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UPDATE!!: news people! I finally have my own internet connection!! -throws confetti around like a mad man-

mysterious lady: -clears throat-

me: eerrr fine, we have our own internet connection

mysterious lady: good -walks out of room-

me: bye ma. -clears throat- so anyways where were we? oh yes throwing confetti

Kai: oi you still have news

me: oh, right -sulks- unfortunately we'll be going to another country for vacation and I know that there's no net there -sulks even more-

Kishio: the good part about that?

me: oh yes i remember, if i did manage to return expect a barrage of updates in my stories and maybe a few one-shots too. below this piece of text there will be a portion describing what stories I would update and a few drafts of upcoming one shots. please stay patient until then

Kenosu: aaaand?

me: I'll try to update there in that particular country, but, we best not count on that too much

Kenosu: and then another bad news

me: -sulks again- my beloved laptop that I named Delle has crashed again and again since the past month and we're leaving in April 13, damn it!


This profile is rated-t for curse words

everything you know about me in going to change . . . if I got the time

Here’s an explanation to my fics:

Not Used to Being Alone: ah here I go again hmm this is a story of Kaoru and Hikaru and how Kaoru grows envious of Haruhi and his brother’s relationship, and he thinks that Hikaru is better of without him because he managed to forget about him when in the presence of the girl. Enough said he decided to let him go to be free of the burden of him by his side waiting to be noticed, he didn’t know that he still will be followed. What a dramatic summary –sigh- finished?

My Problem: this, my friends, is an exaggeration of my original problem . . . sorry if ya thought I some sort of abused fledgling but it's okay if you pity me FINISHED!!

Hidden Members: half au and half of what’s in the anime OOC-ness and a few of my OCs including Kai. A bit of yaoi, maybe there will be yuri but I think not and hetero and subtle hints of this and that –evil smirk- yes the renovations are finally done but no one reads it . . . hmm I don’t really care I love posting this shit FINISHED!!

Inside Black Wings: this began a few weeks after the anime’s ending. It features Krad and Dark inside the artwork and are currently loosing their sanity with Akeno Tetsu (yes yes I know that’s my account name in Crunchy roll) and black wings itself making the situation worse. It was about to become rated M because of a certain blond but thanks (or no thanks) to Akeno it has been prevented although I don’t know if it can stay that way. And I think it’s nearing its end I already have the ending pinned to my mind but the scene before that is coming slow FINISHED!

Blood is Thicker than Water: okay it is very much of an AU let me tell you these: Daisuke is a vampire who is currently under the care of Satoshi, Satoshi is a magic user/hospital heir (that’s why he was able to supply Daisuke with blood), Krad believes in everything that is supernatural but he is currently addicted to finding vampires, well he has his own reasons and Dark is his best friend/rival that has a hidden something in him. Riku and Risa are twin demons and are very attentive and always observing anyone that has caught their interest, Riku cares for Risa and vice versa they go everywhere together and are rarely seen apart. Hio Mio is a very mysterious girl and her past is a little odd she got Takeshi and the reason will be revealed some chapter later, Takeshi is currently brain-washed that’s all I know about him . . . seriously. And wiz . . . wiz is still the adorable and fluffy bunny but in this case he’s talking. And the most important character cue the drumroll, dun dun dun DUN you!! Ussu, you are very mischievous and you like to play pranks and very curious but still you are the one whose gonna link them together and that’s revealing too much haha . . . I’ll be needing ideas here

as stated in the update above this is where I'm gonna tell ya about the upcoming shtuffs:

Blood is Thicker than Water: new chapters and maybe the ending.

No, I have not abandoned this fic, I simply ran out of ideas. but then one day I reread all of your reviews and I instantly felt inspiration pouring into my brain, I never even realized this but it was the most alerted story in my arsenal and I made a pact with a certain someone that I will definitely finish it. We even did our own little version of the pinky promise that was way more morbid that the Japanese version.

By The Way: they only need two more artifacts.

Fun Fact: this story is made up of three different plots I have for three different stories. The stories didn't work out and soon I noticed that they fit together perfectly

Of Coffees and Cakes: this is a one-shot sequel to Inside Black Wings (IBW) and the first from a (hopefully) series.

As I told you in the last chapter of IBW I'm planning to make a sequel but the fact that my mind crashed due to exams which led to me almost failing in each and everyone of my subjects, tend to stress the brain at some point that all you can do is to sulk in a corner and attempt suicide. This starts exactly the day after the last chapter and revolves around the 'Midnight Wings' and the new life of the Mousy Twins and the secret that they hide from their little group. will they finally reveal it?

By The Way: if your interested in making this a full fledged shonen ai (or yaoi) story, vote for the pairings that you want to see, up there in that poll which says "Which Paring Would You Like To See in My D.N.Angel Series-of-one-shots?" go on . . .I'll wait right here. oh yeah i almost forgot, please don't make me right a love triangle, if I do this series that's supposed to be fun would turn into and angsty dramatic piece.

