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After a long (very long!) hiatus from fanfiction, I am back. I took a break from the whole fanfic world; this included me taking down my fics. I have abandoned all but one: Annoying Professor Snape.

Yes, that's right, even though it's been almost three years since I actually updated the story, I am going back to it. I understand that many of my former readers are no longer here; either they've left the fandom, maybe they're on a break, or maybe they just don't want to read my fic anymore. That's okay. I'm sure there are plenty of new readers to discover this fic.

But I do have to warn you all: This fic is, first and foremost, a work in progress. I have the first 14 chapters that I have previously written; I am currently going through them to clean some stuff up and make sure it all makes sense (or as much sense as it can make...). I've just realized that, if I were to post only one chapter a week, it would be May or June before we got to the new chapter. That seemed a bit cruel, so I'm going to post two new chapters a week. On Monday and Thursday of each week, I'll post an edited chapter, until we get to chapter 15. That should take us to April or so. After chapter 15...the schedule will be whenever I get around to it. So, if you don't want to read something that may take months to be updated, don't read this fic. Just a small warning.

That said, sit back and enjoy. My yahoo!group is dedicated to all fics Hermione. I will update that site first with each new chapter; they will be getting the chapters at least a day (if not more) in advance.

I have a Blog devoted to this fic: . Not only will the chapters be available here, but also notes on the fic. These may include notes on what scenes were added, which were changed, what Hermione's thoughts are, what Snape's feelings are, spoilers and hints, and various musings on the characters.

I have also posted on the WIKTT archives. So, now there are options for those of you who aren't the biggest FFN fans.

Also, for any fictionpress fans out there, look me up. My pen name is DarknessBeckons. I post mostly poetry at Fictionpress, but I have some shorter pieces of fictions, and the first couple chapters of a book that's been floating around in my mind for years. Give it a try.

A quick FAQ for Annoying Professor Snape: (The complete FAQ will be at the blog, so try there for more info)

"When is the next update? or Update more/sooner!" : I will update this story every Monday and Thursday until chapter 14. As of chapter 15, I will update whenever I finish the chapter. Hopefully, that will be every other week, but I make no promises. Also, as of chapter 15, the story will be updated first at my yahoo group, Hermione Fan Fiction. They will get the fic up to a day in advance of everyone else.

"Do you need suggestions for tasks?" : No, I have the list of all 99 tasks. The 99 tasks were taken from the 'original' list of 303 Ways.

"Did you make up The List? or Who did make The List?": No, I originally got the list from the yahoo group, WIKTT; someone emailed it to the group. I do not have any idea who created the list and, in fact, it would be almost impossible to find the creator. I've had people contact me, telling me they were the original authors of said list, but there is no way for me (or anyone else) to verify such a thing. Not only that, but there isn't just one list floating around; there are quite a few. Some are only 101 ways, some 303, some are 404 ways. Almost every list is different from the last; there are always a few tasks that are different. So, the short answer is no, I did not make the list and, sorry, I don't know who did.

"Where can I find The List?": There is a copy at my yahoo group, Hermione Fan Fiction (links above). It's in the files section: files, fanfiction, numair-magelet's fics folder, 99 Ways folder, and there it is. I will also be posting both lists I have (99 ways and 303 ways) on the new blog I have for this fic (link above). Other than that, I don't know. Your best bet is to google it; there are a lot of hits, especially if you try googling 101 ways, or 303 or 404. This will also turn up other stories revolving around the list, most (if not all) of which are worth a read.

"So and so is out of character!": Yes, I know, that is purposeful. To make this story work, many characters have had minor (and maybe not so minor) personality tweaks. Not bad enough to make them a totally different character, but for the story to work, some characters had to have attitude adjustments. Some more than others. If at all possible, I've tried to explain why the character would act out of character; not a great or believable explanation, at times, but better than nothing. Yes, the reasons may be weak, but work with me. This is a parody, after all.

"Will this be Snape/Granger?": I honestly don't know. I've gone back and forth with it, gone over the pros and cons, and have yet to reach a definite conclusion. All I can say is that there may be a romantic ending, but nothing is set in stone.

"But in Half-Blood Prince...": While reading this fic, try your best to forget the events of HBP. In this fic's crazy world, HBP never happened. There is no HBP. The fic will be mildly OotP compliant, but there may be mistakes. I wrote the first 10 or so chapters pre-OotP, but the last 4 were written afterwards. So the latter chapters are more canon than the earlier ones. Although I have tried to go back and fix any inconsistencies, there may be some I forgot or didn't notice. So, please, work with me.

"That wasn't there the last time I read this...": I've gone back and changed a few things. I've also added some scenes. Some of the added scenes are totally new. Some are just minor add ons to make everything make sense. Some of the changes are minor: spelling, plot, canon changes, etc. Some have been larger, such as changing Hermione's motives to make everything more believable. I'm trying to go back and add more detail and make everything flow a lot smoother. So, if you see something that wasn't there before, if something was there and no longer is, or if something has been changed, that's why.

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