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Hello everyone, this is Juxapose4ever. I am the owner and creator of this website Harvest Moon 4-ever. I
have been playing Harvest moon for many years now, and I will be playing for many years in the future. I
created this website to share my interest of Harvest Moon to the world.

My Pasture Story

Harvest moon is a lot of fun to play, but my pasture story starts years before the first Harvest Moon game
was even thought of. Allow me to share my story:

I was born in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the united states. I never lived in a farm, but me and my
family always wished that we did. Our back yard was small, but we did grow many different types of wild fruits
like Bananas, oranges and mangos. We also had quite a few dogs, chickens, ducks, and rabbits. I grew up to
love animals, and plants, and one day, I wished to have my own farm with lots of land to grow all types of
plants, and raise lots of animals.
However, at the age of 10, I moved to New York with my family. It was around the middle of December, so it
was naturally cold (Unlike Puerto Rico where it's summer all year long). Getting used to the language, and the
changing seasons was a challenge. But I was able to overcome them with hard work and dedication.
At the age of 14, I was able to move to southern New Jersey. My parents had bought a house down there
with about 4 acres of land. In the property, there was a stable, a barn, and over 100 pine trees. We had no
animals while we were living there, but it was the most fun I ever had as a child.
About 7 months later, a tragic incident forced us to return to the city of New York, and abandoned the farm
life. Times were hard, and the dream about owning a farm slowly began to fade with time. I eventually became
accustomed to the city life, but deep within myself, I felt as though I was missing something.
Several years have passed, and at this time, I was 17 years old. I was living by myself working to make
ends meat. I read the latest issue of Nintendo Power, and noticed that a new game is about to be released.
This was harvest Moon 64. I thought and told myself, "It's a game about farming, how good can it possibly be?"
Several months later, I saw the last copy of the game in the shelf of the local video game store. I have no idea
why I wanted it, but I bought it anyway. I was instantly hooked. Without any idea of why I liked it so much, I
ended up played the game for a long time.
At the age of 22, I started writing my first fanfic, Harvest Moon 4-ever. By this time, I was also hooked on
anime, so i just used my creative mind to start writing. I was always a talented writer, but before now, I had very
little inspiration to write about anything. Unfortunately, i did not finish writing the fanfic. Seems as if the people
of the forums that I was publishing it on did not like my first fanfic, and I was pretty much discouraged from
writing it anymore. So I deleted my fanfic from the forums, and stored it in my hard drive. A few months later,
that forum closed down. It's a good thing that i stored my fanfic, otherwise it would have been lost forever.
Soon afterwards, I started getting into MMORPG's. I played Slayers Online, Nexus TK, Astonia 3,
Ragnarok Online, Conquer Online, and several private servers. After I got my hands on a copy of Harvest
Moon: AWL SE, I started playing Harvest Moon seriously once again. This time, I couldn't let go of the habit. I
was spending all of my free time playing either a Ragnarok Online private server, or a Harvest Moon game.
After I quit playing the last Ragnarok Online private server, me and a family member decided to open up our
Since then, I have been living the life of a critical gamer, and anime fan. At the age of 24, I owned over
200 anime DVD's, every single Harvest Moon game that was translated to English, and a Ragnarok Online
private server named: Ragnarok Online Forever. However, I still felt as though there was something missing. I
started writing fanfics again, and was publishing them on my own forum. I never became discouraged about
how other people felt about my writing. It was my way to express myself, and I am proud to be a writer. Soon
after I started writing fanfics, I opened up a Harvest Moon website I proudly called Harvest Moon 4-ever
(named after my first fanfic). All fanfics I wrote are being published one by one. At this time, I had written 6
At the age of 25, I finally realized why I loved the simple farming game of Harvest Moon. I was emotionally
bonded to the game because of the forgotten dream I had when I was a child. Finally realizing who I was, I
continued to play Harvest Moon, and write more fanfics. Although many people told me to give up the habit,
and move on with life, but that is something I refuse to do. I have abandoned my real name, and given myself
the name "Juxapose" (Name was given to me as a nickname in junior high school. Why was I given such a
name, the world may never know.). I am a Harvest Moon fan, Anime fan, and Ragnarok Online fan forever.

My First time With Harvest Moon

Unlike many people who started a Harvest Moon game, I was strangely good at it. However, my style of
play was a tad bit different than most people. I started the Harvest Moon series with Harvest Moon: 64. After
completing the game, I received a good score. I already had all the upgrades, maximum amount of animals,
and close to a million gold. However, the one thing I scored poorly at was making friends in the game. Most
people enjoyed the part about getting married and having children in the game. I was more interested in
developing the farm, that I never spoke to any of the villagers unless I had to. Although I changed my gaming
style when Harvest Moon : Back To Nature came out, but I still made minimal friends.

My Plans, My Goals, My Future

Being over 20 years old, people tend to ask me what are my future goals in life. After I forgot about my
dreams to become a farmer, I realized that I no longer had any goals of my own. I still do want that farm in the
country where I can raise lots of animals, and plant lots of produce, but fulfilling that goal may never happen. I
have grown too accustomed to living the way I am to be able to handle stuff like that. Until i can understand
what I want in life, I will continue to play harvest moon, and live the best way I know how to do it. Who knows,
maybe I'll get that big farm someday, and I'll write an online diary all about it. So wish me luck, and visit my
website often for game guides, and the latest Juxapose Ryuker Artisan fanfics.

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