is a legitimate excuse for not updating and such). But then I got better (huzzah), went back to school (not so huzzah), got a degree (huzzah), and fanfiction was, quite frankly, the last thing on my list. I confess I didn't even think about fanfiction for year and some. I am very sorry that I didn't even leave a little post for people who were anxiously awaiting updates on the edges of their seats, and/or were legitimately worried about me.

So what, you may ask, made me return to the hallowed halls of Believe it or not, I overheard one of my piano students talking about Silvver Phoenix. They were talking about fanfiction, and then started talking about some very familiar-sounding parodies, and wondering where the heck Silvver had gone. Synopsis of conversation below:

12 year old girl #1: Omgz I wuz on the otha day and saw the funnyest parodizzles lolz!

12 year old girl #2: Omgz are you tawking about Silvver Phoenix?

12 year old girl #1: Holla!


Just kidding. I did overhear someone say "Holla" the other day, though.

So massively freaked out that my students nearly stumbled upon my alter ego in the fanfiction world (AWKWARD), I decided to venture on and check out what's been going on, figuring everyone else had forgotten about me. Insert me reading several reviews with panicked "Where are you!"s and "Are you okay!" and " can I be in the FU or what, it's been months. Srsly."

Anyways, quite frankly guys, I doubt that I'm going to have the time and/or inspiration to continue any of the works in progress I've got going on here. I am very, very, very sorry for those of you anxiously awaiting updates. Also, I apologize to anyone who has tried to e-mail me, because my silver_phoenix25@ e-mail account got disabled from disuse (oops). I'm going to try to get another one in case, you know, anyone wants to e-mail me tearful hate mail.

So, this is Silvver Phoenix signing off. Thanks for reading and reviewing, everyone!

P.S. Did you guys know that John Stamos is now on ER! That almost tempted me to write another parody. Almost.

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