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Hello, Silly humans

My name is Adama and i'm 15 Years old.

I enjoy writing and reading which is why I'm on the site.

I love to play the piano and I love to play Football and Softball so anyone want to challenge me...BRING IT ON

Im a harry potter fein but dont use that against me, I can still kick your

I have a lovely sense of humor and im very out-going and sweet. I just recently started reading the twilight fanfictions and i really really like them. I'm attempting to write my own story so make such to keep a look out for it.

I've started it and I dont know how i'm gonna do every part but here's a quick summery, just to give to a feel on what the stary is going to be's a long staory, not a one-shot so you will be reading for a while and I promise to keep you interested


Bella's Mom sends her away to a boarding school where she has the mishap of having to share a room with popular, arrogant, edward cullen. Edward is the most popular and sexy guy at East Coast Academy. He's captain of the Football team and can get any girl he wants. except bad-ass Bella. Bella's knows his type and is determined not to fall for him. she has this plan to help edward see girls in a different way...on the way, she may have to destroy the evil bitches of the school..Tanya, Lauren, and Jessica.

P.S. this is not your average clumsy bella...this is a confident, cocky, bad-ass bella that takes shit from no-one...i know how much you guys love drama so just to let you know...theres gonna be a lot of drama between bella and those bitches...good news, bella's ready to fight back and she good at it.--all human

End Summary:

I want you guys to know some things about me

1. I love to Skateboard

2. Skinny jeans are my favorite types of jeans

3. I love to sing and play the piano

4. My favorite colors are green and black

5. I love to read

6. I'm a HUGE nerd

7. I love to use words like "Awsome, Dude, and Major Suckage"

8. My favorite movies are beauty and the Beast and Hercules

9. I'm all for going green (save the planet)

10. I hate close minded people

11. My imagination is so big, sometimes I scare myself

12. I want to explore the world

13. Death is an interesting topic

I know, I'm weird but I love being weird. I love being different. I love being me.


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