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1/20/11 - Happy New Years, peepzors.

As you can see... Wolfy hasn't really been writing anything... fanficcy, in a very long time. She will likely try to update LOZ, but for the most part, she has been straying slightly away from fandom-related writing and into the harsh world of original writing. Yikes. xD

However - that doesn't completely change my activeness here. I still have a guilty pleasure of reading fanfics from my favourite fandoms, and stalking great writing. I'll still be around, but as always, less writing, more reading. For those who are actually saddened about my fading life as a fanfic writer (D:) you might be happy to know that I plan on starting to post my original works, perhaps on DA or just my own little boring website in general. When I get that up and rolling, I'll be sure to let 'chu all know (if there really is anyone interested ? xD).

So, aside from a LOZ update every couple of months meybe, I'm just gonna mostly come on here to read and enjoy everyone elses's fics. Who knows - if I read some really great fanfics, perhaps I'll be inspired to get back into writing it myself again? You never do know these things.

Later ! ~


(I do not own the lovely picture in my avatar - you can find the full pic here, under its rightful owner. ;0)

Ello. I'm 'Rocket Wolf' as the pen name states in the dark, black letters, but mainly I go by Wolfy, Gardie, or Growlie (call me any one, whichever works for you. :3). Basically, I am an 18 year old chic who LOVES to write and play the guitar (and this is basically all she does...seriously).

As you may have noticed, my favourite genre to write in is humour. I like trying to make people laugh and soil their pants from time to time...even though my attempts don't always exactly work. However, it isn't the only thing I can do, so don't be surprised if suddenly some sci-fi romance fanfic pops up;...OK, scratch that - you will probably never see me write romance because I am the most hopeless romantic you will ever meet. Anyway, point is, I know how to restrain my comedic tendencies so I can spare my readers one less stained pair of undies. I've been writing stories, poems, lyric...well, for as long as I can remember; I think I actually recall holding a pencil in between my underdeveloped fingers inside my mother's womb. Fanfiction, however, I hadn't started writing until I was in my starting years of high school, and even then I still haven't done it as much as I would've liked. Still, I have plenty of time on my hands (unless I suddenly get run over by a car tomorrow) to open up to more opportunities for fanfiction writing.

People who know me quite well could also tell you that I'm quite a music obsessor. Most of the time when I'm not writing, it's music, music, fact, I can't even write unless I am listening to music - is that abnormal? I really love rock 'n' roll and alternative rock, and currently the instruments I play consist of guitar, bass guitar, violin (and electric violin, pretty much the same getup) and piano, although I am (desperately) trying to learn the alto sax, which will be my first wind instrument if I ever learn how to get noise to come out of it. I am going into college to study music and earn degrees in performance and hopefully composition (although composition is my weak area, haha). I play many different genres, especially on guitar - my favourite to play is rock, but I also play a lot of jazz for school, I know a lot of country/blues and classical, too. My one and only electric guitar is my Fender strat and I love it a lot; sometimes I think I like it a bit too much. *w* To get to the point, I really enjoy music and I simply couldn't imagine life without it. :)

Other essential things to know about me: Well, I really like Pokemon; colour me dorky but I'm obsessed...and my favourite pokemon is growlithe. I don't watch a lot on the telly but there are certain shows I get hooked on, some among my favourites being LOST, Heroes and 24. *o* All right - so now you know what kind of fanfiction to expect from me, and what fandoms I'll probably lurk in, eh? xD My favourite genres are sci-fi, action/adventure or drama - if you're currently watching a show you think I might like, I'm all ears, so don't hesitate tossing in a suggestion!

Want to stalk me elsewhere on the Internet? You are currently most likely to find me on: Pokemon Mystery Universe and YouTube; but don't freak if you don't see much activity, because I don't really spend a lot of my time on the Interwebs as it would seem. x3 Also, feel free to PM me on this here site - I do enjoy a good conversation, especially fandom, music or food (but not lima beans!) related.

Anyway, thanks for...reading? Wow, you must've been bored. Now why don't you go read the actual fanfiction? They're (usually) a lot more interesting. Oh, and don't forget to toss me a cheezburger in the donation box on your way out! :)

'Fics I'm Currently Working On

Life of Ziggy - I still have to catch up with what I lost with my computer wipe, but I hope to bring you the next chapter soon.

'Fics...On Hiatus

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Rocket - I lost a LOT of progress with this 'fic due to the wipe, and that plus the zero inspiration I've had with this 'fic over the last year or so has given me no motivation whatsoever. It is possible it may be discontinued. ): I have just lost a lot of interest in the Pokemon anime itself...and this 'fic has become more of a chore than an actual enjoyment to write... D; Shame on me. Shame shame shame.

Max The Robot - Again, hiatus, due to a wipe that's making it hard for me to conjure the previous chapter up again, and lack of interest in the anime. However, I still have hopes of completing this fanfic. :) The ending isn't too far off and I still get an enjoyment out of writing Max as a robot, so good news on that note. It's on hiatus for now... don't know when it will get back on its feet again, but I do still think I will be getting back to this fanfic at some point.

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