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First off, if you come here from a review, it's more than likely because I gave you constructive critism, this is probably due to several hundred different reasons.

Seriously consider these points before you attempt a story.

1. The Mary sues that can cause brain death with their mighty stupidity. Some of us really dislike you, and some of us are old enough to use extremely dangerous weapons.

2. The great OOC monster that creeps into some of your heads and makes you think it's right to turn Sasuke into a snivelling sap just because it's fan fiction.

3. The oh so lovable OC's of doom and despair. Apparently some of you think shoving your own self in the story will make you turn into Tom cruise/ Angelina Jolie... It won't. It makes us want to bring the weapons back.

4. The award winning abuse of proper grammar and spelling. If you are not fluent in English, there is a Beta section my friends, and guess what... it helps. If you are fluent and you still abuse our lovable language, well let's say I've already started sharpening my weapons.

5. The hatred towards constructive criticism. Just because you think your poorly written story is equal to Masashi Kishimoto's drawing skills, it doesn't mean they are. Take care not to turn into the incredible sulk just because someone told you to get a Beta.

6. The unrealistic nature of stories. In romance stories, a relationship does take time to develop. If you fail to realize this then you are not fit to be a writer. Seriously even love at first sight must develop to become something true.

7. The amount of review whores on this site is embarrassingly high. writing a bunch of sap to get reviews is one thing, adding that you demand reviews for a new chapter is another. My weapons are asking me to feed you to them.

8. The usage of an AU does not give you permission to turn everyone upsy daisy and give you permission to disregard canon completely. If you like to use AU's as an Excuse, my weapons would like you to report to them for Sunday roast.

9. The site is not easy to stare at and read for long periods, my weapons love to chop up people who write long, long bunches of text. Paragraphs are there for a reason, and they should be separated with a blank line.

10. The usage of AN or OOC chat during a story deserves to have dinner with my weaponry. Published Novels don't hold such stupidity and so, neither should Fan fiction.

11. The abuse of the Caps Lock , bold and Italics keys are embarrassingly deadening. It is Frosty's personal opinion that Italics should only be used for thoughts, and Bold for emphasis of small portions of the fic, not to annoy the reader by bolding everything. Caps Lock is meant for certain words, not whole sentences.

12. The usage of anything written so far in an combination. Frosty can hear her weaponry asking for food. They like to eat annoyances for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Luckily for them, dinner is coming up.

13. Writing a conversation that it longer than the chapter, there is an example on this site recently put on, for fear of death Frosty shall not link it. Conversations with Characters are rather annoying. The Characters are not real but my weaponry is, you do the math.

14. Abusing the English language by putting in Japanese (or any other language), especially without translation. I know of one Authoress who does, sorry, did this and my Weaponry has already had it's way with her. Sasuke-Chan and Naruto-Chan is just plain weird not to mention OOC for whichever Character said it.

15. My weapons just love it when you idiots out there make a character Seme, and purposely write the pairing indicting him as Uke. It gives my weapons a good reason to sharpen themselves. If you write SasuNaru as a pairing then wrote Naruto as Seme, you are stupid... no beyond stupid, you are an obvious fanfic noob. NaruSasu is when Naruto is Seme, and Frosty does not support NaruSasu.

16. My weaponry is now on the look out for idiots that think using weird Japanese honorifics that most people speaking the English language can't understand is cool. It isn't.

19. The oh so unforgettable bashing of Characters, last time i checked, Sakura was an anime/manga Character, not Hitler. I am pretty sure calling her a screaming pink banshee qualifies as OOC and it isn't even funny. It is childish. Aren't you childish people lucky that my Weaponry like to feed quickly and painlessly. The screaming gives them ear ache.

20. The forgetfulness of putting warnings into place. I can get really into a story, and just as i'm about to let my weapons fall to the floor, meaning you shall not suffer their wrath... BAM! UCHIHACEST or something i hate is there without warning! Thank you guys for the nightmares, and ooo look my weaponry just got up and is heading right at you by itself... bit of advice; run.

21. Ebay would like to sell you something today, it's called proper English. You know, that thing that's meant, and we repeat, meant to go into English stories, not that unlovable text speak you lot crave... news flash my lovelies, text speak is for texts, not stories.

22. Pairing Critics should be given to my weapons for lunch and i don't mean those that say like i have, "she is Anti NaruSeme It just doesn't settle in her mind", i mean those that go on about how other's are stupid imbeciles for liking it and spending their profile criticizing them, only to get mad when they hear criticism against their chosen OTP pairing.

23. Dear AN's that are (nearly) longer than the story chapter, please may you marry me?" "Why you ask?" "Well my weapons say the penalty for murder is less when you're married and say it was in self defense, i mean, yeah i mean exactly what i said, overly long AN's are only excusable when the chapter is like four times their length"

24. People who think role playing is acceptable on a site where you're meant to write stories... there are sites for role playing and this isn't one of them, at least the fan fiction section isn't, so please stop posting chapters in script form. It isn't a story jeez.

25. The last point for now, and not to be confused with point six. How on earth rape can suddenly turn into love will always be the enigma of my youth. Luckily my weapons aren't so hungry, Yet Imperial Mint's are... watch out you rushers! Death by becoming a weapon's dinner shall befall you!

SO yeah that just about sums up everything, if I review you you've probably done one of these pet peeves, though do keep in mind neither does frosty.