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Hello, my name is --censored -- and I'm a 20-something Engineering student living in South Florida. I write for fun, in my spare time (hahahahahaha, heehee, I'm so funny. Spare time ... ). I also draw, which I'm better at, but the drawings have been few and far between, what with school and work. Almost done with that, though. Wewt,

Right now, I've only got one fic up, an incomplete X-Men ficlet revolving around Remy/Rogue. My writing style is probably heavily influenced by what I read, so if you like what I write, check out Seven Sunningdale, Ishandahalf, Silter_Nitte_iz and others. As for published writers, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan; I also like Elizabeth Peters, Patricia Cornwell, Douglas Adams, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and David Eddings.

I write for fun, I'm always thinking of things and only a small portion of them ever make it to my fics (and most of those never see the light of day). That being said, I love being able to share my madness with the world, and I love getting feedback. Thanks to everyone who's read, favorited, and reviewed - you guys give me warm fuzzies!

My favorite quotes:

Rogue: What am I going to do with you, Remy LeBeau?
Gambit: I have a list, but I left it in my other pants.

-- Astonishing X-Men 1

Jean: Bishop and Gambit -- if you'll please lose your weapons...?
Bishop: It's always been my belief that a soldier should never divest himself of the security of his armaments.
Gambit: Mon Dieu! Does the man sleep with a teddy bear as well?

-- Uncanny X-Men 298

Gambit: So why's everybody callin' him "Joseph"? What is dat all about? Maybe I should just start callin' myself somethin' different. James. "Gambit"? No, I'm James.

-- Uncanny X-Men 337

Rogue: Get outta here, Remy! While you can! Don't throw your life away.
Gambit: Girl, don' you ever listen? Wit'out you...I don't have much of a life!

-- Uncanny X-Men 343

Gambit: A romantic moonlit flight through the mountains, cherie?
Rogue: If your armpits sweat on me, I'll drop you.

-- X-Men Annual Shattershot 1

Cyclops: That sir, is no way to treat a lady.
Gambit: Or Rogue neither, hein?
Beast: Myomy, talk about a man who loves to live dangerously.

-- X-Men 1

Rogue: I thought you'd appreciate me makin' you an ol' fashion Cajun meal with muh own two hands.
Gambit: If I made a list of things to do "with your own two hands" -- stirring gumbo wouldn't be on it.

-- X-Men 8

Hank McCoy: Rogue? What do you have in mind? I'm sending backup, don't do anything --
Rogue: Rash, Hank? Perish the thought. I'm a good girl now.

Cyclops: Despite appearances, she's as human as you or me.
Rogue: Still leaves her a lot of wiggle room.

Rogue: Sooner or later, she's gonna try to stick the knife in someone and I'll be there to break her arm and make her swallow it.

Creed: Easy, sister. I didn't come here to start a fight.
Rogue: No? What did you want? A cup o' sugar?

Emma: With our lives being as surreal and hallucinogenic as they are, it's been a while singe I felt the actual need to do serious drugs. So that's obviously not what it appears to be, Scott.
Scott: It's the Conquistador, Emma. And if it's here, that means Rogue failed.

Beast: If you make any sudden or hostile moves -- I may have to forget my Hippocratic Oath.
Regan: If I move at all, McCoy, this sheet is gonna slip -- and your Hippocratic Oath's gonna take a real hit to the head. Or parts South.
Beast: You flatter yourself, Ms. Wyngarde. You're not my type.

Emma: They saw an angel, but I'm fairly sure she was a post-production effect.
Rogue: You mean, like your hair?

Rogue: Ah'm really thrilled to see you again, Mystique. You can kiss me on the cheek, if you like. Pretend it's Mother's Day.

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