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Hey guys! I'm not really new to the art of fanfiction. I've been writing for 11 years (since I was 8) and loving every minute of it! In the past, I have written about Harry Potter, Sailormoon (I was young and obsessed), Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Death Note, Rurouni Kenshin, Tamora Pierce and many other subjects I can't quite remember right now. I'm female if you couldn't already tell, and hope to become a published writer in the future. Finally after years of dreaming, I got accepted into Harvard! I even wrote one of my essays about how I love writing fanfiction :)

That's just a snippet of me! Little pieces of me can also be found in my writing!

Here's some updates in regards to some of my stories:

The Lyrics to Love: Sadly, no current plans to finish this...

Adventures of a Crossdressing Knight: I think I'm only planning about 40 chapters for this one, but that is certainly subject to change. If I feel it drags on too long, I'll shorten it. What tends to happen is I write longer chapters as my stories go on. If this continues to happen I'll need less chapters to tell the story. I love writing this one because it's not only about the love story about Arthur and Gwen, it's a Gwen-centric story and Gwen has a hell of a lot to do. I always imagined that if Gwen was not restrained by her station, she would always speak her mind and, with this story, I get to do that.

Hello, Sunshine: I'm planning 25 chapters for this, but I think I have to write shorter ones from now on.

10 Things I've Learned after Writing for 11 years

1. It's impossible to please all your readers. Take everything they say with a grain of salt. Don't change your vision because someone wants you to. Be confident enough in your plot that you begin to believe that you can convince them to like it. This doesn't mean you should disregard all your comments. Many are helpful and constructive. But the most important thing is to follow your own vision.

2. Plan, Plan Plan. If you don't map out your story from beginning to end, you'll be in trouble. You don't want the story to get out of hand. You'll get new ideas and things are bound to change, but the skeleton of the story is crucial.

3. Simplicity is best. A convoluted story is a story people often avoid. Sometimes you may update every month or so and people don't want to have to go back and remember what happened last chapter. Keep it simple enough for them to commit it to memory.

4. Quality is better than Quantity. Write long chapters if inspiration hits you, not because you want to draw in more readers. Make sure your chapters are great whether they are 200 words or 20,000 words long.

5. Character bashing is juvenile and a sign of bad writing. If you don't like a character, just don't write them into your story. Simple as that. I have read so many stories bashing Gwen because the fangirls are either jealous or want Arthur and Merlin together. If you want them together, fine, but you don't have to trample over another character to get there. There is also a difference between bashing and making a character evil. One is a sign of bad writing and the other can be great if written well.

6. Try your best to respond to your readers when they review. Reviewing takes a long time, especially if you have a lot to say. That's why it's good to be appreciative of those who do. It's a great way to interact and also a great way to make friends with other writers.

7. Don't just write for reviews. It's fine to mention it at the end of your chapter. Ask your readers to tell you what they liked about your chapter. Be nice about it. Not like: ZOMG! I won't write another chapter until I get 500 reviews. That's very off putting. Write because you love it. Do your best to write your best and the reviews will come. They should be a bonus for writing.

8. Never love your characters too much. Your story will suffer. Your characters need to grow and make mistakes. A character who is the best at everything always is just boring. No one wants to read that. They want the gratification of knowing a character overcame their struggles.

9. Don't respond to flamers. Flamers are obvious. They are the one who say horrible things about your story without reason. Or giving irrelevant reasons for hating your story, like the main pairing, the rating, or the fandom.

10. Proofread your stories before you update. I'll admit. I don't always do this. I always go back and read my chapters weeks later, which is a bad habit. Make sure there aren't any grammatical or spelling errors. Your audience will love you for it.

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