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Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know what was going on. I'm mid way through writing Chapter Four of 'My Life Is Hell' and it should be up in a bit. Might be a bit rusty, I've been out of writing for quite a while. Not sure when other updates will occur, that was the only fic I officially planned all the way through beginning to end. So it's alot easier to write.

I've exams and various things coming up, so updates will be slow, but do not give up! I will finish these fics before I die!


I'm going to be writing a GrimmIchi fic in the future, likely once I've made headway with my other fics, so please read and choose the one you think is most interesting :)

Choice 1: So we're finally together right. What do normal couples do? Sex. What does Ichigo want to do? Roadtrip.

Yes, an (in)famous plot where Ichigo decides they should go on a roadtrip in order to 'bond'...will be written less cracky then it sounds, probably humour/romance with a splash of angst to even out.

Choice 2: "Yes Rukia, as an artist I can appreciate that orange and blue are complimentary colours..but the fact that our hair colours match is not a valid reason for me and Grimmjow to have sex!"

Artist Ichigo has plagued me, so I figured, why not write one? And the above is true by the way, pointed out to me by a friend...their hair matches, therefore they must have sex. Logic no one can fault I'm sure (spoken as a true fangirl).

Choice 3: "What? Ichigo? Hotheaded prick from school? Working with kids?"

Who'd have thunk it? But yes, the mental images recieved from Ichigo working with small children is too good an opportunity to miss, and mix in one Grimmjow looking after younger cousin and you have a steamy GrimmIchi side salad.

Choice 4: "I'm an English teacher. I teach Shakespear. I do not like Grimmjow...he's a biology teacher for god's sake,"

Hmm, teacher fic, much more hot (and legal) then teacher student in my opinion. Staffroom flirting? Definitely. Desk sex? Most likely. Glasses? Oh yes. A feud between subjects in an ordinary highschool. With two rather hot men.

Choice 5: Grimmjow? Deranged magician. Ichigo? Unfortunate assistant. Blackmail was likely involved...

My GOD I want to write this. Has there been a magician!Grimm assistant!Ichi fic? Con art and magic a plenty in the cut throat world of magic as they compete to be classed as the best. Plus all the sexiness surrounding magic. Chains anyone? Ropes? Swords? ...skimpy costumes?

PLEASE VOTE>>> I'll probably write them all at some point, but I want to learn to PRIORITISE


Oh my, Last Resort has fanart:

It's by Suna Love and it is rather amazing if I say so myself :3 I think about it I should have gone for something more romantic sounding like 'the bridge' as a name...but hey I was excited. You should visit her deviantart as well:

And if your on deviantart, stop by and give me a comment? A wave? A hello? I'm new (well I say new, I've been on for a year, but only just started posting stuffs)

Yeah...that's enough pimping of the links today _

I'm light/raver

I'll be the first to admit I can be hypocritical. Of course I am. Everyone is at somepoint. I try not to be so much though. Of course I've been hypocritical. Years and years ago I hated the thought of being Completely different. I welcome it. I'd like to say don't judge me...but by writing this profile I'm asking to be judged. So go ahead, I don't mind. Your completely entitled to an opinion.

Age: 18.

I'm from England!! (scattered applause) where rain is a fashion accesory, recession is the new excuse for just about everything and our leaders spend our cash on buying moats instead of, ya know, important stuff like SAVING THE PLANET. But we can have sex at 16, drink at 18 and complain about just about everthing. So raise your teacups to England, the most stereotyped island in the world. And yeah I drink tea...but my teeth are perfectly straight (without braces)! ;) ...Plus England from Hetalia makes me feel oh so much more!


plur, yaoi, boys, eyeliner, hair dye, fun, mates, house parties, spin the bottle (oh yess), music, i-pod, fanfic, manga, drawing, glitter, glowsticks, concerts, mosh-pits, raves, glowstringing, dancing, DDR, in the groove, techno, spreading love for an unknown song, new bands, new music, keyboard, smoothie, cookie-shake, purple shorts, bright hair, plushies, happy books, moving books, pac-man, fatal frame, pink panther, love, old school, 90's, ultimate frisbee, spongebob, doodles, coffee, jellyfish, ellie-jellyfish, Ninja Mocca Glowstick Havok, Disney, Hammer Horror, Retro, flower power, nu-rave, shades, hello kitty, leg warmers, Tumbleweed, Acoustic, love, microkorg, synth, the electric triangle, painting, the 80's,


