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Author has written 14 stories for Pokémon, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and Golden Sun.

Nickname: Frankie

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Age: 20

Birthday: March 17

Residency: Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Occupation: unemployed... Graduated BS Business Administration, Major in Financial Management

I've written stories for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Pokémon, and Golden Sun...

I am conscious in grammar and spelling so I do my best to use my English right. But oftentimes, my hastiness is an avenue for mistakes.

A beta-reader... My services are available at the moment - while I still don't have a decent job.


Comments for every pairing are personal. Caution for some SPOILERS.


Ash and May (Advanceshipping) - Before Pokémon Black and White came, I supported this shipping a lot. And now with the fanbase of Negaishipping rising to stardom, I can't say that I've turned my back on Advanceshipping. But even so, when I see them the two of them side-by-side, they just look so cute (sorry, can't find a good synonym to make this randomness absolute). Though Ash has quite a refined personality in Pokémon Advanced series, he still seems dense to know that May is probably interested in him. But we know Ash and May too well. VERDICT: A bright future for the both of them. Though there will be ups and downs for the shipping, at least a balance will exist. This way, this shipping will be well-supported and well-liked by the Pokémon community. RATING: 9.25/10

Ash and Dawn (Pearlshipping) - Dawn has a personality that interests me. And if one can put her side-by-side with Ash's personality, one would think that they would blend themselves like cream cheese (I love cream cheese). They share their love of their destinies. Somehow, they put friendship to each other and friendship to their Pokémon as a top priority, since both professions (Pokémon trainer and Pokémon coordinator) will need the skill, love, and maximum potential. Once again, Ash is too dense. But Dawn just treats Ash as a friend. VERDICT: The future is unsure for them. Though this is so, this shipping is expected to be supported for a long time. RATING: 8.75/10

Ash and Iris (Negaishipping) - Never mind the complexions of both characters. It can be annoying, for one, to hear Iris say over and over her manner of teasing Ash being a kid. Well, what she means is that Ash is still inexperienced. But after I watched the first few episodes of Pokémon Black and White, I began to smile for these two. Iris herself isn't a Pokémon trainer, so we're still unsure what she might do to occupy herself other than being with Ash and Cilan. However, she did say that she has a destiny, which we all have to find out. VERDICT: Like Advanceshipping, there's a bright future for them. Negaishipping fanbase is growing. It is almost possible that Ash and Iris might just be a perfect click. We all have to find out. RATING: 7.50/10

Tracey and Misty (Orangeshipping) - I could say this is the least of my best. Tracey and Misty feel more "mature" to me. What's more: Tracey even gave Misty an Azurill. There must be a hidden meaning to that gift, and I think I'm seeing it now - after all this time. Tracey has this relaxed and calm personality, just fine for a young man. And he's got talent, which really is a mental buff. Misty, on the other hand, has responsibilities as a gym leader and she learns to get on the safe side. However, she has to cool down from her ill-temper proneness. VERDICT: Orangeshipping has potential, but it might not reach a succeeding level of Pearlshipping or Advanceshipping. But then again, we like older people paired with older people. Tracey might just be the perfect guy for Misty. RATING: 6.00/10

Ace Attorney Series:

Diego Armando and Mia Fey RATING: 8.00/10

Apollo Justice and Kay Faraday RATING: 7.75/10

Phoenix Wright and Iris RATING: 7.00/10

Apollo Justice and Ema Skye RATING: 6.75/10

Klavier Gavin and Ema Skye RATING: 5.75/10

Golden Sun:

Isaac and Mia (Mudshipping) - I was slightly disappointed when I learned in the release of GS:DD that Jenna is Matthew's biological mother (spoiler). Nevertheless, when I started playing this game, I got hooked to Mudshipping after reading some nice fluffy stories about the couple. You could see everything in a leader about Isaac - charismatic and determined though awkward and silent. Qualities in Mia remained solid for a healer - graceful and gentle though apathetic at times. VERDICT: For me, the perfect first-generation couple. Mudshipping still has a lot of potential even after all this time. RATING: 9.00/10

Matthew and Karis (Dawnshipping) - Make no mistake, the fanfiction community is almost always after pairings the moment a new part of the series arrives. And it seems long-time friends Matthew and Karis are caught in the whirlwind of the shipping world. Having descended with their attributes from their parents, it's no surprise to know why they're perfect for each other. Of course, we love the doses of Karis's slightly bossy attitude but with her intelligence, it's not one worth to miss especially when she's paired with Matthew. VERDICT: The perfect third-generation couple. Dawnshipping support and community is still growing even as Golden Sun is steadily going into a development decline. We just hope something new will be in store for the fourth installment of the series. RATING: 9.00/10

Isaac and Jenna (Valeshipping) RATING: 7.50/10

Matthew and Sveta (Spiritshipping) RATING: 6.25/10

Ivan and Sheba (Hurricaneshipping) RATING: 5.50/10


1) The Kaypollo Chronicles (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

Genre: T

This story features a collection of one-shots featuring an overlooked potential pairing, Apollo Justice and Kay Faraday, their numerous encounters in life with each other and the people around them, their struggles in their careers and their relationship, and the good times spending the day doing almost nothing to the different adventures that make their lives worthwhile.


