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... yeah...

Our names are Amy and Bree... yep...

Yeah, Bree likes dots.

We are fellow humans of your world, freaky I know...XD

Well, we like all Harry Potter stuff and Bree loves Seamus Finnigan.

-Goes off in daze- Haha, yeah... He's soo...

Stop talking Bree. I don't want to know exactly what you think of him. What you don't know can't hurt you.

Well, we ought to talk about about ourselves, shouldn't we?

Amy: Seriously (Bree: no pun intended.), you don't know how much we keep using the backspace key while writing this. It's incredible. Fantastic. Amazing. Spiffing! I think Bree's psychic. Not like that girl off Mean Girls (there's a 30 percent chance it's already raining, lol!). Well, if I was at Hogwarts I would probably be in Ravenclaw, being the nerd that I am. Bree thinks that nerds are awesome. Lol.

Anyway, Sasquatch.

I like Chocolate (a lot) and I occasionally eat bubblegum (about once a month) but I think that chewing it every day is kinda gross. I quote Willy Wonka: Chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most. I do not, however, agree that anyone can do improvisation. I've seen it proved many times. But I do like Willy Wonka, both of the movies (I don't like him in that way for all of you sus people, not like how Bree likes Seamus Finnigan). She just made an odd sighing noise.

Bree: Wow...I liker dota (Amy: say that with a Cockney accent, it sounds like you're saying a sentence). Yep, I like violence. (Amy: I've experienced this love first hand). I even once pushed someone off a bus seat! It was fun! XD! But I would probably be a Hufflepuff, they're awesome. I love to laugh. (Amy: Seriously.) For once I am clueless as to what to say, wowza. (Amy: OH MY GOD THIS IS A SIGN OUT OF THE ORDINARY! AAAH! THE WORLD WILL END!) Believe or not, we are fifteen. Amy and I are quite random (Amy: yeah, we're sitting here screaming SH! SH! at each other for no reason). No sense of balance at all, me I mean. (Amy: Yeah, when running and jumping onto a mini tramp she jumped sideways raises eyebrows). We are Aussie, but I like the Irish, like Seamus Finnigan... sigh (Amy: groan...). (Amy: now we're singing Hakuna Matata). The wall is the root of all evil, its name is Bobert. (Amy: who names walls?). I do, I'm not sane! (Amy: I know). Well, we're off to see the wizard...


Amy: "Shnishel." (Schnitzel).


Bree: "The wall is talking..."


Amy: "Funny that."


Bree: "Hey! I haven't slapped you today!" (talking to one of our friends.)


Amy: "When I grow up I want a donkey so I don't have to do this stupid walk every morning!"


Bree: "(to one of our friends) Hello, my little purple asparagus."


Amy: "Tomatoes are not a vegetable, nor are they a fruit. They are a BERRY! (Wikipedia is great)."


Bree: "(insert curse word)! I mean bugger! I mean crap! I mean shut-up!"


Amy: (leans over edge of high wall.)

Bree: "Amy, don't!" grabs Amy and pulls her back, making Amy even more unbalanced.

Amy: glares and jumps up and down on wall once Bree has let go.

Bree: screams and grabs Amy again.

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