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Author has written 11 stories for Baby Sitters Club, and Harry Potter.


The only fandoms I really follow on here are Harry Potter and Baby Sitters Club, although it's mostly been the former here lately. I'll read about anything with James Potter in it as long as the story doesn't make him out to be some evil, abusive father. Those are pretty much the only Harry Potter fics I will read. Although I love all of JK Rowling's characters in general, I just don't enjoy fanfiction if James doesn't have some sort of appearance. Also: I absolutely will NOT read Severus/Lily or 'Severus-is-Harry's-real-father'. I love Severus (he's probably actually one of my favorite characters), but with Lily? ... No. It's weird because I honestly don't mind seeing James with someone other than Lily (actually I've gotten to the point where I rather like it at times, perhaps even prefer it?), but I CANNOT stand to see Lily with anyone other than James. Probably because in those stories Lily tends to be featured as an esteemed Mary Sue and James is just seen as a first-class asshole.

I very, very rarely read fanfiction that James Potter is not in. I do like JKR's other characters, yes, but he is my favorite and is the character I prefer as the primary character in the stories I read. I will read stories which have Sirius, Lily, Remus, or even Snape as the main character if James has a large role. Single-minded? Maybe a bit, but this is a free site and I will read what I want. I also love the Black sisters - especially Narcissa and Bellatrix. Talk about complex. The single, "non-James" fanfiction I have read centered on Narcissa and Lucius. And I'm dying to write James/Narcissa sometime in the future. Or something.


My Stories: For those of you who read partly for the pairings, or become angry when non-canon pairings show up in stories: The Crux of Despair will more than likely turn into James/Lily. However, romance is nowhere close to my top priority as far as this fanfiction goes. Please don't bug me about the 'ships. And don't freak out if James is ever interested in someone other than Lily in the story; I love J/L, sure, but I don't quite buy the "Lily is the only girl James ever even thought about his entire life" theory. If you're looking for a fic with a lot of romance between James and Lily, I'd recommend The Untold Story of James and Lily on HPFF. The author develops the relationship between James and Lily beautifully; she also mostly stays in canon, but the story is unlike anything else in MWPP I've ever read. Hands-down, the best James/Lily fic I've ever read.


Jordan's Book was started when I was much younger and at a very different writing level. Or so I like to think. Sometime, in the very distant future, I would like to edit the first two chapters (then proceed with the rest of the story) so that they reflect my current writing style and are a bit more developed and in-character. For now, though, that fanfiction really isn't anywhere near my top priority.

I am currently writing a fanfic called The Hidden Heir; it is a time-travel fic with several twists. It is very AU, though, so you probably won't like it if that is not your thing! Pairings are canon; I wouldn't primarily consider this story a romance, but some romance parts are necessary. Main pairing is Lily/James, with some minor Hermione/Ron. The Hidden Heir does NOT follow the usual time-travel cliches. James knows who Harry is, the past will be changed, and several other twists will be going on, which will be apparent from the very beginning; at least by the second chapter. This story includes about 80% MWPP with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, and 20% Founder Era. (It will make sense when you read!) If you've always been curious about the Founder Era, then you might like this fic. :)

I'm writing a fanfiction called The Crux of Despair. Like The Hidden Heir, it is very AU and stars James Potter. In this fanfiction, James became King of the wizarding world (of the United Kingdom) at the age of 8 when his father became ill and passed away. However, his mother and uncle - Frank Longbottom's dad ; ) - are in charge of the king's responsibilities until he completes his education. Queen Mother Dorea is very overprotective of her only child and goes to extreme measures to shield him from the public eye. At the age of 11, very few people know what the young king looks like - and those who do know have sworn not to tell. Dorea's brother, David Longbottom, convinced his sister that - king or not - James deserves to have a childhood. So James is going off to Hogwarts, where no one will know who he is except Dumbledore, to finally make friends his own age and try to fit in. Or that's the plan.


If you read my fanfiction, feel free to follow me on Twitter or LiveJournal! I'm not the most active person on either site, but every now and then I post fanfiction-related things, or tweet that I'm about to update. :D Nothing big.

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Robin4 (73)