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Name: Cat (also known as Catgirl-of-Darkness)

Age: (Sorry, can't tell ya)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Silver

Gender: Female

About me: I like Anime a lot and can't get enough of it. I love animals and hate people who hurt them. I get angery easily at times and others, I just don't know what's happening. I love to swim, sing, draw, listen to music, and paint when the night is young. I'm the night owl in my family, but stay sleep when I get tired enough.

Anime/mangas: Naruto, Inuyasha, Yuyu hakusho, Bleach, and lots of others

Books/Movies: Harry potter, Transformer, Grudge 1&2, Resident Evil 1&2 (hoping to see 3) and others.

I like other thing but I just don't feel like saying what they are until later when. I'm quiet when daydreaming and loud when exicted.I love to fight but only to proect the ones i love. Provoke me and I will not step down from fighting you in anyway. But other time I'm fun to hang with and I'm willing to listen to you if need be.

Name: Angel (Also known as Zagger the Bloody Angel)

Age: (don't even going to tell you)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: same as hair

Gender: Male

About me: Eh, not much about me. Like Animes, but mostly Naruto, even though lately it has me questioning. I love my cats, even though ones loyal only to me and the other one is retard and drools constanly. I like the water, night, fire, writing and listening to music. I'm normally a night deweler as it's when I'm really active fo the most part. Protective and loyal to a fault. I won't hesitate to back up a friend, even if they are doing something obviously wrong.

Anyways, this profile is for the sole purpose of fics that we both author. So here's a preview of what to expect in the future.

Fics that ZtBp is main writer/idealist:

Naruto no Hayashi - Naruto/Slight Inuyasha crossover. Naruto finally cracks during a beating and stikes back. The daughter of Sesshomaru arrives on the scene and takes him away from Konoha, albeit grudgingly. Naruto/Gobi pairing.

Naruto the Psychic Shinobi - Naruto/Pokemon crossover. Sometime before the first movie(pokemon), Mewtwo is called by a mysterious entity and follow it to find a beaten and bloodied Naruto and steps in as the death blow was about to be delivered. Semi-Dark-Naruto. Naruto/?? (Either Fem.Haku, Temari or Tenten) Mewtwo/Fem.Kyuubi

Naruto: The Linkin Park Chronicles - After the Sasuke retrevial mission, Naruto flees after a confrontation with Kakashi. Three years later, a band called Linkin Park park is sweeping the elemental countries. But what is it's conection with the missing Jinchuuriki across the land.

Zoids- Years ago, man had the choice over technology or power. Man chose technology. 6000 years later, we join our hero on a quest to find his dream Zoid. Naruto/Zoids crossover. Pairing, Don't know yet.

Fics the S-D-K is main writer/idealist:

Naruto the New Beginning- Two strange people come to Konohagakure. Wait, what this?! one of them knows the Fourth and his wife? And they want to train Naruto along with the people he trust the most? What new jutsus and danger awaits our young Kitsune blonde and his friends? Both Yaoi and Straight pairings

Dragons of the night and day- There is a legend of two dragons. One is of night the other of day. But that was thousands of years ago and only four demons know of them. But three of them are sealed into people, and they were sealed into Naruto, Mayika, and Yugito. Their demons know that a force greater then Atasuki is rising and only these two dragons can stop them. Watch as Naruto and the other two race to awake and free these dragons before the world falls into evil hands. Naruto/Yugito. Oc/Kiba, Shino/Hinata, and Shika/Temari.

Naruto:Hell's Kitsune, Heaven's Neko: Tired of being mistreated by his friends and teammates, Naruto decides to leave the village hidden in the leaves in the dead of night. He travels around until he comes to Kumogakure and meets Yugito Nii. Together they train with each as their bjuus help them with their training, while secret. Three years, later Naruto and Yugito come to Konohagakure under the code names of Hell's Kitsune, Heaven's Neko along with their new Friend, who hides in the shadows.

Crazy Halloween Fic...- All I have to say is this Story is going to be pretty damn funny and everything else.


Naruto the Psychic Shinobi

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