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Heyy, you can call me Kai

I am fairly new to this site, and I have a humongous obsession with the Twilight Series and Stephenie Meyer!


Some Symptoms to Indicate That You Have Twilightitus:

1. You haven't read any books outside the series since you finished Eclipse

2. When you think of the South you immideatly think of Jasper

3. You wait all day to either read one of the books or a fanfic

4. StephenieMeyer.com/Fanfiction.com are in your favorites/links

5. If you ever see a red ribbon you keep in and match it to your Eclipse book

6. You have dreams about any of the characters

7. You have a wish that Edward will find you and change you into a Vampire

8. You and your friends have screaming fights at luch about what color hair the characters have (lol, yes, me and my friends do)

9. You fight about casting decisions for the movie

10. You and your friends all want to make tees and wear them

11. You have read at least one of the books multiple times

12. You are on this site reading fics

13. You have Bella's Birthday/Edwards Birthday memorized.

14. You are afriad to pre-order Breaking Dawn in fear that it won't come on August 2nd.

15. You know the EXACT day The Eclipse Special Edition, New Moon Paperback, and Breaking Dawn are coming out!


Alright, Now all about me!

Name: Kai

Age: 13

Location: USA

Favorite Book(s): Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Beastly

Favorite Author(s): Stephenie Meyer. Sorry, no one comes even close.

Favorite Band(s): Panic! At the Disco, System Of A Down, Paramore, Serj Tankian (Lead Singer of SOAD who did some Solo work)

Favorite Song(s): Most of the P!ATD CD, B.Y.O.B ~ System of A Down, Chop Suey! ~ System of A Down, Unthinking Majority ~ System of A Down, Misery Buisness ~ Paramore

Favorite Musical(s): Legally Blonde The Musical, Oklahoma!, Phantom of The Opera, Rent, and Wicked.

:) Thats me!

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