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FAVORITE BOOKS: The Host, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Harry potter, eragon, eldest, the fall of reach, the dictionary...okay, if you fell for that, you're probably overdosing on your medication my friend.

FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES: halo 3 (oh yes, i CAN kick your butt! neehaha!!) guitar hero, atv 2, amped 2 (oh gosh! i haven't played that in so long! my brother sold! WAH!) tony hawk's underground, fable, knights of the old republic, etc.

FAVORITE MOVIES: anything by Hayao Miyazaki (except Porcco Roso. it SUCKED! it had no plot. ew.) but spirited away, howl's moving castle, castle in the clouds, princess mononoke, you get the idea. also, uh, any good action movies i guess. i also love rent! lord of the rings is pretty cool i guess. the simpson's movie, the emperor's new groove, (classic!) yeah. i have many movies i like.

ABOUT YOURSELF: i am VERY much a tomboy. if you make me wear pink, i'll puke on you. i'd rather be comfortable then pretty. i LOVE to skateboard! i'm not that good at it but i'm learning. a few bloody knees, a broken bone maybe, SHAKE IT OFF YOU IDIOT AND TRY AGAIN! music is my life, i like to eat peas. i mean, small, round, green vegetables? amazing! i wish i had a giraffe just so when i'm having a conversation with a friend and they piss me off, i can say, "hey, guess what? i have a giraffe!" -laughs maniaclly- i LOOOOOOOVE to dance! (interpretive baby!) i look like a dork cuz i've never taken lessons but apparently i'm pretty good according to some people. whatever. i don't believe them! they LIIIIIIIIIE!! -squaks like a chicken and scrapes at the ground in search for seeds- this is why i'm hot y'all.

Favorite music: punk/rock, pop, hip-hop, some rap, metal, some musicals, (wicked, rent,) well, basically anything except jazz and, EW COUNTRY! -pukes- i actually got sick listening to country once! it was awful! poopy!

Favorite bands/artists: HECK VECKLING!! good charlotte, blink 182, dethklok, fort minor, james taylor!! (going old school! haha! but he rocks!) JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!! (hey, his music is the BEST for dancing to! i mean, ALL OF HIS SONGS!! well, most of them!!) avril lavigne has some okay songs. same with kelly clarkson. kat deluna has 2 songs i LOVE dancing to! skillet is awesome! And my favorite band is PARAMORE!! =)

favorite food: um TACOS!! HELLO?! didn't you read the username?? seriously, mexican is the BEST food in the whole world!! i could eat it everyday. i'm already fat so i don't need to worry about that! BWAHAHA!!

Matchsticks by Caspre reviews
Toph bumps into an old friend, who manages to uproot the whole lifestyle of the Gaang with her quirky habits, such as her lovematching obsessions between Toph and Sokka, and of course pissing off Katara when she flirts obscenely with Aang..fun to be had!
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Toph has a conversation with Katara, and Sokka has one with Aang. Toph and Sokka meet later and relive the conversations to each other and try to come up with a plan to get Katara and Aang together. Will Sokka and Toph fall for each other in the process?
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