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Hi!! This is an account made for all the collective crack-I mean stories that we all do at the Katekyou Hitman Reborn Forums. Anyone is welcome to join, as long as they are interested in KHR and have participated in the forum discussions. And we all have to approve you.

I'm the first author, and the maker of this account, Dark, and heres a bit of info on me (and since Shin-chan - the author below - decided we'll have all our comments slightly different, mine will be normal):

Alternate Username: Jack of Trade
Favorite Character: Sawada Tsunayoshi
Favorite Pairing(s): AllXTsuna (GokuderaXTsuna, YamamotoXTsuna, TsunaXKyoko, TsunaXHaru, RyoheiXTsuna, HibariXTsuna, 10!LamboXTsuna, 25!LamboXTsuna, MukuroXTsuna, DinoXTsuna, TsunaXChrome, Adult!RebornXTsuna, Adult!ColonelloXTsuna, KenXTsuna, LanciaXTsuna, ChikusaXTsuna, XanxusXTsuna, SqualoXTsuna, BelphegorXTsuna, BasilXTsuna, TsunaXLal Mirch, ByakuranXTsuna, ShoichiXTsuna, and I'm blanking on the rest right now...), HibariXTsuna.
Feature Story: La Ragazza
Interesting Facts: I have the weirdest fashion sense ever, my hair hates me, and I'm blind in one eye.
My Nickname: My nickname is really Dark, but here I go by Jack or Jack-chan.

I might add more later, but that's all for now!!!

I am the second author, Shin-chan. My comments will be in bold. I can't be bothered linking people to my original account because I'm very lazy. I'm more of a reader than writer, so I find myself catching over people's mistakes more often than my own.

Alternate username: Shinsei Tsukiko
Nicknames: Shin-chan, Tsuki-chan, Shiko, Shitsu(whatever variation on my name you want)
Feature story: Even in Dark, There is Light(totally lame name, but whatever xDDD)

Favourite characters: Basically, I love all the characters but Tsuna and his guardians are at the top of my list.
OTPs: HibarixTsuna, MukuroxTsuna, GokuderaxTsuna, DinoxSqualo, Lal MirchxColonello, YamamotoxGokudera, Adult!LamboxAdult!I-pin
Other Favourite Pairings: YamamotoxTsuna, RyoheixLurissa(yes, I probably spelt his name wrong- I'll fix it later), TsunaxChrome, TsunaxHaru, anyone else I can't rememberxTsuna...
Random note abote me: (I deleted my seme/uke stereo type rant because it took too much space. xD)I love Tsuna- he is the most awesome main character ever. He's cute, friendly, level headed(how often do you see this combination?) and while he's not a hero- he cares about his family. He does things for them not the world. He's a very humble sort of character. And he's probably one of the few protagonists in manga that actually has character development. Which is why Amano-sensei is a goddess. Not many people can balance character development, drama, action, humor and development of relationships in a manga as well as she does.

-.- So lazy Shin-chan... want me to do the links for you?

Haha, yes please=DDD

Third Author Here XD I'm the founder of the Forum where all of this started from, which is funny cause I never thought my forum would attract anyone to them XD I guess I'll put my words in Italic then. I pretty much came out of no where and don't really belong yet XD

Alternate Username: Kariisme
Alternate Names: Kayori Natsume, Reiho Muri, Kaiene Reitsu. I'm often called Ka-Chan, Kai or Kari-Sama for some odd reason.
About Me: Yeah, I know... I'm a pretty dead writer, since I'm so incredibly lazy. And some of you might actually know me from Hansim as well, my joint with Banana (that never grew because we both were too lazy to continue our Naruto stories which I'm still working on!) My Inuyasha stories and Yu Yu Hakusho stories pretty much died do to my lack of caring for the two series anymore. Besides that, I prefer to read rather then write so I'm a hard core edittor... I just hate editting my own work for some reason lol.
Favorite Character: ... This is between Sawada Tsunayoshi, Hibari Kyoya and Rokudo Mukuro.
Favorite Pairings: I love almost anyone with Tsuna and I don't exactly hate any certain pairings either (which is very surprising) But I do prefer HibarixTsuna and MukuroxTsuna the most.
Something Else: I like to try out new and different combinations on pairings, but I will always return to my roots of liking HibarixTsunaxMukuro (in some way or fashion). I prefer to try keeping the characters in character as much as possible (after getting use to their character that is) and I also like to see original work pieces that are different from other stories that can maintain an interesting plot, characters that are in character and with a good length in chapters. This is why I try my best to maintain this and you will all see soon as my first story will soon be known to all of you.

Illusions of the Heart
Summary: Rokudo Mukuro x Sawada Tsunayoshi. All around him, he could only see and feel illusions that clouded his mind and heart. It never crossed his mind that the illusion master, his Mist Guardian was just as trapped in the illusions as he was.

