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...Okay randomness over now

Hideehi I'm Rachael and you can start applauding now XD

I'm from England so I have to work on remembering not to put aluminium instead of aluminum in my stories cos they're pretty much all set in America

I apparently look like I'm 16 or 17 and someone thought I was 20 in Italy but I'm not and I'm not saying how old I actually am but I will say that I'm younger than that.

I've finished one story and I'm still working on the one that started it all... Degrees of Seperation! I have a few ideas but I don't know how they're going to work out.

I'm quite short, blonde/ginger depending on who you ask and ditzy but I am a mean singer and guitarist (well sort of guitarist, i can play happy birthday!)

Stuff I like


I love Wicked the musical, which is like The Wizard of Oz but from the wicked witch of the west's POV

Enchanted kicks ass! It's soo cute and Idina Menzel's in it (Nancy) who is Elphaba in Wicked.

Stardust purely cos Ben Barnes was in like the first 5 minutes of it, I literally cried when he didn't come back!

Molly! The horse I ride most Saturdays and she is the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen!

Princess Mononoke which is an ace little anime film that's on at Christmas most years

Scrubs and I have a love affair!!

Any form of dancing, singing or other dramatic things... I am a total drama queen apparently and I keep getting tagged as one on the facebook taggythings but then I invariably have a temper tantrum that kind of proves it right...

J'adore le Hollyoaks c'est fantastique!!

People I like

Lucy my bestest fwendy! She really is the biggest dumb brunette in the world! (Lucy to gardener man) Why are you watering the weeds? (Me and Max) He's not watering the weeds Lucy look its weedkiller he's killing them. (Lucy) No it has to be water the pavements going darker! Funniest moment ever!!

Gayatri my little fat faced best friend! (Gayatri) I should sell my cheek fat...

Henny-Nenny my official sailor moon buddy and best friend! (Henna) Squid... Squid...

Bethypoos my little ginger matey no1 and best friend! (Bethan) Why did you do that?

Mellybear or Yarg the giant and best friend! (Mel) Shall we plot my friend? Let's plot...

Aleena the ballerina and best friend! (Aleena) Let's do something foolish! TOO FOOLISH TOOO FOOLISH!!

Ciarikins the midget queen and best friend! (Ciara) NOOO DON'T PICK ME UP!!

Tashiwashi the blonde best friend! (Tasha) Where's the Rhone?

GeorgiPorgi my little ginger matey no2 and best friend! (Georgia) No DON'T STEAL MY SHOE NOOOOOOO!

I have an other half and have so far kept him since 15th September 2008


Pairings I like

RonxHermione (harry potter) TOTALLY ADORABLE

HarryxGinny (harry potter) I knew ever since the 2nd book these two would be together...

LupinxTonks (harry potter) I cried.

DerekxAngie (trauma center) SQUEEEEE so cute!!

TylerxLeslie (trauma center) awww I luffs these two...


AshitakaxSan (Princess Mononoke) I LOVE them together!!

ElphabaxFiyero (Wicked) As long as you're mine, Nuff said

JDxElliot (Scrubs) Come on get it together guys...

Pokeshipping or AshxMisty (Pokemon) My original fave pairing!

Ok I'll shut up now, so you can either read my stories or go do something else just please don't flame anything!!

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How Strong Are You Now? by TCGeek reviews
Though he told himself he was ready, it only took that one day for five years of preparation to unravel. And as fate nearly crushed Derek Stiles in the palm of its hand, he was forced to realize that maybe, just maybe... he wasn’t so strong after all.
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Angie and Derek have always neglected their feelings for each other, even after all the hardships they faced since they met. Now its time for Derek and Kimishima to step up to the challenge and combat the last remnants of Adam's GUILT. [Angie x Derek]
Trauma Center - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,850 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 8/30/2007 - Published: 8/18/2007
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It only takes a moment to alter someones life. This is a possible outcome if The Black Pearl never went to Port Royal and Elizabeth has to decide whether to marry Norrington and possibly grow to love him or disappoint her father and run away.
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