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wassssssssaaaa ?

Alex from All time Low is a mass BABEEEEEEE , as is Justin Beiber , what can i say ? i'm a sucker for cuties :)

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If you were waiting for the opportune moment mate, that was it.'-Jack Sparrow
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the lovely bones (Y)

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Pairings & why their awesome


why wouldn't i ? their basically perfect for each other1 both seemingly dense blondes who truly are deep when you look hard enough

i'm only just warming up to this but as you can see from above , i'm in love with jakeandlilly but i still love Oliver and i think miley would be able to keep control of him while still letting him be himself


i cant even explain why i love them , i just do , their too cute : )

their so different but opposites attract.


Sure , she's a fan , but as you saw in the dilemma with Fiona sky and Stella's Birthday , she is capable of normalcy around them. plus with her optimistic attitude , she might just break Nick enough to see a smile : )

who doesn't love a good ol' childhood romace 'best-friends-to-lovers' saga , i know i do ;)


their both so dedicated to their music and so compatible yet non-compatible at the same time

Jason is such a goof and Caitlyn is mostly Serious but together they could have a calming affect on the other and create something puuuuuurttyful


the chosen one and the 'loony' , is their anything more perfect ?

the mudblood and the pure blood , the beginning of most of the greatest romances was feelings of hate to hide the lurveeee

it was EPIC , nothing more beautiful in the world.

he's my favorite character of all time! i didn't like how he never had anyone so i'm a massive shipper in stories where he got a girl , my favorite is Wallflower :)


I despise anyone who doubts my view on this amount of awesomeness.

Awww , cmon! i like when a baby has 2 parents together , not that i don't appreciate the work of single mothers but this is just too cute!

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Opening Credits : For Good_ _ _ Cast Of Wicked

Waking up: He Lives in You_ _ _ Lion King 2

First day of school: Josey _ _ _ Hey Monday

Falling in love: 1234 _ _ _ Plain White T's

Fighting: Hey Stephen _ _ _ Taylor Swift

Breaking up: Perfectly Good Heart _ _ _ Taylor Swift

Driving: If I Were A Boy _ _ _ Beyonce

Flashback: He Said She Said _ _ _ Ashley Tisdale

Mental Breakdown: Differently _ _ _ Cassie Davis

Getting back together: Nobody's Perfect _ _ _ Hannah Montana

Wedding: Video Girl _ _ _ Jonas Brothers

Birth of a child: For a Pessimist , I'm Pretty Optimistic _ _ _ Paramore

Final battle: Godspeed _ _ _ Anberlin

Death scene: Crush _ _ _ Selena Gomez

Funeral: Two is Better than One _ _ _ Boys Like Girls Featuring T.Swift

End credits: You Set me Free _ _ _ Michelle Branch


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Like being the star of every thing

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Ha ha, I'm still a tomboy!

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