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28th of Ocbober 2010:


It's been sooooo longgggg.

I really miss this website. Am determind to write more stories


Okay, no. Suprisingly enough i did not die. I'm still alive. I just stopped going on fanfic for a long time... I'm still here tho and i promise i'll start to write again real soonish and post a story.

xx Peace!

Haii ;)

i'm just a random person and being on my profile is a waste of your life... YAY I'M WASTING YOUR LIFE :) WARNING: i'm very talkative i cannot shut up so don't expect me to xD AND THE WORD "Awesome" is an awesome word, I WILL SAY THIS ALOT!

i'm new to fanfic and only just started going on it, Yeah there isn't much to say , i'm not that much of a writter (A.K.A i suck at it) and i love Anime and to the people who haven't read my stories I'M A SY-KUN FAN!! BTW feel free to PM me even if i don't know you, trust me you won't be the first one to!

Anime i like: Yu-gi-oh! GX, Yu-gi-oh, Full metal alchemist, Naruto, prince of tennis, beyblade, one piece, pokemon, sailor moon, kingdom hearts, ouran high school host club, Zach bell!, dragon ball, fruit baskets, yu yu hakusho, InaYasha, Bleach and some others that slipped out of my head

my fav anime is Yu-gi-oh! GX ,god i'm in love with that show! and that's probably what i'm going to end up reading and writing stories on. i think i only liked it in the first place was because of SYRUS-KUN!! as you can see i'm in love with lots of anime boys and i would start listing them although none of you would be bothered to read them and this profile is long enough as it is... but if anyone touchs my two favs ones die! so i'm just saying that if anyone dares to touch Johan Anderson they die BECAUSE HE'S MINE SO BACK OF YOU CRAZY FANGIRLS!! AND SYRUS-KUN YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM HE'S MINE!! yes i do have mental problems. sorry i just had chocolate... mmm speaking of chocolate i want some!

okay i have one thing to say: i'm not a nerd i get Fs and Ds but i'm probably a loser AND THE COOLEST ONE YOU'LL EVER MEET! MWAAHAHHAHAAH THAT'S RIGHT MIA! I'M A COOLER LOSER THEN YOU! I'm also a chocolate-eating-veghead i rule !!

my stories: i've written 3 boring oneshots and plan on writting more BTW i'm really suprised i didn't get flamed! here lets talk about my stories :) and yes all my stories will and have Syrus-kun! What is snow: WOW it's one of the most stupidest stories eva!! but it's my first on here so i guess it isn't so bad and people seem to like it and Z'sLFB: i'm so not happy with the way this came out it's over dreamatic and Sy is 7! but i based it on myself I'M SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE CALLING ME "(bro's name)'s Little sis!" do you know how annoying it is?! and my other story "ZWDIR?": That story also sucks i wrote it when i was over tired :( but i truely think it's the worst one... i think all my stories suck but most people like them THAT MAKES ME HAPPY now i have a few stories racing in my mind but i'm still trying to figure them out... i might just keep on writting oneshots because they rule! WAIT WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE WHILE I'M TALKING - ERRRR TYPING TO MYSELF! Ask Atty = disconnected xD i can't bother with it much.

here is the tile & summary of my next story.. no it's not a oneshot: "Guide to survive life as a shortie blunette" and the story is basically about Sy's life a year before he joined the academy i might not write this story if i don't feel like it but if anyone steals my idea they die!! and i might write this one here's the summary: Alexis wants Zane as her brother, Syrus wants Atticus as his brother... What happens when they Trade. Sounds corny don't they? Well if anyone steals my idea i swear i'll kill them! my ideas might be bad but their still mine!! I was also thinking of "Jaden and the birds and bees" it about Atticus teaching Jaden about "The birds and Bees", Again MY IDEA! I started to write a little of it, i have such a bad attemped at being funny when i try, it only comes to me at random moments :)

BTW if you read my "Ask Atty" i will answer all of your question and such, just gimmie time to xD

now about my penname...

Vanilla: i hate Vanilla. Damn it's my nic name. Vanilla Eww. why my fanfic pen name is Vanilla i have no clue but i cannot stand Vanilla. Why i'm nic named Vanilla is because that name curses me, and no my friends won't use my real name they call me Vanilla so do my Siblings and parents. Vanilla is evil!! and when it takes over the world you'd be sorry you ever liked it!!

Ice: i'm not on ice i was going to be "Vanilla cream chocolate" i dunno why i put the ice there... AGAIN I DON'T DO DRUGS!

Chocolate: Yummy! there's not better words to explain it! i know people who hate.. Chocolate (Gasps)

That's about it... (not really there is more yet to come Mwahahah)

Here are some random stuff of others Profiles you can skip this and scroll down, there's more random-ness:

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if your a proud kluz, copy this into your profile

if you thought i was done you were wrong MWAHAHAHAH !! ok now two more things i have to tell you 1. i'm a girl YES I KNOW!! a girl! i was shocked when i found out too! 2. in our high school there is a list to get offered lockers so on in my first week of high school i got offered a locker because i'm a kluz, i fall down the staircase alot :) GO People who trip alot! WOOOHOO! Don't ask why i told you this! :P

Alright before i can free you, here is a poem i wrote about Syrus's thoughts of Zane:

oh dear brother,

your like no other,

my older brother Zane,

he protects me from thunder and rain,

i swear,

sometimes he looks like he dosen't care,

my older brother Zane,

he ignores,

and he also snores,

but i love him anyway,

my older brother Zane!

if i haven't told you this before i can't write poems to save my life :P ma oh well... that explains why i get Fs on that subject... (mutters) stupid teacher. I'll make a poll on that later... you decide if i can write poems or not, i'll vote on my own poll! as a no T.T i'm so mean to myself.

WHO CAN GUESS THE NAME OF THE POEM? IF YOU CAN I'LL GIVE YOU COOKIES!! it's very obvious and if you didn't figure it by now your dumber then... Jaden! and if your Syrusfanatic12 don't try because i don't want you to explode again!

Here's anther poem:

Syrus is blue,

but Jaden is red,

ra yellew's nice

but i'd rather you instead

it just hit me in math class... You can stop laughing now T.T Haha can't blame you. I also started laughing when i came up with it. But for the people who think (gasps) that i can write poems (and i know there's a few of you!) i'm open for requests, dares, challenges, ECT But i'm warning you it's gonna suck.. Here prove: go look at my poem it's called "It's love" i got dared to write it, look how that turned out.

I know most people say that their things suck but usaully their really good, i'm just saying. Mine Really suck, i'm not joking.

Ok now... wait for it... wait for it.. Now you can leave! (NOT! MWAHHHAHAHA)

P.S and read my boring stories at your own risk


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