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Author has written 13 stories for Harry Potter.

Just a Harry Potter fan trying to keep the series alive in my own mind.

I'm a fan of exploring coming of age stories--especially the romantic aspects and the build up of them. I'm very much into the slow burn. I'm also a canon fan of the original series. I don't consider "The Cursed Child" to be canon: One, because I began writing HP next-gen before it came out and I've stuck with my original ideas. Two, I was not a fan of CC. So, while you may find similarities between the two, I don't draw from that. However, when it comes to the original books, I try to follow their canon as much as I can. I'm not perfect though, so I may miss things. As far as the big stuff is concerned though, I try to stay on top of it.

I've done two series thus far. The first being my next-gen, four part Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley series that I wrote some time ago. The second being my more recent Dominique Weasley series. Currently working on a Bill and Fleur story; plans to do a Louis Weasley story.

You can also find me on Archive of Our Own: sweasley

Email me: sweasley3 at gmail

Since it can be a little confusing, here is the chronology of my fics! They all take place on the same timeline--and all but one ("Through It All") are Post-DH and usually into the next-gen. Here's a guide and timeline to figure out how they all work on the timeline.

Novel Length Stories:

"Through It All" - WIP. Bill/Fleur origin & missing moments story. Set around the events in HP novels as they pertain to B/F. Told from Bill and Fleur's POV.

"This Time Around" - Set from 2002-2004 around the lives of Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. Told from all four POVs.

Teddy and Victoire Series

"The Start"- Prequel to both "A Year in the Life" and "The Spark" - Set around Ted's years at Hogwarts until 2016. Told from Ted's POV. (Part 1/4)

"A Year in the Life" - Set between 2016-2017 - Victoire's 6th year at Hogwarts (Companion to "The Spark"). Told from Victoire's POV. (Part 2/4)

"The Spark" - Set between 2016-2017 - Ted's first year out of Hogwarts (Companion to "A Year in the Life"). Told from Ted's POV. (Part 3/4)

"Here, There, and Everywhere" - Set around the end of 2017. Sequel to both "A Year in the Life" and "The Spark" - Told from both Ted and Victoire's POVs. (Part 4/4)

*NOTE* "Here, There, and Everywhere" does have two alternative M rated chapters available under my Ao3 account. They are their own story titled "Here, There, and Everywhere Ex. Chapters." You can find them at: archiveofourown (dot) org/works/24066277/chapters/57917572. I never posted them here because this series was T rated; by the time I finally moved over to AO3 years later, I decided to upload everything. Check them out if you're interested.

Dominique Weasley "Don't F* It Up" Series

"The Quidditch Trials" --Set over the course of a week in late summer of 2018. Told from Dominique's POV. (Part 1/4)

"Something Found" -- Set between late 2018 and early 2019. The first half of Dominique's seventh year at Hogwarts. Told from Dominique's POV. (Part 2/4)

"Something Lost" -- Set between early and mid 2019. The second half of Dominique's seventh year at Hogwarts. Told from Dominique's POV. (Part 3/4)

"Something More" -- Set between late 2012 to late 2019. A collection of one shots chronicling Jack's POV through Hogwarts and the other "DFIU" stories. (Part 4/4)

(Yet Unnamed) Louis Weasley Series

"Obstacles" -- Set in 2023, though primarily focuses on Louis recounting his adolescence prior to his seventh-year. Told from Louis' POV. (Part 1/3)

Miscellaneous One Shots

"A Girl and Her Broom" - A glimpse into nine-year-old Dominique's world. Told from Dominique's POV.

"In the Bleachers" - Set in early 2016 during Dominique's 4th year. Told from Dominique's POV.

My Author's Note's section.

Make sure you've got your email setting updated to get story alerts and notifications of updates! Turns out you have to make sure you opt-in to emails on your account screen to get anything (review alerts, messages, story notifications, etc) anymore. It also automatically opts you BACK OUT after 6 months. I feel like I have to now specifically say something here since I don't even know what ffnet is up to anymore...

So, if you're trying to contact me and I don't respond, there's likely an email glitch. I don't check this site much unless I'm actively posting, but feel free to hit me up on my personal email: sweasley3 at gmail or head over to Ao3, where you'll find me as sweasley.

