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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter.

Master List of My Stories:

(Such a long list *sarcastic eye roll*)

Overprotective Gits: What happens when the Weasley Brothers confront Harry about his relationship with their little sister?

The Game of Truth: How did the Weasley family find out about Harry and Ginny's relationship? Secrets are revealed and relationships are uncovered in a simple game of truth.

A Different Life: The results of Halloween of 1981 were different this time. James and Lily lived and Voldemort was vanquished. Harry has siblings and grandparents and friends and a loving home. What happens now? James/Lily, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/Marlene, Remus/Tonks,

Hold On: Ginny, unable to sleep, finds Harry in the living room the night he arrived at the Burrow. DH One-shot. Slightly AU.

Updated: Monday, 18th October 2021

To my first ever critic,

I can't answer you in private since you posted a guest review so I'll just write my response here though I doubt you are ever going to read it. Firstly, thank you for being honest. I appreciate your thoughts and will keep them in mind going forward.

About the clichés, i actually just read a post on Tumblr that said there is no such thing as clichés in writing which I believe. I am not going to stop myself from writing down an idea that I had before I started reading fanfiction just because other people had that idea too. Sometimes, the same old thing gets boring which is when the author's personal style enters.

Secondly, about the childish bashing, I suppose that makes sense considering I am just a teenager (under fifteen). And yes, I do have business being here and writing. If I don't write and earn reviews from people other than my family then i'm never going to improve.

I have no idea what 500 Galleons you are talking about. I scanned my Ch 1 (since I don't think you read any other chapter) many times but I have no idea what you're talking about. The Grey Brotherhood is something I created myself and I can see why you find it stupid. I don't which is why I'm keeping it. The Order of the Phoenix did nothing in the fifth book except guard the prophecy and Harry.

About the evil evil Dumbledore, I mention several times in my notes that he's not evil, just has an overinflated ego and believes himself to know the best about everyone and everything.

I don't believe that canon closeness is necessary for a good story. If I do apply canon closeness, then what is the point of fanfiction? Just go read the original book if you want to. The only thing I think needs canon closeness is the personality of characters which can also change depending on the way you change the events that happen around them.

Creativity...well, I suppose then the review I got a few weeks ago commenting on my creativity is false? But, I suppose everyone has their own views and opinions and you are entitled to yours. Thank you for taking the time to read the chapter and expressing your views about it. I appreciate it immensely.



Updated: Saturday, 4th September 2021

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Updated: Monday, 28th June 2021

Some of you might be wondering where all your favourites and follows went. The thing is I deleted A Different Life. I was having problems with that file, I know most of you would have noticed that when you receive the notification it said ch 4, despite the fact it was Ch 2.

The only thing I regret is all my follows, hearts and reviews so I was hoping maybe you guys could do it again??

Thank you.



Updated: Sunday, 30th May 2021

I have started writing a rewrite of "Life with the Potter's". It's alot different with a slightly different plot, new enemies, new friends and a whole other things. It's different from the previous version and please save your judgement till after you read it.

The only problem is that I am almost done with the first chapter and the third chapter, and the second chapter is only a quarter through. The rest, I have already planned out but I don't have the time to write since I have my end of year exams in fifteen days. I will start writing after those exams and that will be around 20th June.

Thank you for sticking with me.



Written: 14th April 2021

Hello, my name is Maryam (last name is confidential). I am just a small thirteen year old girl who read fanfiction for more than two years till her head was bursting with ideas so she decided to make her own fanfiction account. if you like my stories, then there are a few things you have to know about me...

I don't have a schedule. I am so sorry for that but I sometimes even forget that I have a fanfiction account. I will try my best to create some sort of a pattern for my uploading schedule but it might be a while. I have been procrastinating for the past month and I need to catch up on all my school work.

I love Harry/Ginny. I absolutely hate these characters with anyone else, especially Draco Malfoy. I hate Ginny with Malfoy because I feel like that is the absolute worst thing you can do for Harry (poor him!) I might tolerate drarry but I say might because for some reason, I think Harry would be straight. I love Harry with Ginny and I feel like they are perfect with each other. Unlike Ron and Hermione who are opposites, Harry and Ginny are fairly similar. They both love Quidditch, both have a sense of humour, both are passionate about the things they love and have horrible tempers.

Harry/Ginny used to be the only pairing I ever considered but lately I have been reading fanfiction about Harry/Daphne. I seem to like this pairing and I think this will be the only pairing I can handle other than my favorite Harry/Ginny. I like the fact that a typical Gryffindor fell in love with the Ice Queen of Slytherin. Their relationship is probably going to be full of sarcastic remarks and things like this.

I love Ron/Hermione. most people would disagree with me on this but I feel like they complement each other. There is a saying that goes "opposites attract" and I guess it is true in this case. Some people might say that they have very little common ground with each other and I agree but that's what makes their relationship so wonderful. Hermione is studious and logical, and a stickler for rules so she needs Ron to get her to relax and enjoy life. Ron is a bit lazy and likes to have fun and is fairly laid back so he needs Hermione to get him to realize that rules aren't always bad. He needs the motivation to mature that Hermione provides.

I sometimes feel like people make him too immature or overprotective of Ginny. I firmly believe he is not like that. That's not to say that there aren't qualities of him that I find annoying and that I don't enjoy Ron bashing. I do, and if you have a problem with it, then it's not my concern.

