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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy X-overs, Love Hina, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, and Persona Series.

Hey people, all races, shapes, sizes and design. Welcome, make yourself at home, get comfortable. First of, I would like to thank god, my mom, dad, teachers... what? Oh i do the speech AFTER I've won something. damn it ! err that aside, i hope the above rambling gave you an idea of my character and in turn, my 'eventual' stories.I'm random, funny ( well i think im funny), smell good ( well i do, sometimes) and I'm myself. In short, Im Malaysian. So i suggest if you would move to the slow lane when you see me in a car yea? thanks. In other news, its considered a story if you have more than two words right? RIGHT? I CANT HANDLE MORE THAN TWO! Fanfiction readers, beware.

Fav Favourites

Ken Akamatsu Works, Oh Great Works, Persona 3 and Persona Trinity Soul , the game's anime spinoff. Mangas! can't get enough of it.

Fav music

System of a down, The Rock( 1996) Soundtrack, E.S Posthumus, Game soundtracks ( its better then it looks) Dream theater, Jazz, Basically whats nice to the ears and not just popular. You know the type. Jap Music tops my lists though.


Hell yea, sorry couldn't resist

Writing influences

Blackadder, Brit comedy, everyday life, Statements from the kitchen, Wise words from unwise men, Unwise words from drunk wise men. Standup comedy.

Reasons for joining the writing crew

Read it for 2 years, thought i gave it a go

Stories as of now

The Untold Tale ( Semi Retirement )

Moon over the Castle ( Ongoing ) ( Headcrook took the job. Others can still apply to gimme some feedback)

Changing Seasons ( Ongoing ) ( With assistance from Lunar and Triblade )

Notice: Well apparently Mr Alias is well... how do i put this... He/she means well... I guess? He/she thoroughly and i DO MEAN thoroughly go through every bloody hook and crook in your fic to give you His/her Brutally honest (most time very degrading but nyeh must be his/her personal style of saying you suck!). So my advice... read them reviews this guy/gal dishes out, learn from it continue on. You're here not to impress him/her. You're not here to impress others. You're here to impress yourself. Keep up with your own style and learn from past mistakes. And c'mon, its not hard to be civil to others neh?

Phrases that i like but was stupid enough to not think of it myself

The human body is an interesting thing, it has a recreation center next to a waste disposal facility ; Robin William in Man of the year

Every year Tupac rises from the dead, records a new album and put clues in it! The nigga in the red shot me dead. RIGHT THERE! LISTEN AGAIN, it was a nigga named Kevin with a Mac 11. PAC IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING!! ; Chris Rock

I reject your reality and substitute it with my own ; Adam Savage

Dough are masochists, it rises when it had little air and after being giving a good kneading ; Mr Lee ( My pastry lecterur)

Why thank you darling... Thats Captain Darling to you ; Blackadder ( the last season )


Its three in the morning, you just pissed on a dumpster, its MILLER time. ; Robin Williams

IM RICK JAMES BITCH! ; Dave Chappele

You're not here to impress others... You're here to impress yourself ; Marco Pierre White

Real Name


Notice: I normally name my chapters after Song titles, mostly from game soundtracks, But it depends though. Find out where i got them from and you get something =p

Oc description

Name : Shinji Minato Moriwasu

Age : late 16's

Occupation : Field agent, Magus's right hand man /Protégé, Magus's personal Assistant ( against his will )

Family : Classified

Eyes : Brown, Flashes according to ability used. Wears glasses when reading or writing reports at night. Able to see perfectly fine while fighting or in the daytime.

Hair : Black, Semi medium hair.

Abilities : Lightning and fire based attacks are said to rival the Thousand Master. Efficient in martial arts, handguns as well as dual wielding Wakizashis ( a Japanese short sword ). Practicer of Parkour. Fluent in Japanese and English .

Disabilities : Unable to use magic. Unable to engage in long range combat without weapons. Can only wield fire and lightning when wearing gloves. Prone to recurring nightmares ( happens randomly but its always the same dream), Craves ginger snaps (especially in the morning).

Hobbies : Playing his guitar ( privately ), Free running, observing nature, Listening to music, Cook , reading tech magazines.

Hates : Mistreatment of other living things, Paper Work, Sparing( he prefers to practice alone)

Personality : Quiet when faced with strangers, close to people he knows, efficient on the job, sarcastic at times, anti social at times. Does not trust people easily. Put others before himself ( but never shows it in public), Shy when faced with members of the opposite sex. ( covers up by being sarcastic or quiet).

Attire : (during assignments) Standard Issue Field Agent Clothes; Consists of Robe, Black Pants, Shirt, Boots. Keeps gloves in his pocket. Keeps Magic Catalyst in Pouch, Brings weapons when needed.

(during Classes/undercover)Mahora Boy school uniform, Thick rimed glasses ( No power, worn to complete disguise). Keeps hair Combed. Keeps gloves in backpack. ( Aim is to blend in and not draw attention onto himself).

( Free time ) Long pants ( Colour Varies ). Shirt varies. Black Beanie ( when outside ). Wears thin rimed blue tinted specs (No power, worn to draw attention from himself) in public . Takes specs off in company of friends or when alone. Hair is in natural state.

Misc : Knows Zach Okoshi ( an oc from my mate's, triblade), Is close to Negi ( Negi treats him as an uncle ), Takahata and Gandolfini knowns him by reputation. Enjoys ginger snaps and sleeping in late.

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