July 31st 2023,

Hey! Long time! Just checking into let you know I'm basically a few paragraphs away from finishing "Through It All"--the story that was supposed to just be a side project and turned into its own beast. I'm trying to time it ending with the end of summer (my summer ends in about a week and a half). I'd really liked to post it soon.

It's taken a bit because I've had a busy summer. I actually went over to the UK and had a blast. Did the Harry Potter studio tour and went up to Edinburgh to see where it all began. That was really all my trip had to do with HP, but it was fun. I've had my kids home all summer as well, so writing time has been few and far between. If you were wondering what the hold up was, lol.

And for the first time in ages, I've been really inspired to finish Louis' journey. I've been having more and more ideas that I genuinely want to get down, and now I'm keen to write it. With that one though, I'll likely write the whole thing before posting, so--to avoid disappearing for nine months--I'll be adding some additional content. Shorter stories here and there that I've already written and have to figure out what to do with. Some Bill and Fleur POV of their kids' stories and love lives; a post-breakup Dominique and Jack story I've had that I feel will add some color to Louis' story; maybe some of the James Potter II I've completed if I can work out what direction I want to take it into. I'll still be around.

So keep your eye out for the end of Through It All shortly! :)

March 22nd 2023,

Cleaned up the profile space. But figured I'd check in because I know a few of your actually do check this from time to time. About to start working on the next part of Bill and Fleur: the battle. I cannot even tell you how much I'm dreading parts of this, but that can be typical. I was dreading writing the post-wedding stuff too, and I ended up being really happy with that. The battle will be trickier, and I'm going to have to kill some people (well, JKR killed them, I'm just rehashing it) and that can be taxing. Anyone who reads my stuff knows where my interests really lie--"slice of life" and coming of age, character driven stories that heavily revolve around personal relationships--whether romantic, familiar, or platonic. That's my wheelhouse. Fighting and battles are...not, lol.

And I've actually taken the last month off Bill and Fleur, both because I've been trying to prepare for the battle (lol) and because I sometimes do have to step away from what I'm doing in order to miss it and want to return. The second I find myself annoyed to sit down and write something, my writing suffers. So I walk away and take a breather. Maybe work on something else.

That something else should be Louis, but Louis' story and B/F story is unfortunately on the same level of "more detailed" writing in my head. Which means, I need to really focus to make sure everything lines up, makes sense, matches up to what I've written in the past, matches up (to the best of my ability) to what JKR originally wrote. It's time consuming and doesn't let me switch between the two easily. I wrote myself into that corner, originally thinking B/F would be my light and fun reprieve from Louis' story, but...then I jumped in with two feet with B/F and now it's a real project. I can't do both at the same time. I figured that out about fifteen chapters into "Through it All."

BUT, that doesn't mean I haven't been working on something else for fun; returning to my roots of "slice of life" and coming of age. It's funny because I didn't realize it until this particular break, but I've written over two hundred pages of my "take a breather from your other stuff" project. Over the last year or so, those ten pages here, twenty pages there have really added up! One of these days I'm going to end up just dropping an entirely different series on you out of nowhere (well, not out of nowhere I guess, since I'm telling you about it).

What's it about? I've mentioned before it's a James Potter story. Next-gen James, not Marauder James; the James you all have met in my previous stories. I like to think it's mix of Ted and Victoire's story & Dominique and Jack's story. T/V in that it's not so dark and dramatic with it's subplots; it's just people being people. But D/J in that it definitely has it's Quidditch subplots (lol) and it takes places primarily around life at Hogwarts. And of course we're getting loads of personal relationship and love interests. Connections and conflicts, my favorite.

There's new OCs, and one in particular that will take a starring role with James. I've done duel perspective again (because apparently that's my thing), and I actually open the story with her. Open the story with an OC...Insane, right? What am I thinking? But I wanted to do it on purpose because I want the reader to get a perspective on James from the outside before we get to know him .So far, I like the way it's turned out, and I like to think my OCs have shown they could properly blend in before. So here's hoping I can do it again.