Status: COMING SOON! (8 Pages - Editting Prologue)

Well, since Mine-chan moved my comment down, I guess I'll just have to add one here, so I can keep up my streak... Well, here it is: Don't be so lazy!!! XD\

Did I? Hahaha! Sorry~

Ah, don't worry, we'll just use that as common talk thread... or something. orz.

Okay! My turn. So I guess this makes me the Fourth Author. They've almost used everything so I'll stick to writing in underline for comments :D

Alternate Username: sapphermine
Favorite Character: Sawada Tsunayoshi
Favorite Pairing(s): EveryonexTsuna. And that's that. YamaGoku would come in after all that.

Errr... And that's it. I don't really know how to introduce myself properly, so excuse me for that. Haha!
(I can't link right now coz hates me...)

You can use underline, Mine-chan!!

Haha! Did it!:D

Yay!! So who's all that's left?

There. The link's fixed. is happy

That it is!!

Momo-Chan X3
Feature story: Tsukimi
Nicknames: Momo , Momo-chan, Peaches, momopuff.
Fav Chara: Hibari-chan~ gets bitten to death
Fav Pairing: 1827...x27...? Tuna sandwich~!!!!!
...I dunno. I don't like typing twice SINCE THEY KEEP LOGGING ME OUT.

Oops... my bad! Can I change your font to bold and underlined, or italics and underlined, just so it doesn't get confusing?

Well, for now I'll just put it in italics and underlined... you can change it later to one that's not used if you want but... yeah.

Mah... I got logged out too... and all the long long stuff I wrote disappear=-= anyway... this is Craze... or other called me Izumi or Yun... I will be writing in bold italics with Chinese characters added in here and there... Username: Craze Izumi
Nicknames: Craze, Izumi, 'zumi, Yun...
Featured Stories:
Vongola no Sora (Tsuna centric fics)
Chinese- 彭哥列X世的总受道路(Tsuna centric Chinese fics HibaTsuna,YamaTsuna not included) 彭哥列I世相关情史(Giotto-centric fics)云空相伴(HibaTsuna centric fics)大空的泪水(YamaTsuna centric fics)
Favourite Character: Sawada Tsunayoshi...我的小纲纲。。。我最爱你了心!! Hibari Kyoya...委员长大人请尽情的把小纲纲压倒吧!!
Favourite Pairings:AllTsuna
All纲... HibaTsuna云纲, YamaTsuna山纲, DinoTsuna迪纲, GokuTsuna狱纲, LamboTsuna蓝纲, RyoheiTsuna了纲, MukuTsuna骸纲, XanxusTsunaX纲, SqualoTsunaS纲, ByakuTsuna白纲, RebornTsuna里纲, LanchiaTsunaColonelloTsuna可纲...There's probably more of uke!Tsuna that I like but I'm not going to list them out...=-=TsunaI-pin纲一平, TsunaChrome纲库洛姆, LalTsuna拉纲, BianchiTsuna碧纲, GiottoAll初代All, AllGiottoAll初代, GiottoHibariGiotto初代x云x初代, Vongola II x Vongola I 二代x初代...
Basically any other pairing not Tsuna or Giotto related... I don't really fancy...
Dislike Pairings: MukuHibaMuku
骸云骸, YamaGoku山狱, DinoHibaDino迪纲迪, TsunaKyoko纲京 and basically anyone else(beside Tsuna and Giotto) uke... however if they are with Giotto then that's another story...
Something Else...: I write Chinese better than I do in English... hence I have more Chinese Reborn fics then I have in English=-=... those who interested can go to the site... or just read it from
Chinese Writing Sites:
Cause account is need to read them... hence... if you are too lazy or don't know how to create an account... you can PM me for the user ID and password of the common account that I have created...

Hi Craze-chan!! Thanks for joining us!!

Alternate Username: HolyMistress
Featured Story: Opposites Attract
Favorite Character(s): Hibari Kyouya, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Rokudo Mukuro, I-pin
Favorite Pairing: HibaTsu
About Me: . . . . . .

Can't be bothered to tell about yourself, can you? -.-
For shame, Holy-chan!(I just realised we can only fit one more person on. xDDD)
It's not my fault! I think. I'm too lazy. =D

Heh... glad people are coming in! I also have a fic that I'll put up as soon as possible, one that's been made by me, Shin-chan, and Mine-chan, who's not on yet (-I'm on now... Hahaha!-)... and I should probably stop putting coments after everyones profile. Oh well.

LOL Nah I don't think anyone minds though XD I'll actually help out with the crack fics if I can. I have a few ideas as well that I can throw into the mix? I'll put up a folder on the forums to put all of your ideas for crack fic ideas and such because all of you deserve it!

Hah! I doubt we'd use the thing, what with our habit of flooding other threads with random topics and all!

Now we just need Holy-chan... anyone got any idea where she went?

Hai, hai. I'm present.

Finally!! Where'd you go?

Er. . . Out. .

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