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Hit me with your best shot

And take away all my breath.

I'm just another tainted soul.

I embrace you, loving death.


10/25 - Chapter 10 of "It All Began in Gym Class" is up. Yayzors! Actually, disregard that. "It All Began in Gym Class" has been completed!

You want to read about me? Are you crazy? Well, you must be, since you're reading my user page...lest you've read one of my stoories. Let me tell you, then you are corrupted. If you wish to preserve your sanity, then read no further...

If you're wondering why my planned stoies keep changing, it's probably one of two reasons. Either I get a new, better idea...or I just plain forget what one story is about. That is all.

We are the monsters underneath your bed. Believe what you read.

Disclaimerment: I own nothing but my OCs. If I owned Mar, Peta wouldn't've died. If I owned Oblivion, vampires could walk in the sun. If I owned Mass Effect, there would be FemShepard X Ashley and MaleShepard X Kaidan.

My prominent Original Characters (OC):

Mar -

Veru - Rolan's adopted son, captured by the evil peoplez. Nothing more to emulate for a bit

Pyromania - The one who stole Babbo and used him to revive Phantom and Peta.

Mass Effect -

Magus - A turian who is a commander on an Alliance Navy ship. He idolizes Commander Shepard.

Kingdom Hearts -

Samcyxk - Me! He is an unsympathetic bastard who loves nothing more than to play with his opponents. He hs a relationship, but that is yet to be revealed...Samcyxk is also the captain of the Twilight JH star baseball team.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion -

Kazaan - The main character, a street rat from Skingrad. He has extreme paranoia issues, and is hesitant to trust anyone immediately.

Abyss - The Khajiit in the robe who initially appears to Kazaan after the death of Jiko. He seems to be hiding something, but only time will tell what it is...

Story center!

In Progress

Don't Fear the Reapers - Everyone knows Shepard said he'd destroy the Reapers. For this and the defeat of Saren he was recognized as a demi-god. Magus, a turian commander, idolizes him. But on a supply-run mission, things get a bit out of hand as strange enemies attempt to ambush them. Are these the Reapers...?

Evil Rebirthing - A year has passed since Ginta's famous defeat of the monstrous Phantom. Peace seems to have returned to Mar-Heaven...but little do they know, someone is plotting a quite sinister plan. Is the key to victory a boy who isn't even a teenager yet?

Stolen Heart - Started in the "Tunnel to the Demon Plane" arc. Kurama saves Amanuma and finds that he reminds him of someone. Who is this someone, and what does this mean about the boy and the demon?

Trust No One - The JH is having a Guitar Hero tournament. Whoever wins gets to challenge the school's master. There's just two problems here...: Nearly everyone's participating, and anything goes. By that, I mean anything.

Will of the Brotherhood - In Skingrad, there is a gang who performs deeds society would label "irresponsible." But one gang member's life is turned upside-down when he hits a robed man with an orange...


Everything I Could Tell You - As Peta dies, he reflects on his feelings for Phantom and wonders about everything he could tell the man he loves.

It All Began in Gym Class - After a huge win over the rival gym class' team, Sora and Riku are chatting about the amazing play at the end. But, as fate would have it, Sora trips over his own clothes. What ensues...? The wrath of karma, that's what.

Planned Stories (I have a lot of these, don't I?)

168 Hours - After the death of a band's lead singer, he must reflect on everything he's done in life. Easy, right? Wrong. There's also the part about changing everyone's life when you're a ghost. Oh, yeah - this story is gonna have one helluva soundtrack.

Project QB - Taking place after "Dead Rising," a man recieves something of Carlito's that he plans to hack into. There's just two problems: One, he doesn't know the password. Two...higgypiggypiggypoggy. You'll just have to find out...

Hell's Dominion - An Air Gear fanfic. Ikki has seen all eight roads, and is one of the most famous Stormriders in the city. But he didn't expect someone devoid of flesh on his left arm to tell him his quest wasn't over...

The Foundation - The sequel to Kingdom Hearts II. The Foundation was originally formed on Gamefaqs by a very talented group of writers (myself included). Now, I bring to you the tale of romance, humor, adventure, and castles with indoor swimming pools.

Agoraphobia - Akito loves Ikki. His one problem is that Ikki loves the open, and Akito can't bring himself away from Agito and his darkness to tell him. Will he ever be able to confess his feelings to Ikki? Akito/Ikki shounen-ai

Ocarina of Slime - A comedic retelling of the classic game "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." It includes everything you could want, from macaroni and cheese to Aerosmith to the Dow Jones...

R&R would be very much appreciated

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