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Author has written 11 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Naruto, and Fairy Tail.

4/17/13. I will be taking an extended vacation from writing fanfiction while I, in plain and crude but effective english, get my real-life shit together. It's scattered right now, and when your life is in shambles, two things can happen: You write like a fiend and dive into it with all your heart because it's the thin, watery glue that's keeping you from shattering like paper-thin glass, or the Great Wall of China falls upon your shoulders and envelops you; suffocating, constricting, damp and dark, and all the while knowing your writing is on the other side, inches away, and you're unable to reach. For me, it's the latter. I hope my fellow writers never experience it, but there it is.

I suggest looking at my favorite stories list. These are my personal recommendations to you.

Seriously, if you were my best friend and very much into Fairy Tail like I am and you said, "So what should I read?" I would hand you that list and say "Go to town." So please, if you're upset with my absence, or even if you're not, please please please use my favorites list like a private community. What I write is basically what I read, except I also like reading other Lucy pairings, so...yeah. It should tide you over.

I'm sorry. For leaving, that is, even if it's not forever. I'll leave the basic sections up here for you.

Just, just know that I will still read your reviews. Every single day, I will check my email and come on here and listen to you guys.


Story News: Ah, one of the few sections worth reading in here. Please remember I do have some kind of life that needs my attention. Or at least, people around me are forcefully dragging me out of my house, so it's whenever I can sneak some time away from them.

Now, there's 50 Moments,LaxusXLucy oneshot collection. I rather like it. It's fun, sweet, and simple. It's a collection now.

There's also the two-shot, The Lover's Town. This is COMPLETED. NO MORE. *Note: This was written before I knew motion sickness was a dragon-slayer thing, and not just a Natsu-thing. I was not aware that Laxus possessed this weakness as well, and so it isn't included in the train scenes. I feel like the story would lose something if I tried to add this element now, so it stays as is. Pretend Laxus got a long-lasting Troia from Wendy or something.

Glutton For Punishmentis my baby. It's my first multi-chapter, and the first story where I didn't just wing it; I have it all planned out (pfft, no, really, most of it is planned.)

Random Things I Want You To Know About My Writing.

The best advice for a writer is to write what you know. I don't know sex, not in the way that reaching into my brain would somehow result in a decent lemon. If you need some LaxLu sexytimes, I would look up ATOMx0, because I just somehow convinced that amazing citrus-y author to write a LaxLu lemon. I don't know how, and I don't know why, but I am damn grateful. Also, my beta's got a good one going too. Don't come to me and encourage me for lemons, because though I love your support, I can't write good citrus and that's that. End of discussion, at least until I am in the position of knowing relationships and intimacy well enough for citrus-flavored fics.

Basic Information: I am a legal, single female. I'm nineteen. I live in the US, East Coast. My birthday is the first week of March. English is my first and really only language, unless you count the Old English for Shakespeare, as I'm uncannily good at reading that without assistance. I'm a consummate bookworm, and I have my own mini-library in my room.

My favorite color is a rich orange or a dark green.

I have too many songs for a favorite, but right now I'm really into a song called Quiet, by Lights, because there's a well-made fanvideo called "LaxLu-Team Blonde-Quiet" on Youtube. I actually have it as my ringtone right now, so whenever someone calls me, my mind instantly goes to happy-LaxLu-land.

Also all the FT videos with "Angel with a Shotgun". It's very fitting. -starts humming the tune excessively-

I'm hopelessly romantic and I hate tragedies or horror. If I wanted to be depressed, I wouldn't be on here (I can handle dramatic fics with depression in them, but they must have a happy ending). I love humor, and 95% of my favorite stories are romance/humor. Occasionally I read an adventure, or a friendship. It's rare, therefore if I write anything that isn't romance, be worried.

My niche is fluff. I'm very good at it, apparently.

I have the attention span of a gnat. Try not to take it personally.

What else can I tell you? Hmm...well, there are a few pairings I always come back to. Which I might as well list now.

Naruto: KakashiSakura. AkatsukiSakura. Rare Sakura-other crack. For instance, I once got into a really good JiraSaku. (You may insert odd pairing here. SuiSaku, ShikaSaku, GenSaku.)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Ignore the fourth movie. Sparrabeth all the way.

Avengers: My guilty pleasure is Tony Stark slash. Steve or Clint or Loki or even Bruce. I can't help it, but it satisfies me for when a girl just needs her slash.

