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Hey guys, miss me. And FF doesn't let me use those stars :( try to figure the actions which are underlined.

Reflection: Probably not!

Author: Like I was talking to you.


Food: Chicken, don't think of me as a chickens slaughterer Laughs evilly

Music: Everything that has to due with Maroon 5

Animal: Hamster, I've always wanted a chubby little hamster ???

Author: Right now my favorite author is RikkuMcClowFox, her stories just make me smile.

Book: Charlotte's Web (for some reason it's so addicting questions the story).

Stories made by me:

Sonic X Continued, sorry, I had more but some people, points but a Samantha named fan deleted it for me.

Stories under construction:

Sonic X Continued , I had more but... Glares at Samantha you know what.

Fan Characters:


Author, looks at Samantha

Samantha: I didn't do anything.

Author: I know, it's just fun.

Samantha: EVIL!

Reflection Bio:

Age: One year younger than Shadow

Crush: Unknown for your own safety.

Siblings: Shadow but not in a Biological way.

Food: Bread (for some reasons unknown)

Weight: Unknown for your safety again.

Height: 3ft. 3in

Eye color: Blue

Skin color : Cream and Shadow's red marks that are gold.

Accecories: Golden locket with Shadow's pic. inside (Shadow doesn't know).

Species: Hedgehog.

Dislike: Sometimes Sonic

She also hates quietness and boredom

Reflection is snooty and mean all the time just to hide her kindness oh and a little bit humorous

Reflection: That's not true Bozo!!!!!

Author pulls out plasma whip

Reflection: I mean yes it is 100 true.

Fav. Couples from fav. to dislike

Silver X Blaze: I can't stand but love this couple so much.

Sonic X Amy: I love it but gets annoyed if used too much.

Shadow X OC: If the Character is developed enough!

Tails X Cream: I beautiful only if used correctly.

Knuckles X Rouge: It's fine and is funny if used correctly.

Charmy X Cream: Like it but I hate it if used horribly.

Shadow X Rouge: Not my favorite but is good.

Tails X Rouge: I have a dirty mind about them after reading the story "Cooties".

Knuckles X Tikal: Awkward!

Jet X Wave: OK!

Silver X Amy: I can't stand it, I just know that Silver and Blaze were ment for each other! but it's a nice couple!

Shadow X Cream: Not a couple but I could see Shadow babysitting Cream, they'd be so cute!

Sonic X Rouge: no comment.

Tails X Amy: Ditto.

Jet X Amy: Ditto.

Wave X Sonic: Ditto

Wave X Shadow: UUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic X Blaze: This is the same thing I say as Silvamy!

Wave X Silver: Is there even a story about them?

Jet X Rouge: Huh?

Cream X Jet: WTF!

Sonic X Cheese: A chao and a hedgehog?

Cheese X Chocola: no comment.

Blaze X Storm: Is that even right?

Big X Anyone: I'd cry if Sega or the Sonic Team did that.

Oh and FYI, I don't like yaoi or yuri.

Sonic X Sally: Sally can just SCREW HER SELF BECAUSE SHE CAN SUCK HER EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SONIC AND HER ARE NEVER MENT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reflection's Thoughts About Characters!

Sonic is stubborn, cute but stubborn and really addicted to many things I HATE! breaks pencil

Shadow is nice, quiet (one of the things I hate), cute ( for the last time, he is not technically my bro), and kind.

Amy is so stubborn and fierce and one of my good friend but I hate it when she steals Shadow.

Amy: What?

Reflection: It's on!

Amy: You bet it's on!

Reflection flics her shirt

Reflection: CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reflection and Amy attack each other

Silver, Shadow, Sonic, and Tails: Did some one say catfight

They start watching the catfight and start eating popcorn

Cream: No, stop fighting.

Cream gets caught up in the fight now

Tails: Cool!

Sonic: Pass the popcorn please.

Sally enters

Sally: Hey big bo-AH! Sally gets hit uncounsious by Amy

Author: Woo Hoo, Sally is dead! escapes from flying tomatoes from Sally lovers

Shadow starts to leave

Reflection: Oh no you don't!

Reflection grabs Shadow in and Shadow is part of the catfight

Tails: Ugh! jumps in cat fight

Silver: Wait a minu-WOAH! Silver gets grabbed by Reflection and enters the cat fight

Sonic: I'm leavin-EEK Amy grabs Sonic in the catfight

Soon everyone soon gets stuck and gets out

Reflection: Back to the thoughts!

Rouge is so Evil, she is a man stealer!


Knuckles is UGLY!

Knuckles: WHAT?!

Chris is a zoophiliac

Chris in a high pitched voice: Oh no I'm not in love with Sonic and I do not have pics of Sonic naked or Shadow either

Reflection: Oooooooo!

Sonic: What!?

Shadow: HOW DID YOU GET THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: From my sources!!!! Chris runs away

Reflection drops a camera from her hands behind

Author: REFLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reflection lifts her arms and a bunch of photos of Sonic and Shadow falls out

Reflection: I can't explain!

Sonic, Shadow, and I surround Reflection

Reflection: Am I teasing you Sonic?

Sonic turns red

Reflection: How bout you Shadow Growls.

Shadow turns red

Author: Reflection, STOP!!!

As everyone is distracted, Reflection dashes off

Cream is kind and a good friend.

Big is bisexual and is an heshe.

Ella is nice.

Blaze is a very nice friend.

Silver is a very good friend.

Elise is also zoophilac in her ways with Sonic, I mean their babies would be UGLY!

Elise: Hey thats mean.

Sonic: None of my children are ugly!

Reflection: OH! So you do have children, how would you know they weren't ugly, what will Amy say about this, by the way AMY! SONIC IS HAVING LOVE AFFIARS WITH ELISE!

Amy stomps in the room


Amy drags Sonic in the torture-I mean happy room.

Reflection's Quote of the Week!

... "GIANT LOADS OF LARDY PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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