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Author has written 15 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Bleach, Code Geass, Bitter Virgin, and Naruto.

I guess I'll do a proper profile.

Name (or Pen Name): guibin

Location: Britannia

About me: "I'm an English major, you do the math." - some quote on a shirt

Other things about me, I'm a college student now and I was born in China actually. I took four years of Japanese in high school so I am very well versed in the language, cultures and customs. I even went to Japan as an exchange student before. Whenever I write I include all honorifics and I write their names as is, meaning I write surname first for stories in Japan and Japanese characters. I get quite irked when people switch them peeve? (More information to come...)

Pairings I like:

IchigoXRukia (Bleach)

NarutoXHinata (Naruto)

SasukeXSakura (Naruto)

LelouchXC.C. (Code Geass)

LelouchXKallen (Code Geass)

OCXKallen (Code Geass) I feel like I should explain this in more detail. If I can, I would choose LelouchXKallen but I'm pretty impartial to either pairng. I've never really liked GinoXKallen or any other pairing for Kallen either so that's why, when it's not LelouchXKallen, it'll be OCXKallen.

LelouchXKaguya (Code Geass) Really just for the sake of crack and comedy. I do see it but then again, Lelouch develops relationships with C.C., Kallen, and Shirley that could turn romantic anyways...even Milly to some extent.

OCXKaguya (Code Geass)

SuzakuXEuphie (Code Geass)

SuzakuXNunnally (Code Geass)

ZukoXKatara (Avatar the Last Airbender)

AangXToph (Avatar the Last Airbender)

SokkaXSuki (Avatar the last Airbender)

SokkaXTy Lee (Avatar the Last Airbender)

AshXMisty (Pokemon)

AtemXMana (Yu-Gi-Oh) or Yami Y.XMana (Whatever name you decide to give him)

SetoXKisara (Yu-Gi-Oh)

SetoXTea (Yu-Gi-Oh)

YugiXRebecca (Yu-Gi-Oh)

KaitoXMeiko (Vocaloid)

LenXRin (Vocaloid)(Yes as twins, as in this is incest.)

MinatoXYukari (Persona 3)

TakumiXMisaki (Kaichou wa Maid-sama)

I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting so I'll update on that later.

More Information to come

So I discovered something, after reading "Otaku no Musume-san"...Apparently when you put pairings together, whoever's name goes before the X is one on top, the dominant one. Or as Haruka puts it., "The one doing the entering and the one being entered." So everyone, be careful of how you place names in fics now.

"Human beings don't want to admit they're worthless. So they're constantly seeking someone more worthless than themselves. That's also the reason why the internet is overflowing with insults to others. people who couldn't find anyone more worthless than themselves around, brand somebody they've never met as a worthless human being, because they want to believe they're better than someone. It's hollow isn't it? It's because while they're badmouthing somebody else, they can feel comforted that they themselves are alright. But that doesn't actually help. Don't you think that if, instead, one would just acknowledge that one is a worthless human being, it might make things easier?" - Welcome to the N.H.K. ep. 23

Current fics:

Mysterious Girl with Green Hair (In-progress and top priority): Lelouch Lamperouge was pretty much a normal high schooler going through a normal high school life. Aside from the fact that his family is super rich. A new girl shows up one day named C.C. and turns his carefree lifestyle upside down.

But here's the picture I based C.C.'s dress on in Mysterious Girl with Green Hair.

Bitter Virgin II (On Hiatus): Daisuke and Hinako has been dating for a year now and is starting their last year of high school. They both knew when they started that would someday have to part. And they both know that day is looming closer, but can they really let each other go?

Untitled (Unpublished) Lelouch is a traveling merchant who trades from almost anything to everything, illegal or legal (illegal trades being covered up most expertly...). He hopes to make it in the tough world of medieval business dealings to give his disabled sister a better life. One day he meets a green-haired woman who says she'll help him achieve his dreams and in exchange, he has to grant her one request. (LelouchXC.C.) Inspired by Spice and Wolf because I noticed how similar C.C. and Horo is. Lawrence and Horo and characters from Spice and Wolf will cameo in the fic but it will not be a cross-over per say. I consider this my challenge fic since this can easily be an original work just by changing the names.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience (Unpublished) Britannian royalty, where competition is a means of survival and plots are as common as three square meals a day. Emperor Lelouch's many wives compete everyday for his attention and constantly plot against the other imperial consorts. Court life is not the easy, luxurious, and grand lifestyle you may believe it to be; especially if you might have been a commoner, the illegitimate half-blood child of an earl, or someone of obscure origins. While the Imperial consorts claw at each others throats, two imperial princesses compete for the affection of the Knight of Zero. An AU where Lelouch is Emperor and all his brothers and sisters accepts him (hard to believe I know). This is a LelouchXHarem fic (literally) where every girl in the canon is his wife (around his age). Inspired by a Chinese costume drama with with the same name (Gong Sum Gai/ Gon Xin Ji) and a similar plot...wait what plot? There really isn't a plot to this fic and it'll just seem like a series of one-shots revolving around this AU. And I should say that the girls will most likely be very OOC because of their negativity...