Inception: Arthur and Ariadne, or occasionally Cobb and Ariadne. But I'm only interested in this fandom if I happen to catch the movie on TV.

Fairy Tail: LaxusLucy in my head, NatsuLucy for the actual series. I would love to see LaxusLucy canon, but I gotta accept it probably won't happen, if not because Mashima doesn't realize it has a fanbase, then because of the manga-ka's personal preferences. Occasional GraLu, LoLu, and GaLe will be found on my history. I don't do crack in this series, unless you count LaxLu, which I do not.

These are the only lasting fandoms for me, though I do delve into many others. Books, movies, anime, TV shows...nothing is really safe.

Inspiration: Other authors, mostly. (Hi, CupCakes, AllieJenzie, Archangel_Angelo) Sometimes it pops into my head randomly - shower, sleeping, watching unrelated TV, that kind of thing. Songs on the radio, occasionally. Certainly, I get stuff from the actual series. Fanvideos like the one I mentioned earlier. Once I get the idea for a plot, I don't get hit with inspiration for every little part. The characters write themselves. It plays like an OVA in my head, and then I write it down for those who don't have access to my head. I dunno, I guess that's a little strange?

I give credit to those three authors because I'm pretty sure a bunch of their ideas get dumped into my writing without my thinking about it (Laxus getting lost is most certainly Allie's idea). They inspire me to more and more LaxLu. I don't mean to take credit for your work, guys, and so I hereby direct whoever reads this to check out their stuff. Allie's actually the leader of the only LaxLu community on here, so give her oodles or respect, kay? And Arc - because that's what I call Archangel_Angelo in my head - is muchos amazing.

I'm obsessed with Laxus Dreyar from Fairy Tail. No, seriously obsessed. He's so very amazing period.

Mostly, people seem to think I'm using Lucy as a self-insert when I write LaxLu because I'm secretly hot for Laxus. (To which I say..secretly?) Well, I'm not living through Lucy. Sure, I'd love to get with Laxus if he were real (who wouldn't?). Yes, I am a hopeless fangirl. But do I write stories about Laxus and I and then put Lucy's name in?

Hell no, are you nuts?

First of all, stories that say they're about a girl and a guy, but are really about the authoress and the fictional character she fawns over, are generally horrible. You can't insert yourself and create a halfway decent story. Readers aren't stupid. We know that it's you, so please don't try to pretend otherwise. This is what gives fanfiction a bad reputation. I can't just walk down the street and say "Yeah, I read and write fanfiction", and it's entirely the fault of those people. Well, I could, but I'd get some pretty odd looks and far fewer dates.

Secondly, and more importantly, half of what I have Lucy doing, I'd never, ever do, because we're entirely different, personality-wise. I do relate to Lucy, but who doesn't? She's relatable. That's the point of her character.

I swear right now on every scrap of talent I have that I, as an author (though a sorely ambitious title), will never remove, permanently, anything I write from this website, nor will I deign to hide from the world any story that I work on, however horribly crappy (le gasp, she cursed! Oh nooeess!) I think it is. Unless I plan on re-writing it and then posting.

I also swear that in the event you recieve inspiration from me, or take up one of my abandoned plot bunnies, or use anything of mine, and you do not contact me at all, I will (you shouldn't threaten your readers, Jade. It's bad for business...)

Shut up, parentheses, not now. Long story short, I will hunt you down and squish you. Mainly because if you're going to use something of mine, I want to read, damn it!

Now, if you just can't stand that I abandoned my Naruto fics, and came here specifically for Naruto but found an overwhelming amount of Fairy Tail, I give you Cynchick, SilverShine, ronny-of-yore, J-Pop Princess. These are the four top Narutoverse authors that I've ever seen, and I've read several hundred Naruto stories. I would also give you nimblnymph and oneperfectfit. These people have, above all, amazingly well-written characters, plots that keep you guessing, supreme knowledge about the Narutoverse, humor that makes you laugh out loud (in their humor stories, that is), flawless grammar and sentence structure (my own pet peeve), and an overall addictiveness to their stories that keeps you coming back for more, even if they published years ago. And best of all, they don't leave stories unfinished like I do. Well, a few of them do. Not on purpose, though!

Side note: If anyone, anyone has a copy of Diplomacy by RiikiTikiTavi, the real Tiki, I want it. Please.

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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 23,470 - Reviews: 137 - Favs: 80 - Follows: 124 - Updated: 8/24/2007 - Published: 4/5/2007 - Kakashi H., Sakura H.
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