Hate, homophobes, racists, sexists, my french teacher, hypocrits, backstabbers, knives scratching on plates, wannabe gangsters, chavs, boy's who mess you up, force, no free will, slavery, hierarchy, flamers, people who start youtube 'battles', con dealers, a certain policeman, cheats, bad losers, people who start rumours, know-it-alls, people who view eg. Harry Potter as a religeon, people who look down on you, people who judge, my cousin, my uncle, my aunt, 11 year olds who act 16, people who argue on msn, finding out stuff about people you love you wish you'd never knew, liars, liars, liars, liars, relationships you end up hating...and you know it's your fault.

I say I hate bashing characters (and I's just insulting to the creator of those characters)...but I guess you could consider some of my fics 'character bashing'...I take the antagonist thing to a whole new least I show my love for them in my other fics. Sasuke may be evil in Last Resort, but he's pure win in Pretty Rave Boy.

Current stories:

I want to cry I really do. On rereading my fics the grammar, spelling and general plot...scares me. I want to scream 'what were you thinking?'. However I'd like to think I'm improving. So I'll continue with them. And keep on writing. Because you can only ever improve. And you can only improve with practise.

Pretty Rave Boy

It will be finished...don't give up on me...I have 4-5 chapters, maybe more (depending on how it pans out) planned's just getting round to typing them. This fic depresses me to be perfectly honest. I wrote in when I was fourteen (and had a strange obsession with '...' the dreaded ellipsis) . Obviously my writing style has chaned and (hopefully) matured. And now I think about it I could have portrayed the 'rave-scene' alot more realistically. A haze of ecstacy and fast paced music. Naruto I guess could have been more 'kandi-kid'. And I should have set it at the height of raving. The 90's. Old school raves. But I refuse to abandon it. I may re-write a more mature 'rave' fic afterwards though...we'll see...

Last Resort:

I feel inspired with this fic, so chapters will come randomly depending on how inspired I am at the time. It started out serious, but now it's become more humorous and sarcastic. I'm okay with that. Writing Gaara is so much More interesting this way.

Play The Tape:

I know I shouldn't I really shouldn't but yet again I have started a fic with no thought exept 'wow I love that pairing, let's contribute to the fandom'. But either way I think it should be a pretty good story, if slightly more angsty and serious then my other fics. This is going to be pretty epic...seriously...I've planned it and it's going to be rather long. Hopefully good also.


Naruto: SasuxNaru (hawt), GaaxNaru (hawter!), NejiNaru ,kibaxHina (side pairing), kakxIru, everyonexNaru

Death Note: L x Raito/Light

Gravitation: YukiShui

Tactics: (if you haven't heard of it WATCH IT!!)HaruKan (¬_¬ its practically canon)

Legal Drug: RikuoKaza

Inuyasha: InuKago, SessInu (brotherly fics not yaoi...incest just makes me think of my sister ¬_¬)

+Anima: no pairings, just love it!!...although I am quite partial to a bit of Cooro!angst

Kingdom Hearts: Riku x Sora, Axel x Roxas, XigxDem, Zemyx, XalxDem

DNangel, DarkxDai (cute!) SatoxDai

Bleach: RenxIchi (cute!), GrimmxIchi (OTP), HichiIchi, KenIchi (what can I say I'm a uke!ichi fan), NnoitraxIchigo (I've been converted by this amazing fic: Resurrection by BonneNuit )

Gakuen Heaven: KazukixKeita...(are meant to it, you'll see what I mean;)

Hitman Reborn!! (so funny XD) Gokuxtsuna...(his 'right-hand-man obsession' about everyonexTsuna

