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Poll: An idea for a story, the detail I'm wondering about is whether Bella should lose her sense of smell sounds very silly but trust me, that could be a good story! or her sense of hearing traumatic, difficult to work with, but very overdone if you ask me.. Vote Now!
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OK, OK. I'm Megan.

I hate school. I'd rather be reading. Most school years are wastes of my time. Especially this past's. I will write a strongly worded letter...

On weekends I watch football. Any other time... you guessed it... I'm reading. Some call it an obsession. I really just hate some parts of my life. Some... as in not all... as in I'm not gonna jump off a building or slit my wrists. I'll just read. I don't watch TV. Sometimes I will because that's my father's form of quality time, but I would never intentionally sit down by my self and watch it. It's mindless and will rot your brain. And when the world ends, us book readers will be well entertained reading while the TV watchers stare at the blank screen...

Males annoy me and females are too... overly obsessive in silly things. I would be in HEAVEN if people would just say what thay think. I do, and sure, I don't have many friends, but those I do have, rock. You've really got to be ready for some crazy stuff if you hang out with me. I'm full of randomness, annoyingness especially when boredom kicks in, and overall crazyness. But I gotta tell ya, I never hear complaints from my friends. And from being...myself, I've gained friends that I know for a fact that I like. Some of them are like me, and I love that about them. Others may be my complete oposite. I still haven't figured out how yet, but oposites attract. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me either.

~The following may scare the crap out of you but...

Here's my opinion:

Most if not all of the stories I will post will be Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer based. I have probably read close to 100 of these stories already made, if not more. I can't stand it when people writing the story will say something along the lines of "Will Bella ever forgive Edward?!"

This is ridiculous! Of course she will! She can't live without the guy! (Who could?) She may not believe he's with her or something but when she comes to her senses, she will, most definitely, forgive him and take him back with the same- if not a stronger- passion for him. She would give her soul for him. We all know that, so if I get any messages saying "HOW DO YOU KNOW!?" I will smack you... verbally.

As for you Jacob lovers, I apologize if that last rant offended you. I do, infact, like Jacob. Unfortunately, I don't want him with Bella. What can I say, I love Edward too much. Call me Switzerland. (God help me from the Swedish people who will skin me alive if I've just spelt that wrong.) Love is a selfish fiend. I was very excited to see more of Jacob as the series moved on. I think he is cute and funny and the best guy-friend a girl could have. He brings out, what I think, is the tom-boy in Bella. I am a complete tom-boy so you can understand how I appreciate that. He never says the right thing, so his adolesence is a good break every once and a while.

~Insanity over~

Do you guys have any idea what I'd give to be one of those authors that everyone's always recommending? To have a review to a story more than like one per chapter? Damn I mean seriously, that would be so awesome if more than like ten people knew me. Maybe it's just my ridiculousness but I think I'm a great writer... I dunno. Do you think so? rofl rofl


Let me say something about my stories. I thrive from reviews. Nobody ever wants to admit it, but no one actually does anything unless they expect some thanks or the wow factor. That is no different with me. I add chapters about as quick as how many reviews I get. And let me tell you, I will not count "It was great, write more" reviews. I want you to build on that. Give me feed back! I know that I gave like, really long reviews to stories I started out reading, and I've both given people inspiration for something to write, found a friend (my co-author for When Something Seems Too Good To Be True, Is It?), and made somebody who ended a story months ago start it back up again. Reviews matter! Never think that they don't. Now that I am rewriting this after I've written four stories, let me tell you, most people suck at reviewing. I've gotten barely any reviews. I only update for those few who did to be polite and show them I'm not a total jerk. I've also noticed that I get a lot more reviews if I threaten to never update again. Isn't that funny? I mean, I wouldn't have to scare the pants off of you guys like that if you would just review for heaven's sakes!

