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I am an old scifi fan.Old enough to have seen the evolution of it over several decades. From the Saturday night Creature Features and The World Beyond, to the original Star trek and Battlestar Galactica. I have watched everything from the sublime,(Forbidden Planet,) to the ridiculous,(Plan Nine from Outer Space,). And on some level I've enjoyed them all. I have a blog on which I display my other offerings to the public that I have written and published through my publishing company Divine Destinies and ecstasy publishing. The listing can be found at divine under the my name Alexander Dregon. My goal is to let people know that I exist and to provide them with an even better version of the stories you find here. My books are what I like in Sci fi, not commercialized versions of the latest fad. Most of my stories reflect my love of the space opera, similar to the ones I have written here about Babylon Five. While I have written one Vampire Story, my Vampire are not mythical creatures, but rather mutations of unknown origins. IF the book should become successful, there were several episode of this nature waiting in the wings but give the limited success so far, it looks doubtful at the moment. Others have had more moderate success but alas, I shall not be quitting my day job anytime soon.