Fake: DeeRyo, DrakeJJ

Getbackers: BanGinji, AkabanexGinji

Harry Potter (don't kill me), SBRL(siruisxremus), SSRL (what can I say I love uke!RL they have 'uke' in the HP fandom? 0.o ...I like him on the bottom _)

Saiyuki: SanzoxGoku, HakkaixGoku, GojyoxHakkai, GojyoxGoku (looks like Goku's gettingthe most fun here hehe)

Eyeshield21(watch it!!), HiruxSena, JyuuxSena (my favourite eyeshield pairing), ShinxSena, RikuxSena, AgonxSena

Onepiece:(manga) ZoxLu

Hetalia: GermanyxItaly, USXUK/AmericaxEngland ...and I can't help but just want to hug Canada

Manga I rec that you may not have heard of:

Psyren...It is amazing (and, I think rather slashable)

The Breaker (also slashable...and just plain awesome)


Koi Cha no Osahu (or Tea for Two in English) it.

Menkui...what can I say? Two words? Okay. Read it...

just about anything by Yaya Sakuragi.

Crave-the-rave v's the Dreaded Ellipsis

For some strange reason, through out my first fic and the first chapter of my second I deemed it correct to write sentences as such:

Naruto opened the was square...strangely so...what could he do?...Well...

(Just to note the above sentence is not in my fics, that would be considered strange)

I don't know why I wrote like this. It just happened. I'm trying to improve on it, but still it haunts me. Don't ask why I've added this to my profile. It is to remind me that...this is not...well...correct...grammer?


Future Fics:

JyuuSena: I love this pairing so much so I kind of NEED to write one. It'll probably be just a really long long shot

Shinsena: Too small a fandom, though this may be a while though as I'm going to make it decently lengthed and multi-chapter, so probably when my other fics are finished.

SeiferXHayner: He had a bathroom door for a mother, a tie for a father and a skateboard for a friend. Oh and there was that freak in a hat, but he's not important.

HichiIchi: Sick Freak? I resent that. Freak I am, but sick I ain't. I'm perfectly healthy, head or otherwise.

AIM: to write a fanfic on all of my favourite pairings.

Quotes. Just to be original. It's not like eveyone has one of these on their profiles right? Well, if they are, they are blatantly copying my genius.

"Let's just make sure I fully comprehend the cursed a hat? that even possible?!?" -

"You can't leave footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave buttprints in the sands of time?"-Bob Moawad

"The only time I go when I go down-town" said in complete seriousness by AJ

"wow...that's so alliterary"

A beautiful conversation between me and my friend which has been forced upon my profile for no apparant reason:

Friend: "You want some advice my hard-rocking-amigo?"

Me: "Erm...okay then you sad-Tenacious-D-wannabe,"

Friend: "I'll pretend you didn't say that...look here's my advice: make like the eighties...just say no"

Me: "...and?"

Friend: "What?"

Me: "Did it work? Making like the eighties?"

Friend: ","

Me: " frighten me,"

Friend: "Yes fear...masking great desires never to be unearthed!,"

Me: "No...just the ordinary fear..."

"Please don't hang yourself, it'll ruin my holiday," my oh-so-caring sister

"if you drop cheese in yogurt...does it count as incest?" the same sister

"Life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life, so let's have the time of our lives and get wasted," my sister said it was her, but I doubt her brain could deal with that many consonants.


Bands I like in the order of my ipod : if you know or like ALL of the bands have a virtual cookie for varying taste and no I'm not amazingly sad...I copy and paste from the list I did ages ago when I was at the ultimate levels of boredom. I add to it now and again.

