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February 12, 2011

This account is under two people. The original owner is busy and has been collaborating with a partner-in-crime to get things up and running again. Thanks for all the support from those who read the stories in here. We appreciate them very much.

We hopefully aim to publish and update more fanfics this month in time before Valentine's Day, and spread the love to everyone! That's all for now. Take care. =D

Personal Quotes:

"If you are a person easily bound by destiny, then don't expect to transcend over the walls that stop you from choosing your own path in life."

"The Inscrutable Providence is the epitome of transcendence, and is without the presence of bigotry that is the very flaw of human mentality."

I love it when people give me reviews. Everyone does too, right? Not only do they inspire me to become a better writer, they also motivate me to update faster than I usually do. So, if you like the fics that I wrote, I would really appreciate some feedback. Anyway, thanks to all those who added my stories to their favorites! :D

I, Rojo _Conquistador, do solemnly swear that I will review all the fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the Review Revolution.

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November 26, 2010

~Shit... I lost my flashdrive that held all my story drafts. *curses even more*

November 12, 2010

~ Hello, luvs, how have you all been? *is shot by angry reviewers* X_x

My apologies for not updating, nor adding up new stories. LIFE happened, and it was most unmerciful on my behalf... *sniffles* Anyway, i should really get my lazy ass to get back to work, no? Also, I'm thinking of changing my pen name soon. Maybe something more EPIC. Hahaha! XD

And one last thing before I shimmy back to my humble abode (of DOOM... Muhahahahahahaha!!! >8D *coughs*) , I think I should be ashamed. *looks at new profile pic* ... *grins like a Cheshire cat* Then again, I could always take back what I've said.

June 30, 2010

~ I did it again. I discovered another Tekken crack pairing. It's so crack-tastic that it might actually work. I call it... Fengsuka! (Feng/Asuka) O_o

April 3, 2010

~Woo! Summer's here! I hope I'll find lots of inspirations to write more stuff. I'm also happy that I found a beta reader. The super talented Fifi McFu. :3

Looks like this account is still alive. Hi! I'm still alive and kicking. I've been away from Naruto fandoms and discovered a new one. Iiiiiiiiiit's...TEKKEN! I'll edit this account soon. ByeZ! (runs away from angry reviewers)

Age: 16

Affiliation: moody writer/artist


I love anime/manga, video games and writing. I'm a pretty open minded person. Honestly, I think it's better to be just yourself rather than pretend to be someone you're not. Oh yeah, I go on a ranting spree if I get to "that" mood. I also love chocolate and being spontaneous from time to time. I like any pairings especially in my fandoms. May it either be slash or het, I respect other authors' ideas. I love a challenge from time to time so PM me if you have a request. I'll try my best on writing it. WOOT! Go creative writing!

I love rare pairings in fics, especially in Tekken like: Kazamanov (Sergei/Jin), Bree (Bryan/Lee), Jinei (Jin/Lei), Hwoarang/Baek, Jinee (Jin/Lee), Kazjin (Kazuya/Jin), Kazlei (Kazuya/Lei), and so much more.I also love the beloved pairings like: Jin/Hwoarang, Kazuya/Lee, Bryan/Lei, Eddie/Christie, and maleLeo/Lili. I know Leo is a girl, but I just couldn't resist pairing him with Lili.

And if ever you're wondering...yes, I've read them all. This is one tough fanatic to scout the most perilous corners of the internet just to find them! I'm an avid yaoi fan, and I'm proud of it.

About My Writing Style:

I'm coming clean on this one. I am a total "vocabulary nut", and a soon-to-be Grammar Nazi (I hope so!). I acquire my diverse mental library of words from reading, and apply them when I write. I'm the type of person who's not ashamed to admit that I always have my trusty dictionary by my side. And to all aspiring writers out there? Trust me on this one. Dictionaries are a great help in developing your vocabularies.