1) Day Off (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

Genre: T

Apollo wished he wanted to get away from it all - even for just a single day. He hoped to drown himself in the things he thought he could never do in his lifetime. But when he receives a distress call, little did he know that Apollo would be plunged into a most memorable day-off he might wish it would have never ended, WILL BE DELETED to form a chapter in my story "Justice and Faraday."


2) Monkey Business (Golden Sun)

Genre: T

When Isaac and Garet are kidnapped by monkeys in Mogall Forest, and Mia and Ivan - along with an unusual warrior - come to the rescue, there's going to be high hairy hell for the journeying Adepts as they deal with a pit of boiling water, fortunes of Djinn, and a not-so-happy oversized ape whose claws are ready to kill.


3) Light and Darkness (Golden Sun)

Genre: T

Post-Dark Dawn. Matthew and Sveta are consumed by the light upon activating the Apollo Lens to stop the Grave Eclipse from threatening Weyard. While Belinsk moured Sveta's death, Matthew's death affected everyone whom he had selflessly helped throughout the journey. But when Karis encounters Matthew in a dream, she begins to understand what it truly means to live.


4) Jupiter Storms, Venus Blossoms (Golden Sun)

Genre: T

Following the defeat of the Mountain Roc, Matthew and company depart from Talon Peak to chase after Ryu Kou, who had taken the Magma Orb. However, when they are caught in a thunderstorm over Kolima Forest, and when they are split into two groups - one being Matthew and Karis, and other other being Rief, Tyrell, and Amiti - the former must work together to get through the mess and reunite with the others.


5) Winner Takes Ash: Triple-Threat Triangle (Pokemon)

Genre: T

Ash's post-champion life is challenged by emotions, sweet and bitter; adventures, crazy and dangerous; and many, many more. Though one of the three girls tries to seek out the way to Ash's heart, Ash's steps as a Pokemon Master lead him to experiences that he least expected. FIRST PART of the Winner Takes Ash trilogy.


6) Upside Down (Pokemon)

Genre: T

This is my first song-based fanfic taken from 6cyclemind's song, "Upside Down." The lyrics in this song were harmonized and put into a plot - and so it tells how Ash misses May after the Battle Frontier quest.


7) The Day You Said Goodnight (Pokémon)

Genre: T

My second song-based fanfic taken from Hale's song, "The Day You Said Goodnight". Still revolves around Ash and May, that's for sure. But this is in a more romantic and emotional sense. What's bound to happen when May suddenly visits Ash in a normal emotional-filled night?


8) Last Flame (Pokémon)

Genre: T

Ash is engaged to Dawn, but when he stumbles upon a certain girl and establishes a special form of friendship, he'll be in the very edge of reason. Can he listen to his heart? Or will his reason prevail?



1) Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations - Chain of Events

Genre: T

Startled by a gunshot inside his home, Edgeworth investigates the cause and gathers information about the perpetrator's movements - using a new investigation technique called "chain of events." But upon solving the first mystery, he is hurled into numerous back-to-back cases that eventually lead him to an underground operation sent on unleashing terror onto prominent people - all because of causes unknown and all for Miles Edgeworth to figure out.


2) Crossbone

Genre: T

When Isaac and Mia are hurled overboard the Tolbi-bound ship while fending the massive kraken in the middle of a storm, all heck breaks loose as the Adepts are tossed in the crashing waves - eventually into nothingness. When they come to, they are ashore on a quiet island in the middle of the Karagol. They must wait for the ship to rescue them, wherever the vessel might be. The trouble is: they're not alone. A mini-novel. ON HOLD


3) Champions' Battle (Pokémon)

Genre: K (will possibly become T soon)

Ash gets his once-in-a-lifetime offer from Alder to participate in a tournament where the winner will have the right to face up against the Elite Four and ultimately, Alder himself. This is one opportunity for Ash that must not pass by! ON HOLD


4) The Agonizing Turnabout (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney)

Genre: T

Three years after the end of AJ:AA, Apollo Justice takes the bench to defend a client after discovering her husband has just been murdered on the very day of their wedding. However, matrimony comes with an understatement as Apollo ventures into a world full of secrets starting ten years ago - back when Phoenix Wright was still a student in the university. ON HOLD, may be possibly deleted


5) Trivia (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney)

Genre: T

Stupid situations call for a showdown of brains or a battle of the brainless. A series of one-shots between two or more Ace Attorney characters in the battlefield of smarts.


Thank you very much - I hope we do become online friends. Take care! :)

If you guys want to contact me, or have your chapters/stories beta-read, contact me here or in my e-mail: solarbeam92@hotmail.com


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Justice and Faraday reviews
A series of stories featuring Apollo and Kay - their interactions with each other and the people around them, the everyday mayhem to the blazing sessions in the courtroom, and intricate pasts that may define their future - all of these can be found in the mini-series where almost anything goes. Rated T for mild violence, romance, and mild sexual implications. OCs may appear.
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this is nothing special... it's how Ash misses May after the Battle Frontier.. a song based fanfic from the song 'upside down' by 6cyclemind... read and review guys... luv ya all!
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,809 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/18/2008 - Complete
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