Fun Fact: IBW is the first multi-chaptered fic I have ever finished in my whole nine lives. And this one-shot is inspired by all the reviewers from IBW (I was, once again, rereading the reviews) so I'm gonna dedicate this one-shot to all of you, I guess I'll list all your pennames at the ending credits because I AM SO THANKFUL!!

All Your Fault: one added chapter.

When I reread this particular story I couldn't help but to scratch my head and say "This needs more detail" right after "I need another mug of coffee" so I cooked up a plot that would explain all the w's I have stuck in my head. Some of these were: Why does Kaila frequently harass Shanne? What were the voices Shanne hears in her head? Does (technically not a 'w') Shanne know about Chance's unflinching love? What made Shanne paranoid? and some others I couldn't remember.

By The Way: I will also include another extra chapter focusing on the extra characters, Nikki and the twins June and July. Every one of them would have a short story about their lives.

Fun Fact: I started making this story after skipping the flag ceremony, I didn't stop working on it until dismissal and I was still not finished. In short I had to hide under my desk and type all day paying little to no attention to what my teachers were saying and still not finish it.

My Problem: I will rewrite it! and it is done!

when I first typed this story down I was fuming and raging in my room,I edited it a little and posted it immediately and then went to sleep. a few months later when I reread it I was shocked to find a depressing story of some-sorts with buckets load of drama and a ton of grammatical errors. then I read a review telling me that if I rewrote it, it would be so much better . . . I ignored it and then a few more months later as I was (again) rereading reviews I stared at that particular comment and blinked stupidly. I then thanked the reviewer and got to work.

By The Way: the making of this fic came very randomly. It was very different from the other stress relief methods I usually do, which is writing the word DIE! in bold format and extensive overuse of the exclamation point with jagged red and black marks on a huge cardboard until my arm gave out, I will then post this on my bedroom wall. When I realized who Naruto's supposed family were I couldn't help laughing

Fun Fact: the first unedited version of this contained Shino inside the train and Naruto staring at him for almost three lines.

Not Used To Being Alone: another extra chapter

I wonder why I couldn't let go of this plot. I've edited it a couple of times, I even rewrote it. So why, in the name of everything colorful and shiny, do I still hang from this plot? Why, because of the general lack of details of course! I received reviews that if out together, would translate into one small question, which is "what the hell just happened?!" I answered them (I think) with a long and professional reply "the fact that this story has a blatant lack of details concerning the main plot is for the readers to actually contribute to the plot itself. the readers could add certain details that would allow them to play the story according to their own bidding, thus it exercises the reader's imaginative sense of judgement" (I gotta admit, that didn't make any sense for me) of course after all that I cracked and told the readers that I don't know what happened since, after all, this plot came to me in a whim. Now I finally pieced together a solid enough (hopefully) background for this plot. and if you, readers, don't agree or have something else in mind, you can pm me your versions and we'll compile it until it becomes a huge snowball rolling down the mountain of insanity . . . I'm serious

By The Way: this chapter is from the P.O.V. of s certain brunette who, despite her obvious naivite, know's more about the twins' relationship that they ever could know. She watched from the day when they started to drift away from each other, to the day which turned their lives into hell. More of a summary, no?

Fun Fact: this is the first one-shot I wrote, finished and posted! and believe me when I finished and reread it there was so many grammatical and spelling errors that it brought tears from my eyes, half for laughing insanely and the other half because of sadness thinking that I was the one who wrote it.

I could also slip a few one-shots if I manage to make any . . . well wish me luck

you could also visit my account in fiction press, morbidity-is-a-gift (yes, yes with the dashes). although there's nothing there right now because its fairly brand new

I also need to fix a few things before I could possibly post something, and that includes a story request of a friend of mine (Haunted High) that was supposed to be a one-shot but it evolved into this huge 20,000 word beast that's still continuing to grow.

special portion:

word of the day: reread

comment for current profile: holy hell! glad that was over, due to a freak system lag I had to retype the "as stated in the update above this is where I'm gonna tell ya about the upcoming shtuffs" portion tree times. now my hand hurts and I could almost memorize that whole portion

I hope you would all be patient, I'll make it worth your wait

OH MY HAPPENSTANCE!!! IT'S 2011 ALREADY AND NONE (well almost) OF MY PROJECTS CAME THROUGH!!! there is a perfectly good explanation for all of this. See, my senior years are riding me down!!! I need to study (despite not doing so in the past few years) for everything now. I never knew that I needed this much knowledge just to be successful in life (even though I never would care if only my parents didn't). So I apologize profusely unless I lost all my readers, in that case I don't have to apologize at all . . . See ya

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