Most of the stories I write are focused on heavy emotions, but I do write lighthearted ones (i.e. fluff, etc.) from time to time. Although I love humorous fics, writing for this genre leaves much of my abilities to be desired. =_="

Rewritten And Soon To Be Updated Fics:

Behind Sadistic Smiles

Happy Valentines Day, Dammit!

It's Just a Side Effect

Fics To be Rewritten/Updated:

Puppy Love

Discontinued Fics:

Hate Mail Service

Fics Under Development: (Updated: Ferbuary 12, 2011)

The Path To Destruction (no pairings) Complete

-Hwoarang gave in to the impulse of avenging his broken pride.

Sometimes, Goodbye Is A Second Chance (no pairings) Complete

-Miguel is a rebel without a clue turned avenger with a cause after he finds redemption in his sister’s death. A songfic based on Second Chance by Shinedown. Done in Miguel’s POV.

The Tekken Compilation (various pairings) Work in Progress

-This will include drabbles, ficlets, and long oneshots depending on what comes to my mind. I will occasionally ask readers about which character they want me to write in the fics. Thanks for voting on the polls. They will be the pairings on this compilation.

Dark Resurrection (Kazuya Mishima/Jin Kazama) Complete

-Devil took the opportunity to forever bind Jin within his grasp. It simply isn't enough to absorb his essence from the young Kazama's body. So, with his morbid sense of logic, he opts to claim what is his in the most unexpected way. Based on Kazuya's T4 prologue and epilogue with a twist. Warnings: explicit sexual content, incest, and dark themes.

Traitorous Decadence (Bryan Fury/Steve Fox) Yet to be Posted

- based on an rp with a good friend on TekkenKOIFrp.

Like a snake, I will taint you with my venom, lashing out with my fangs bared, and in your moment of weakness, I will coil around you... then, I will devour you. You will remain inside me forever.

So, hurry up and grow immune to my poison. Dying won't make you mine.

Still Untitled (Lars/?) Yet to be Posted

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Intrigue by TheGhostisReal reviews
Really, no one ever expects these things to happen until they're staring you right in the face. Perhaps while making out. Will keep posting here if it generates interest. Bryan Fury/Dragunov. Updated rating, just for you. Tragically on Hiatus.
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After the forth tournament. Getting away from it all,Steve reopened his senses in Florida also seeing a fighter that he wants to know him better. As Jin get confuse with the boxer
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Strength and Beauty by Samurai Smee reviews
Jin K. x Vega. Shadowloo has fallen and Vega has fled from Bison's side in order to seek out new competitions. After allowing Vega to enter the KotIF tournament, Jin is quickly intrigued by more than just his unique fighting style. Yaoi and some drama.
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Castiel and Slash Fiction by JoyHeart reviews
Sam and Dean showed Castiel what slash fiction was. This was a mistake. Especially when Chuck publishes the Supernatural books that Castiel happens to be in, allowing fangirls to make a new slash pairing. Crack.
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Kakuzu is hosting a garage sale, and YOU can buy whatever you want! NO NEW CUSTOMERS, PLEASE! BIDDING IS CLOSED! COMPLETE!
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No more submissions, please! This story is no longer interactive, so sit back and enjoy!
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The Tekken Compilation reviews
Welcome to the hidden section of the Tekken fandom. Here you will discover a hard-to-find selection of slash that is barely on this site. On hiatus until I rewrite the ones I've lost. Updates most likely will come later this December, hopefully. :C
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To Lili, he was absolute perfection, and that was why she loved him.
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Devil took the opportunity to forever bind Jin within his grasp. Based on Kazuya's T4 prologue and epilogue with a twist. Warnings: explicit sexual content, incest, and dark themes. Kazuya/Jin. Last chapter up!
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Miguel is a rebel without a clue turned avenger with a cause after he finds redemption in his sister’s death. This starts from his supposed childhood towards his latter years. A songfic inspired by Second Chance by Shinedown. Done in Miguel’s POV.
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Will be rewritten and updated soon. Because I can't seem to abandon this... Dei-DeixTobi is love!
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