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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto.

Age- 19, anime never gets old

gender- male

About me- well yes, i love anime, my favorite right now is Naruto. love the Kiba/Hinata pairing, my favorite by far. the are just so perfect together. a lot of you notice i torture my characters in my story's , well...yes i do, and i love doing it. i don't like the story's where they just openly admit there feeling to each other, and its all fine and dandy. i like a lot of drama, and heart break, it makes good story's. after all this is anime. characters never admit there feelings unless something has forced them to, like if there dieing, or they know that if they don't soon, they the person they love is going to be taken. i also think that Kiba really does love Hinata in the real show. she on the other hand doesn't know, of that im pretty sure. and i can only guess how much rage Kiba has behind closed doors because Hinata has a crush on Naruto. Kiba is strong, loyal, wild, fierce, posesivly protective over his friends. Hinata is, cute, honest, caring, shy, loving, and strong. Kiba is Hinata's polar opposite, and that's why they are perfect for each other. they need each other. I also love Rurouni Kenshin. awesome show, i love it. my favorite character is Sito, he is awesome, he is smart, and he is strong. he also loves making fun of Sanoske, funny as hell. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy. my favorite on is FF7. it has by far the best story line in the entire series even up to now. my favorite character, Nanaki, other wise known as Red 13. i am also a huge fan of Bleach, my favorite character has to be Renji. something about him just screams animal. maybe its his weapon Zabimaru and its devastating riping power, or maybe its his battle attitude , but what ever it is, he is awesome.

I also really don't like the Character Naruto, a few reasons.

1) he is a moron, just legally retarded

2) he is such a weak character that they had to give him the Kyuubi in order to make up for it.

3) he gets lucky so much, you would think he has a lephracon shoved up his ass

4) every time he is about to loose something happens to let him win, or he will make a new move up from no where, and Naruto is not Shikamaru, he is not smart.

5) He gets his life saved to much, he is no ninja. Jounin and chunin come out of nowhere to save the precious main character, even Kiba saved Naruto's life in the show. i just wish they would let Naruto die, the world would be a much better place

Favorite anime's - Naruto , Bleach , Inuyasha, Roronui Kenshin, Blood, Samari Champloo, and Zoids

ME AS A WRITER- i know I'm not the best writer, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the worst, and I'm content with that,...for now. I think my story's have a good plot, although like some, or most of you have noticed, the connections and fillers need some work, sometimes it barely fits together, and I'm working on that. But in my book the plot comes first then the connections and fillers.

Favorite Pairings/Couple

Kiba Inuzuka/Hinata Hyuuga

(fact- Hinata loves kiba , she just doesn't know it yet)

( Kiba loves Hinata, thats very obvious)

Least Favorite Pairings/Couple

Naruto Uzamaki/Hinata Hyuuga

(fact-Naruto is an idiot that cant tie his own shoes, and doesn't know the

meaning of the word perfect, just look at how he ignores Hinata)

Kiba/any other girl besides Hinata

Hinata/any other boy besides Kiba

Neji/Hinata- thats incest .gross

Kakashi/Sakura- i dont know who made this pairing, im sorry, but they need to be shot.

Kakashi is 27, Sakura is 12 , thats a 15 year difference, thats huge

Kiba/Hanabi- a friend recommended this pairing, they said they loved the love hate kind of relationship

i read 3 story's, and i have to say this pairing sucks. Hanabi has no emotions what so ever, let alone love.

She is the worst person for Kiba there is by far. Kiba needs love and Hanabi cant give him any

Favorite stories -

#1 Watch me (Kiba x Hinata fic) - loved the story, top quality to kiba x hinata romance fans like myself

#2 Hyuuga to Inuzuka (another Kiba x Hinata fic) - love the story, author decided to not finish it, to bad, i was going to change it to #1 after it ended, best story ever

#3 Release (yet another Kiba x Hinata fic) - loved this story, very dramatic , suspenseful , passionate , and caring

#4 Silver Moon ( yes another Kiba x Hinata fic) - a very different perspective of hinata and kiba, read this story

#5 - Desire (yup another Kiba x Hinata fic) - a sad fic , very well made, good story, a must read

Neji's Byakugan can see through walls. But can it see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

"Because its destiny?"

"no, because it has swirls of cinnamon and sugar on every bite"



the next story i am working on is a kiba/hinata fic, Naruto and Hinata are going out, and Kiba experiences time skips, and people turn up dead. this is not my currant story 'a walk in the night'

I just thought of a new story, and i think its awesome. its another Kiba/Hinata fic. but i think anyone will love to read this fic. i only have a very very rough draft of the story. and by that i mean the draft is less then 1k words long. not for a chapter. but for the entire story. i am just amazed at the posibilitys that this story has, i think it will call priority over all of my other story's, ...but maybe not

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