UPDATE AS OF 8/21/09:

You may have noticed that I have not been updating. Yes, I know, I am sorry. I, as of now, am on a permanent hiatus. I will not be updating, I will not be brainstorming, and I do not expect to be coming off of it any time soon. I am now a sophomore in high school and am getting slammed, as well as the fact that I have to worry about getting ready for my FCAT, and looking into college classes for dual enrollment, not to mention the thought of needing to get a job, needing to get my permit, and all of this other insanity.

IF YOU ARE REALLY THAT OBSESSIVE ABOUT MY WRITING... I am writing an original novel. It is a first copy and has not been edited, and I hope to try and get it published once I am done and have revised it a little. It has gotten pretty good reviews and I myself am very happy with it. This is how I am releasing my literary intuition. If you would like to read it, you may go to www.dsmldejection.deviantart.com I have about six chapters up right now and am working on the seventh as we speak. The updates are slow but the story is interesting and I think you may like it. It does not deal with vampires but it is still in a kind of fantasy ideal.

Please don't hate me for this hiatus, I know I started a fanfic and left it about two or three chapters in, and I know I promised having a lot of new ideas under my scalp, but this is what I'm doing now. I do still have those ideas written down in my notebook, and once I finish my novel I very well may pick up fanfiction again.

Thanks guys, and I still love when you read and review. It makes me smile to see a review in my inbox after so long of not updating.

I love you guys, thank you for helping me get my start in writing!


UPDATE AS OF 5/30/09:
I'm off of hiatus! Yay! -dances-

UPDATE AS OF 5/12/09:
Man, I suck, don't I? -looks at last update-
I just came off of hiatus didn't I?! -sigh-
Okay, so I moved and I don't have internet yet. I'm at a friend's house now and I can't update here. She thinks my reading/writing is nerdy. -giggles a little-
Yeah so, I'm on hiatus as of now! Sorry guys! I'll be back up asap!

UPDATE AS OF 5/4/09:
-Looks at last update- Damn, a day earlier and I would have been on hiatus for exactly one month. Anyway, I've finished Broken Hallelujah and started a whole new story, so obviously I'm not on hiatus anymore. Go read writing now!

UPDATE AS OF 4/3/09:
Some big family issues have come up and I'm currently on hiatus. I promise I'll be back in about a month, give or take a week, and I'll update like shit. Writer's honor. (You know, like scouts only I'm not gay?)
Thanks so much, guys. I'll make it up to you.

UPDATE AS OF 10/10/08:
Uh yeah, I was jut reading over my profile and realized that it says I'm on hiatus (\/)... Yeah, that's not active anymore. Obviously, I've been updating The Sick Passing of Time, so I'm not on hiatus.
Sorry for the screw up!

UPDATE AS OF 8/22/08:
As of now, I'm on a writer's hiatus. It stinks, but I need to focus on school and make sure I'm comfortable with everything vefore I start trying to balance it and Fanfiction. Despite my writer's hiatus, I am staying active as a Beta reader. I can Beta read a chapter in 20 minutes tops, including reading, correcting, commenting, and sending it back. So it doesn't take up much time. Hopefully, my readers won't take offense in this. I just don't have the time. Also, please excuse my absence over the beginning of this week. Please refer to tropical storm Fay for information concerning my absence. She gave new meaning to my 'Writing At It's Worst' chapter titled, 'Mother Nature Hates My Guts'.

UPDATE AS OF 8/11/08:
Jesus, I really have to stop rereading everything I write for fanfiction. I just reread Forgotten Memories' sequel, and it's having a huge effect on me. I can feel my throat closing up I'm so upset. I can't believe the stuff I write has that much of an effect on me. I mean, is that normal? Why do I care if it's normal? Nothing that's normal pertains to me. Ha ha.

