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Hallhomestead's Profile

(It's alot better then everyone else's)


Ok, So I'm back and I thought it would be a good idea to write a new bio page. I organized it to make it informative and easy to look at.

Yeah, I'm that kinda guy.

This page probably won't ever be as large or flashy as some of my fellow authors, but, what the hey! Might as well give you some basic info on me and my stories, along with news and stuff like that.


Info About GOD...er...Me

Name:Just call me hallhomestead, or Nate.

Sex: Male

Age: in 10th grade

Location: MA, in the USA

Writing Style:realistic for CGI-influenced stories, fun and story-driven for cartoon one-shots/shorts

Interest in Chipmunks: I like them alot, but I can get distracted...for months at a time as some of you guys know.

Other Interests: I love hanging out with my friends, and doing drama at my school. Outdoors is this really cool place that I discovered over the summer where you can do all sorts of cool things with your friends that you can't do inside. I just got over a fad of watching movies constantly, and am still into playing a video game or two in my spare time.



Nov 30- Working on the re-release of Alvin and the Chipmunks II. I will finish either tonight or tomorrow. Be looking out for it.

Nov 29- I posted the first and second half of my new short story The Present. It's based on the CGI chipmunks, and is about Alvin frantic search for Dave's present for Claire's birthday. Well...what are you waiting for? Go on! Read it!

Nov 27- I just posted the second and last half to my holiday short Happy Thanksgiving! Read it. Review it. Love it. I am also on the way to making a final decision about writing Alvin and the Chipmunks III. Still not totally sure if I want to or not.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Nov 26- Ok, I'm back in the game! I got my first story posted in a very long time Happy Thanksgiving! Also, I have begun debating with myself over the future of A&tC 3. It may be a long time before I reach a decision, because I must re-read my story before anything else. Look for Part II of Happy Thanksgiving! tomorrow.

Nov 26- This is where I'll post stuff about my stories and Chipmunk activities, along with any important Chipmunk news. Look here for anything 'Munk. PM me if you think you have something important.


Character Bios

The Ugly Man (Alvin and the Chipmunks II)

Name: No-one knows

Age: middle-ageish

Sex: obviously male

Location: Anywhere there is money waiting to be made/stolen

State of Cleanliness: appallingly low

Interests: Murder, extortion, intimidation, kidnapping, child neglect/abuse, ruining lives of humans and chipmunks alike, igniting wars between major international superpowers, long walks on beaches

Troy (Happy Thanksgiving!/ Merry Christmas!)

Full Name: Troy William Hudson

Age: 9

Sex: Male

Location: 6 houses down from Alvin.

Amount of Stupid Ideas in Head: Astoundingly close to Alvin's number

Interests: Playing with the Chipmunks, basketball (NO! He is NOT the Troy from High School Musical!), and messing with his little brother's head.

More to come!


Links to Other Sites

Not too long ago, my friend mpkio2 sent me a BUNCH of links to sites on youtube where you can watch the old 80's/90's episodes. Interested? Click the links and check it out! (Note: Because mpkio2 lives in England, US readers can use the links that I've posted next to to the UK ones. If I haven't gotten the US link up yet, just look up the channel's you on youtube.).

"A lot of chipmunk episodes and movies have been uploaded onto YouTube lately
if you didn't know. (I want to tell you this for your enjoyment and so you can
post the links on your profile) Here are the youtube users who have episode
and movies:

aking2679 - -(US-http://www.youtube.com/user/aking2679 (I have just discovered this user
today. Has uploaded episode a few episodes from Alvin and the Chipmunks!...and
will be uploading more! Yay! Enjoy.)

AlvinSimonNTheodore - (US-http://www.youtube.com/user/AlvinSimonNTheodore - (She has a bunch
of episodes and a full chipmunk movie on her account and I highly reccomend
you check 'em out cause they are so cool!)

Phoenixkind098 - - (Watch the whole movie of
"The Chipmunk Adventure" on this account)

MisterStevenT - (US-http://www.youtube.com/user/MisterStevenT (Has the whol Alvin and the
Chipmunks Christmas special, Halloween special and Valentines Special!!)

avatarbending - (US-http://www.youtube.com/user/avatarbending (Used to have over 100 videos
and over 100 episodes, but, Warner Brothers took down the vids :( But, some
episodes have been re-uploaded! Enjoy!)

vivftp - (US-http://www.youtube.com/user/vivftp (Has a very exclusive episode that is one
of my favorites)

AlvinismyMUNK - (US-http://www.youtube.com/user/AlvinismyMUNK 9the SADDEST chipmunk episoe
is on this channel. Well, it made me cry anyway)

DarkKyo21 - (US-http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkKyo21 (Has a few episodes that you will

Attilaakiraly - - (Two episodes from AatC)

sesoko123 - - (Has the whole episode of "The
Chipmunk Reunion" episode!)

mysticjl25 - - (Has a very funny episode!!)

AlvinsHarmonica - - (If you've never seen The
Chipmunk's early 1960's TV show "The Alvin Show", you have to see the episodes
on this account! The show is soo funny!)

niels0827 - - 9Has many "The Alvin Show" episoes
and chipmunk songs!)

peacekeeperj0n - - (Yep! peacekeeperjOn is
still on YouTube after all this time. He has alot of Chipmunk vids on his
account. I think 350. I'm not sure. He still has a few Chipmunk episodes on
his account. And his a fantastic artist by the way)

Jakem690 - (He use to have the whole Alvin and the
Chipmunk meet the Wolfman and Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein movies
but, unfortunately, YouTube took dem down. But, he does have some very good
vids if you would like to check dem out)

TimRonaldJake - - 9ultimate friend if you love
"Alvin and the Chipmunks" He has a lot of chipmunked songs and fan vids! his
an awesome friend! Check out his page if you want to)

You can find more if you search in "alvin and the chipmunks part 1" in
YouTube. You might be asking "How did you find all of them?" My answer to you
is luck. lol If you want to download the episodes, just PM me back and let me
know. If you wanna checkout some of my chipmunked songs, just go on to my
"ChipmunksDude2" YouTube account. The link is in my profile.

Thank you again mpkio2! Unfortunately, a lot of Chipmunk episodes get regularily deleted, so I will try to keep this list updated as people's episodes get deleted.

Also, you guys should check out the Seville Library, a collection of stories collected by Raven Child (who I think has an account on fanfic.net somewhere...) all of which are very good.

Check it out :

Also look at the offical Chipmunk website (which, unfortunately, is pretty bare...)


That's it for now folks, hope you liked it!



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