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First the basics.

Age : 38

Gender : Male

Lives in : Southern Indiana, United States of America

Hobbies/interests: Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, Sci Fi (you know, geek stuff)

Favorite character: Toph (from Avatar: the Last Airbender) is the coolest character on television. I love Toph. (like a daughter, get that thought out of your head you sicko) I want to see my little girl get her heart's desire but Sokka would NEVER take advantage of a twelve year old girl. He is just too nice a guy. Maybe when she is fourteen and he is seventeen.

Hey! I got my first fic posted. Please be honest when you review. Don't try to spare my feelings. Tell me exactly what I did wrong and how I can improve. Just telling my that I stink and should never write again does not help. When I review others, I always try to point out mistakes in spelling, grammar, diction, and syntax and then offer help to the author. That is not a flame that is an honest review and that is what I want from you. That is one of the reasons this website exists, to help aspiring writers learn from their mistakes. Publishers will throw your work in the garbage if it is obvious that you don't understand the English language. (or whatever language it is submitted in) They won't waste their money fixing all of your mistakes. A good story won't save you because they won't read it.

I'm working on another fic for Avatar: The Last Airbender. I thought it would be just a longer one shot but a whole chapter I never imagined forced itself onto my computer screen. It's not really a sequel but you do need to read 'The Bei Fong Family Secret' to see what they are all laughing about at the beginning. The first chapter is done but I don't plan to post until it's complete. I don't like waiting weeks for the next chapter and I don't plan on making you wait. Update: Chapter four is giving me a little trouble. The flow isn't right. I'm having a tough time getting my all my ideas to mesh. I may have to take a few out and save them for something else. Update: I think I've got chapter four finished. Just need to put a finish on it then proofread and edit. Hope to get it up soon.

Just posted my third fic. It's a tiny little thing. Just Sokka telling a joke. I was just thinking about what kind of jokes they would tell in the Avatar universe. I wrote it and posted in less than an hour. Feel free to bash away

Author Toph the blind warrior has a poll where you can vote on which Avatar girl kicks the most butt. I've already voted. My girl Toph has 61 percent of all votes so far! Think I'm wrong? Search authors and vote in her poll. Toph will still kick the most rear. Believe it!

Update: April 21, 2008. I know I haven't posted anything in a while. I've just been too busy with the real world to spend much time in the digital world. I haven't spent time on my usual websites, like this one, or in any of my usual chats or forums. Good thing I take plenty of notes for my writing. I now have some time and can pick up where I left off. With my notes I haven't forgotten any of the stories I wanted to write. In fact, my notes grew, little by little over the weeks I've been missing. I should have something to post soon. I've got a few Tokka one-shots finished. I just can't decide if I want to post them separately or as one big post. The multi-chapter story I've been working on is almost done. Just need to find an ending and then clean it up. Feel free to yell at me for disappearing or just to give your opinion on the format for posting the one-shots.

April 22, 2008 I'll be moving soon and may be offline for a while. I'm going to post my one-shots before I go. If I don't respond to reviews for a few days please don't be angry. I send a response for every review, good or bad. I haven't had any bad ones yet though. I have had people tell me they couldn't find mistakes in my work. (yay me!) I'm still going to get a proof-reader (beta-reader) though. I know I'm screwing something up. I worry about my punctuation.

May 30, 2008. Finally back online. It only took a month to get decent Internet service. We had to go with satellite internet, because we can't get cable or dsl on the farm. No good for gaming but it beats the crap out of dial-up.

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