Abington Boy's School, AC/DC, Adele Adkins, AFI, Aiden,Akeboshi, Alesha Dixon, Alexisonfire, Alice Deejay, Alien Ant Farm, The All American Rejects, Alphabeat, Alvin and the Chipmunks (lol), Amy Winehouse, Andrea Bocelli, Apocalyptica, Aqua, Artic Monkeys, Ashlee Simpson, ATB, ATC, Athlete, Atreyu, The Automatic, Automatic Loveletter, Avenged Sevenfold, Avril Lavigne B-Witched, Babylon Zoo, Back-on, Bambee, Basshunter, Bats For Lashes, The Beatles, Beyonce, Biffy Clyro, Billy Talent, The Birthday Massacre, Blackrose Garden, The Blackeyes Peas, Blaqk Audio, Blink 182, Bloc Party, Blondie, Blood Red Shoes, The Bloodhound Gang, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Bomfunk MC, Bon Iver, Bowling for Soup, Boy Kill Boy, The Boy Least Likely To, The Bravery, Breath Carolina, Breeze and Styles, Britney Spears (come on...if you seek amy is catchy yeah?, Brookville, Bubbles, Bullet For My Valentine, Butterfly Boucher, Buzzcocks, C.G Mix, Cage The Elephant, Caramell, The Cardigans, Carolina Liar, Cartel, Cascada, Cher, Chevelle, Circa Survive, City Sleeps, The Clash, Coheed and Cambria. Coldplay, Cornershop, Counting Crows, Crystal Castles, Cute is What We Aim For, Da Rude, Daft Punk, Dancebangerz! Productions, The Dangerous Summer, Daphne Loves Derby, The Darkness, Dave McCullen, A Day To Remember, Dead Kids, Des'ree, Destroyer, Dht, Discocrew, Disturbed, DJ Cammy, DJ Carpi, DJ Roine, DJ S3RL, DJ Satomi, DJ Splash, DJ Ziktus, Dresden Dolls, Druken Monkey, Duffy, E-Type, Eels, Eifel 65, Elbow, Electric-Light-Orchastra, Elliot Smith, Embrace, Hybrid, Enter Shikari, Enya, Eric Prydz, Eurythmics, Evanescence, Faithless, Fall Out Boy, Federal Drugs Administration, Feeder, The Feeling, Fightstar, Filo and Peri, Filthy Dukes, Fiona Apple, Flo Rida, Flobots, Flyleaf, Frankmusik, The Fratellis, Freezepop, Friendly Fires, Frou Frou, Funeral For A Friend, Gackt, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, The Ghost Frequency, A Girl Called Kate, Girls Aloud, Goo Goo Dolls, Good Charlotte, Gorillaz, Gravity Circus, Greenday, Groove Coverage, Gruff Rhys, Guillemots, Guru Josh Project, Gym Class Heroes, Hadouken!, Heart, Heavens, Hedley, Hellogoodbye, The Holloways, Hollywood Undead, The Hoosiers, HorrorPops, Hot Butter, Hot Chip, I Am Ghost, I Hate Kate, Ida Maria, Iglu and Hartly, IllNino, Imogen Heap, Infected Mushroom, Innerpartysystem, Interphace, Jack's Mannequin, James Morrison, James Newton Howard, Jason Mraz, Jem, John Mayer, Jordin Sparks, Judy Kuhn, Just Jack, JUSTICE, Kaiser Chiefs, Kansas, Kasabian, Kate Bush, Kate Nash, Kate Ryan Spain, Katrina and the Waves, Katy Perry, Keane, Kill Hannah, Kill Paradise, King Adora, Klaxons, KoRn, L'Arc En Ciel, La Roux, Lady GaGa, The Last Shadow Puppets, Laura Marling, Libera, Lily Allen, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Lipps Inc, Lisa Mitchell, Lordi, Mae, Manic Street Preachers, Marc Halls, Marilyn Manson, Mark Ronson, Maroon 5, Matchbook Romance, Maximo Park, MC Hammer, MC Lita, The Medic Droid, Metro Station, Mew, Mexico Falls, MGMT, Michael Andrews, Mika, Milk and Sugar, Mint Royale, Missing Heart, Monkey, My Chemical Romance, Mythg Of Unity, NDubz, Natasha Bedingfield, Nathan Lane, Ne-Yo, Nerina Pallot, Nicksaur!, Nightcore, Nightwish, Nina Deejay's United, Nina Goddess Of Dance, Nirvana, No Regret Life, O-Zone, One Republic, October Fall, Orson, Otsula Ai, Outkast, Over The Rhine, Owl City, P.O.D, Panic! At The Disco (when they had the !), Papa Roach, Paramore, Partyshank, Pendulum (vs Freestlers), Perfume, Pete Yorn, The Pigeon Detectives, Pink, Placebo, Plain White T's, Porcelain and The Tramps, The Posies, The Prodigy,Pull Tiger Tail, Pussycat Dolls, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Raconteurs, Ram Trilogy, The Rasmus, Rave Allstars, Razorlight, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Rediscover, Rennard, Rie Fue, Rihanna, Rise Against, Robots in Dusguise, A Rocket To The Moon, Rubicks, Rufus Wainright, Saosin, Sara Bareilles, The Saturdays, Scarf!, Scissor Sisters, Scooter, Scotty Vanity, The Script, Secondhand Seronade, Seether, Serj Tankian, Shiny Toy Guns, Silverchair, Silverstein, Skillet, Skindred, Slipknot, Smash Mouth, Soko, The Sounds, Spacekats, Spectrum 7, Spongebob (lol), SR-71 Still Remains, Stunt, Sun_Focus, The Subways, Suga Shikao, Sugarcult, Sum 41, Superchick, Swimming With Dolphins, System Of A Down, T.M Revolution, Take That, Take That Crown, TaTu, Temposhark, Terra, They Might Be Giants, Third Eye Blind, A Thorn for Every Heart, Three Days Grace, Thrice, Tokio Hotel, Trapt, Travis, Tribal Ink, Tune!Up, U2, Ultrabeat, Ultraviolet Sound, The Upper Room, The Used, Vampire Weekend, Vertical Horizon, The Verve, Vienna Teng, We Are The Ocean, Weezer, White Lies, Yellowcard, You Me At Six, Zebrahead, Zonebreaker, 3 Doors Down, 30 Seconds to Mars, 303DIDTHISTOME, 36Crazyfists, Crazy Ravers, Queen, The Police, A Ha