Also, while she's an OC in the fact that she's my creation, I've rooted her in HP canon, so you'll recognize her family. No, she's never been mentioned before, but her family has in passing. One of her parents is well-known in HP; I've enjoyed diving into this particular character's future life and family. In fact, I plan to keep the parent around for other stories since they can easily serve alternative roles in the lives of certain other characters I write about.

Feel free to take your guess who it might be. There's a clue in there if you look hard enough. :)

But yeah, that's where I'm at. Hope everyone is doing well and hope to have B/F and the battle dropped before summer. Take care!

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Post "DFIU trilogy:

Well everyone, we’ve reached the end of this trilogy. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. While it’s been months for you all, this is years in the making for me. Almost a year ago exactly I sat down and started hammering out that first chapter in Something Found; two hours a day--or whatever my kid’s nap time allowed me--I would play with this story. The fact that it’s over is insane. I can’t believe I can finally put this particular story to bed. I’m happy and sad at the exact same time. :)

From day one I wanted a different story than Victoire and Ted’s. One of my favorite tropes is childhood best friends falling for each other, which is why they were always a draw for me the second I read about them. It was a sweet story about two people who needed to figure out their feelings to find their happy ending. It was one of the first things I’d ever written, and I’m still pretty fond of it (even though I’d change parts if I could, lol).

With Dominique, I wanted something different. I wanted a character who not only had to figure out feelings, but also herself. I wanted a character who wasn’t searching for love, but found it--eventually-- in an organic sort of way. I wanted a character who f*cked up for reasons she could have controlled, but struggled to grasp. And mostly I wanted a character to demonstrate some real growth.

I’d promised a busy year full of ups, downs, and all arounds, and I’m hoping that’s what I delivered. :)

As for future projects. I need a bit of a break of the heavy plotted, drama filled, novel-length stories, so I’m going for something lighter. I’ve got enough asks for it, so I’ve been fleshing out some moments from Jack’s POV; including stuff we haven’t seen (and yes, I’ll give you the meet the parents. Lol). I’m looking to keep it on the shorter side--a handful of chapters, mostly a collection of one-shots vibe instead of any real linear story. I don’t think it should take me too long, especially now that I can dedicate my time to it instead of splitting my time between this story one that one.

And what about Louis? It would have been impossible for me to wrap his story up in the epilogue (because I tried). On that note, I don’t think I can leave the story here, if I’m honest. There's more to tell. I’ve done Victoire. I’ve done Dominique. Why not Louis? Seems he’s been keeping busy, and I’ve already laid groundwork for him to have a story to tell. It makes sense to pick things up with him; I really should wrap these Weasley/Delacour kids into a true story trio. Just know that I’ve got some early ideas; I’m working it out. But I’m doing something lighter first!

So, thank you again, and I truly mean it, for taking the time to hang out with me and this story. Thank you to the collection of you who commented on every update. You guys are SERIOUSLY the best and I've come to look forward to see your reviews every time they pop up. To everyone, thank you to every piece of feedback, critique, and praise; I truly appreciate it all.

I've had a lot of people seem surprised I've decided to come back after a decade long break. On some level, I was too. It wasn't that this series took me ten years to write (I started writing it last summer). I actually had every intention of writing it as soon as the T/V series wrapped, but...life. Not long after that T/V series finished, I moved. I still remember sitting down one night, frustrated with unpacking, to start this Dominique journey, and all I could scrape together were a couple of one-shots (which I posted). I got busy. I got a new job. I got married (and we're about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary). I traveled. I got pregnant with my daughter. Then my son. I quit working. Then had another daughter. Two girls and a boy. No twins, though. ;)

Anyway, with kids off in school and my youngest napping, I found myself with some (very little) free time. I wanted to start writing again because I do love to write, but I didn't have nearly the time I used to. It would be a slower process, but when you do what you enjoy, you make time. And I did. I hope to do something original one day, but I needed to shake the cobwebs off and see that I could finish something again, so I decided to revisit this world. This story never really left me. It kept creeping up on me from time to time, constantly evolving. I cannot even tell you how many version of this thing I mentally wrote. I think it's only a shadow of its original self, but I'm kind of glad I got really busy and let it grow and change. I cringe at some of my earlier ideas.

It was just nice to actually complete something again. I just need to keep up momentum. :)

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