Untitled (Unpublished) Kagamine Len is drafted into the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII and begins his training as a fighter pilot. He leaves behind the love of his life and twin sister Rin, promising that when he returns from the war, they can be together without challenge. A LenXRin historical fiction.

Ashford Academy Host Club (Unpublished and likely never will?) The good looking boys of Code Geass forms a host club on campus and forces poor Kouzuki Kallen, a scholarship student, to work for the club after she breaks a 80,000 vase. Author's comments: I had this crazy idea while taking a shower (I brainstorm when I'm in the shower yeah...) because I've reading Ouran High School Host Club lately. It seemed like a great idea at first but I've soon a hit a snag. I can only think of four members for Ashford's host club; Gino, Lelouch, Suzaku, and a kidnapped Kallen. I don't know about Rivalz, his character isn't cool or smooth enough to be a host. Also, Kallen's boobs are too big for her to pass as a guy whereas Haruhi in Ouran is flat as a washboard. My line of thinking was this...Gino = Tamaki, Lelouch = Kyouya, Suzaku =..., and Kallen = Haruhi. The only possible way to give the club more members is if I turn Xingke into a teenager and Tianzi into a boy for Mori and Hani. And I have absolutely no idea what C.C. will do in this fic.

Love and War (Unpublished) Britannia never attacked Japan and Lelouch was able to lead a normal life with his sister in Japan. He attends Ashford Academy as a normal student under the care of his late mother's supporter, the Ashford family. At Ashford Academy, Lelouch had earned the reputation of being the biggest playboy in school, constantly dating different girls. Kouzuki Kallen is a scholarship student who came from a poor background. She has resented the Britannian's interference in Japan. In order to help her mother and brother, she accepts a job offer from Milly to work as a maid despite her resentment and embarrassment. Lelouch finds out about her working as a maid and begins to blackmail her with that information. In the meantime, Britannia has been interfering with the Japanese government more and more, and most could see Britannia's true goal. And certain groups are getting ready for war. LelouchXKallen. A/N: In this version of the story, the way I see it, since Britannia never attacked Japan like they did in canon, Lelouch's hate for Britannia did not evolve to a resolve to destroy it. He is still angry about his mother's death but at this point, Lelouch just doesn't want anything to do with Britannia. This was originally two separate fics but one of them was too similar to the one I'm writing now so I decided to combine it with another LelouchXKallen fic I thought of. And I've always wanted to try my hand at writing a Code Geass what-if fic. This will be split into two parts or arcs...the first arc will set up for the 2nd arc but will be less exciting action wise.

Untitled (Unpublished) What if Kallen was the one who accompanied Lelouch to the world of C? What if Kallen became the Knight of Zero? Would events have turned out any different? A/N: A spur of the moment idea that I need to brainstorm more on. This might be a one-shot or just a few chapters long. LelouchXKallen

Prince and the Maid (Unpublished) Takumi is the crown prince of the of the empire and Misaki is a palace maid. get the idea...A/N: It's been floating around for a while so thought I put it here first.

Untitled (Unpublished) Len is a rising star of the Artai Military Academy. Rin is the top ranked Coral student of Garderobe Academy, training to become the otome for her home country of Artai. Twins with different yet intertwining destinies. A Mai Otome/Vocaloid crossover. LenXRin. A/N: just a random idea...

Geass RPG (Unpublished) The story of Code traditional MMORPG format. Lelouch the Dark Mage.


(7/18/11) I just realized I've been working on MGwGH for 2 years now, far too long for such a fic. I'm not saying I'm giving up. I just need to say that, because I've been working on this story for so long that I'm beginning to get annoyed. I have so many ideas for other fics but I can't start on those until I finish this. Just look above these updates, just SOME of the ideas I've had and I have notebooks filled with more.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Code Geass - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,966 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 129 - Follows: 23 - Published: 4/26/2010 - Lelouch L., Kallen S. - Complete
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