There's more but I can't be bothered to add them (they're mainly DJ's with weird names like 'DJ Squibble' or something ¬_¬ ...why not pick a normal name? Liker...DJ Shutthafawkup.That would work _)

FILMS I found emotionally hard to watch but braved the elements, watched them and ended up crying: (sad I know. You can tell I'm getting bored now :3And if you're reading this so are you. Come, join me in my boredom (pats log by campfire and pulls out super-awesome-campfire-song-guitar)

Brokeback mountain (I'm sorry but Heath at the sad especially since he's now gone and it's the other way round...R.I.P)

Shawshank Redemption (The old man who leaves prison...)

66 (my eyes watered I couldn't help it)

Wilbur Want's To Kill Himself (surely the title is depressing enough? No. Watching Wilbur slit his wrists hang himself then get it on with his dying brother's wife if depressing, yet I still loved him)

see it's like this...

If your wondering why my stories aren't upating very often it's like this...I have exams literally this entire year and I need to decide which A level courses I'm taking and where I'm going to 6th form.

Also, I'm having a hellova lotta issues at the moment and my councilor is trying to help me 'battle my anxiety'...basically I have to get on a bus alone without's not good when you walk into town and burst into tears...

Just thought I'd let you know (if your reading this) why I'm not updating as often as I now I really should.

On medication now. It's working pretty well. Shame I was messed round by my last relationship. Screwed me up.

MY POLICY ON I sound so official _

I add fics to my alerts alot, but not to my favourites or favourite author, because there's so many fics I've read and LOVED (i read them before I had an account) that it wouldtake me ages to find them all and add them...and (I don't know why) but my twisted logic is that if I add a fic to my favourites then I'll have to add all of the ones I like, and thats ALOT! I love so many amazing fics. So If I review to a fic, consider it like I've favourited it and stuff...yeah. I might add some when i have the time, maybe over a period of time...



And if you can answer the question: Why do none of the fics I add to my community show up? I will love you forever if you answer me :3

I don't normally cut and paste (It makes for a very conformed profile) but it's to honour so what the heck.

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´~pass the ribbon around if you know someone that has survived, DIED, or is living with cancer. Yeah...bad times...

Please read my fics. I will love you

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