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Ohayo Kaizer kun here finally got my new computer so now I can type my Bio (Its name is Spii)

Slowly but surely Ill be updating my fics They will all probably relate to Ken and his psychosis with that I am obsessional so thankyou to all those who take the time to read my fics and a huge one to all those who review I now have Dial up connection so now my appreciation has tripled keep sending them in I treasure them all happy reading Kaizer Kun

Oh and if I havent been updating fics for a long period of time and want to know if im dead go on my livejournal my health hazard of a life is on there just click the homepage thingie.


Its been awhile a long while of procrastinations but ive finally posted something im proud lol


I shall keep updating if it kills me im sorry for the hold up but as soon as I try to finish one fic I start writing another then not finishing that one and having another idea and going on with that it extremely frustrating and im sorry for the hold up im going to be posting most of my more adult themed fic on media miner so just click the home page button.

Kaizer kun


Well ive almost got them ready to post but not quite

Whats the right thing to say? new chapter is almost finished

Im also doing a profile on Kens metalkoromon on my live journal and its possible evolutions so that should be up soon just click on the web page button thing.

and these are the newest soon to be additions

Breathe into me:KouKou song fic

I can make you crazy:Kai/Ken going to be rated M for obvious reasons

Matching: another KouKou though im still deciding whether its worth posting

Oh Brother my brother: KouKou Rating M still needs to be heavily edited but I think it'll be ok...

In myself I trust: Ken fic based around the relationship Ken has with the Kaizer cant be all bad can it? evil grins


Well its time to update the Bio I think Bleh Im bad at this crap lol

whats new lets see working on a new chap of whats the right thing to say

whats doing somer saults in my mind as far as plots concerned. Im working on a new fic also called

In myself I trust which is going to be Ken/Kaizer I swore to myself I would write one... Sweat drops must keep mind in order and possibly thinking of doing a sequel to the Kensuke with kiddies one lol.

And maybe after ive finished all that I'll do some Kou/kou Evil smirks

Songs I recently obsess with.

Marilyn manson mob scene plus others

Evansblue beg

Breaking benjamin sugar coat

Kutless more than it seems

Kornfreak on a leash An old favourite lol that an all day I dream about sex lol

bullet for my valentine

Depeche mode enjoy the silence

And many others but Im too lazy to type lok forward to hopefully many updates

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