UPDATE AS OF 7/20/08:
My god, so I just reread Forgotten Memories, and I noticed the ending was really, REALLY sad! My god, I was bawling! I can't believe I was capable of writing something so... so painful. It was brutal. And you know I planned everything up to the last chapter or so, and I thought none of it was that good compared to the last. So, I don't know, maybe I'll try to work with that whole, writing random stuff I haven't planned out, stuff. Also, of course, I have to reccomend everything. Hah, gotta advertize my own work!
Anyway, that was my two cents for today.

UPDATE AS OF 6/17/08:
Dear god, all I want is some humor for god's sake!
Aiight, so I'm looking through stories to read. Hmm, all of these SUCK, let's find something funny. La di da... Let's narrow down the search to humor. Do do do, okay! Let's look at the stories! ... reading summaries of the first page of stories WTF THESE AREN'T FUNNY SOUNDING! checks genre listed on each story WTF THESE AREN'T HUMOR! WHY DO PEOPLE SAY 'HUMOR' IF IT'S NOT FUNNY!
Please! All I want is something funny to read! If your story AINT (yes I, a writer, said 'aint') FUNNY, DO NOT NOT NOT! WRITE HUMOR. Work with me here, people.
Aiight, I'm done,

UPDATE AS OF 6/14/08:
Okay, I was just looking through stories on this website to put on the myspace...
HOLY CRAP WHAT IS WITH ALL OF THE ALL HUMAN FANFICS? Okay, my beef is not personally with the all-human-writing community. I actually said some all human stories would be good on the website. My problem is that Edward is a jock a lot of the time... WHY?? I don't get it! What am I missing, here, guys?? Could someone fill me in? Ok, as a vampire, he's insanely strong. ALL VAMPIRES ARE! Is it a ploy to make him insanely popular? I hate jocks! What the "h- e- double hockey sticks" is so fascinating? I'm actually not joking here, either. I don't understand it. I've got this one friend, who's a dude, and we were tight in the beginning of the year. And then he went into basketball and I think I hate him now! I mean jeez! I don't get the jock obsession. It is my mission to you to let me know what's so amazing about the all-american jock-like boy.
Thanks for suffering today's bit of insanity,

UPDATE AS OF 5/20/08
Alright, now the fun part. My favorite books include, and yes, they are numbered, but that does not mean that number one is anymore favored than number four...

1. Twilight

2. Maximum Ride

3. Crank

4. Stephen King

5. Bitten

6. From the Corner of His Eye

7. Dave Barry is From Mars and Venus

8. Dangerous Girls

9. Of Mice and Men

10. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime

Yes, that doesn't seem like much, but not all of the books I own are my favorite. Plus, one story was actually many, i.e. Stephen King, number four. Also, many are sequels. My total book count, at the moment, is about eighty-something books, crammed into two bookcases. The books that they hold are my husband and children. You should now be able to tell that I have no life. If you've just now figured that out, well then, wow. My social life is nonexistant. I buy books. That's it! Funny isn't it? (Yeah, sad, I know, at least I've admitted it!)

If you'd like to get in touch with me to talk about to story, life, or just want to see what I look like, my Myspace url is:

www.myspace.com/vote4pedro646 -- THIS IS MY PERSONAL MYSPACE, THE FANFIC ONE IS BELOW --V V V--

and, my AIM is:

dsmlxdejection and dsmldejection

My e-mail address is:


My co-writer and best friend on fanfiction and I have also created a myspace completely devoted to our fanfiction writing and the Twilight series itself, also including the movie. Please, check it out. I've just made it recently (6/6/08) so it may have some errors or be just plain bad. Still, I'd like you to check it out. Our only friend (still as of 6/6/08) is Tom, so your can very well tell we need some love. The url is:

www.myspace.com/twilightfanfiction -- PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE AND CHECK IT OUT! IT ROCKS, IF I MAY SAY SO MYSELF!

Talk to me anytime. Just let me know who you are and that you've met me via fanfiction.net. I want to hear from you! I've talked to a few of my readers, and let me tell you, they're awesome! People rock. Talk to me.

Haha wow, thanks for letting me waste your time!


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