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Author has written 17 stories for Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and JAG.

I have been getting some nastygrams from readers who are waiting for the BAU in my crossover of Our Little Secret. Sorry it's been taking so long. I just decided to take it down for the moment because it's going to take some major, MAJOR reconfiguring, and I tried to do this one on the fly like I had my old Miami stories. I apologize. Hope to have it restarted soon.

Hi everybody.

As my name says, I am the ORIGINAL Jag Lady, and after a few years of some huge changes I have retaken stock in my life. I had gone through some tremendous changes in the last few years, from moving halfway across the country (and twice within the county after that), my husband and I have settled in a nice old townhome in Overland, Missouri. Overland is a small town about 15 miles and worlds away from St Louis.

A Little About Me

I am originally from Pamlico, North Carolina, out on the coast. My husband and I right now live in the St Louis area to take care of my mother-in-law and be near family again. I absolutely love the beach and the ocean, but right now my husband and I live in St Louis, which is, as you can imagine, quite a ways away. The nearest body of water is the Gulf of Mexico, which is an 11 hour drive to New Orleans.

I am a veteran, having served in the US Army 1985-88. I met my wonderful husband in Ft Jackson South Carolina. We just celebrated 30 years together. My husband is a retired JAG sergeant, and JAG wives are called JAG ladies (though I assure you some of them are far from it!!)

I don't watch much TV except the local news. We don't even have cable and I can't say I miss it. We have the box sets of Criminal Minds, CSI Miami S1-S4, CSI New York (whole series) and God knows how many movies, most of them older. I can't stomach what passes for movies these days. Too bad Code Black didn't last more than a season. It's pretty rare I like TV shows anymore.

I have taken a renewed interest in 80s Soviet Spy Thrillers. I'm currently writing one but am having a tough time finding some from back then to use as models, and I'm too cheap to buy or rent a movie from YouTube. Why lie?

I especially like movies from the 80s. The guy in my avatar is Jeroen Krabbe, a Dutch actor and director. That pic was from Jumping Jack Flash in 1986. Absolutely loved him in The Fugitive. He's in his 70s now and still going strong in the movie business. I call him my Dutch Treat. ;-)

I like all of the CSI franchise, though I use Miami and New York in my fics. When Miami was cancelled I was saddened but not surprised. After the overdone Eric/Calleigh romance and the way they screwed Rick Stetler in Time Bomb, the series had outlived its usefulness after S4 in my opinion. Personally I think S-1 to S-3 are the show's glory years. I have S1-S4 of Miami on dvd and find myself going back to watch them for more inspiration.

I have liked Criminal Minds from Day One. David Rossi is my favorite, and while I've always loved Morgan/Garcia, I'm sad that Derek Morgan is gone now. I can't wait to see how Adam Rodriguez does in the new season. God knows he got screwed over by CSI Miami. With Hotch gone I'm sure Joe Mantegna can carry the BAU, but I wouldn't be surprised if this will be their last season. I have a tremendous respect for anything Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna do.

Here are new projects and rewrites I have rattling in my head right now.

CSI Miami

Ryan/Emmie Series:

Our Little Secret Being rewritten as a CSI Miami/Criminal Minds crossover.
Scattered Flowers (Have not begun yet) Japanese businessmen at a convention are being murdered. The Miami/Dade Crime Lab suspect the Mala Noche is involved. Meanwhile, an old woman close to Horatio carries the scars of a deep, terrifying secret. Based on The Rape of Nanking--The Forgotten Genocide by the late Iris Chang.
The Rock Star Treatment (have not begun yet) Emmie's favorite rock star is killed in an explosion. Dan Cooper will suffer life-threatening injuries. Can he come back?

Other CSI Miami Stories:

Ryan/Natalia Can You Dig It? (AU) It's the Cultural Revolution of the late 1960's. Ryan is a gentle hippie who falls in love with Natalia, an Establishment girl whose father is fighting in the Vietnam War. Both learn too much about their backgrounds as well as the time they live in, but then Ryan becomes a hero when he is selected for an undercover sting. (Not started yet). Chock full of racism, sexism and bare-knuckle politics, but that's how it was back then. WARNING: Character Death!

Criminal Minds Fics
Dave Rossi's Rubber Duckie (Not started yet)

CSI New York:
Scents and Sensibility (rewrite)

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