I don't mind Dramione but that only happened after I read a story called "Sour Grapes". It showed another side of Draco and didn't portray Ron in a bad light. I also like the brother ship between Harry and Draco. it was amazing and fun to read. Try it! I like good!Draco stories because I fell like Draco is such an undiscovered character.

I used to hate Draco Malfoy with every fibre of my being till I read a story in which Harry is a Ravenclaw and Draco is a Slytherin but one of his best friends. I love the idea of Draco and Harry being best friends. I don't support drarry but I think they could be good friends to each other. I am writing a story that would portray thri friendship at the moment.

I hate the CURSED CHILD. It's absolutely horrible and weird and disgusting and NOT CANON! Harry, the lost boy in the cupboard under the staircase, who deperately wants love, will be as heartless to say that he wished his son was never born? And what kind of a son is Albus? I hate that no one focuses on the fact that he said Harry wasn't his dad first. Or is it forgivable because he's going through the 'teenage phase' and it's also acceptable for him to have ruined the blanket that was the only thing Harry had of his mother?

And all that time turner nonsense is weird and makes absolutely no sense. And Hermione, the brightest witch of her age, would hide a time turner in a book?? Which is probably the first place anyone would check, knowing her.

What else...

I love Sirius and Remus. They are one of my absolute favorite characters and there is one author whose stories I absolutely love but she doesn't like Remus and he is not usually portrayed in a good light. He is not bashed but he is shown as if he failed Harry. I don't think so.

For those of you who say that he never checked up on Harry when he was in Privet Drive, even though he was his best friends son, we don't know that for sure. For all we know, he went to Privet Drive but got the door slammed in his face. Maybe Petunia said that she wanted Harry to grow up normal which meant that Remus couldn't visit him nor write letters because he was to grow cut off from the wizarding world. There was nothing he could do since he was a werewolf and couldn't fight for Harry.

There is also a lot I can say for Sirius. I feel like he loved Harry even if he wasn't able to show it. I don't like that in the fifth book, Mrs Weasley said that Sirius was irresponsible and thought Harry was James. I think people like Mrs Weasley and Hermione underestimate him and think of him with regards to his past. He lost his best friends, went to Azkaban for 12 years, that is bound to make anyone grow up, I mean, come on...

He had issues when he was at Grimmauld Place, he probably would have needed therapy but he couldn't as he was still considered as guilty. How can you expect him to take care of someone else when he could not let go of his past? He should not drink like he does in fifth book and could have given Harry the mirror earlier before he left for Hogwarts but I feel that he truly cared for Harry and was happy that he died protecting his godson.

That was hardly a few things but I guess I got carried away...

I have many ideas, I think if I wrote all of them, I would end up with around 25 stories or so but therein lies the problem. I have to write them and I am not a superhuman. I can't write all of them at once. It will probably be years before I can finish all of them because they are ideas that take planning and are long stories. I am currently working on a third one... it is sent to my beta and she hasn't replied yet. I just got a beta actually. I have never written a story that is beta-read so that explains. any weirdness or stupidness that you find in the stories and chapters I have already posted.

My favourite relationships are:

Harry/Ginny: I don't think I need to explain this anymore than I did, right?

James/Lily: Why do people like to pair James with Regulus so much when him and Lily are perfect together?

Remus/Tonks: Tonks dating Harry makes absolutely no sense. I believe the quiet scholar is perfect for the fun, bubbly Tonks, especially when his mischievous Marauder side peeks out.

Sirius/Marlene: Unfortunately, both of them died so we never get to explore this. Sirius and Marlene is kind of like my headcanon. Ugghhh, I love them!

Ron/Hermione: Like I said earlier, do I need to explain this anymore than I did?

Bill/Fleur: Rugged and handsome with the cold and beautiful. Need I elaborate?

George/Angelina: The mischievous relationship. Both of them are so similar to each other (my headcanon) that I think they are perfect. Fred and Angelina just doesn't hit me the way this does.

Lucius/Narcissa: Cold? As ice. Cruel? Absolutely. Arrogant? Indeed. Heartless? I don't think so. I believe, whatever faults they had, the Malfoy family was devoted to each other.

Draco/Astoria: Yes, PLEASE!

Some of my favourite fics include:

1. A Second Chance: Sirius is freed after four years and he rescues Harry from the Dursleys. He and Remus raise Harry together. No bashing. Harry/Ginny (In progress)

2. The Commoner Queen: Harry is the Prince of Wales and Ginny is a commoner. This is a typical forbidden love story. The only thing I don't like is how Harry is portrayed sometimes... (Complete)

3. Harry Potter In The Claw Of The Raven: This is the first story of a four part series. Harry is a Ravenclaw and best friends with Draco Malfoy. Harry is more studious than brave. Harry is also betrothed, just a warning to those who don't like that sort of stories. Harry/Daphne good!Malfoys. Dumbledore and Hermione/Ron bashing. (Complete)

4. Taking Control: Harry gets visits from Sirius in his dreams after the DoM incident who helps him train and become stronger. Harry/Ginny. Slight Dumbledore and Ron/Hermione bashing. (Complete) The only problem I have with this is that it's sequel "Free Life" has been abandoned. However, another author started writing a sequel named "Prevailing Counterpart" to this story. I haven't read it but you can go ahead and try it.

5. Taking Control (daily-chan): Sirius storms into the castle as a fugitive when he hears rumours that Harry has been the subject of a Blood Quill. Part of A Bond of Family series. Dumbledore bashing. No pairing (Complete) I love the way Sirius is portrayed in this story. He cares so much about his godson!! And some people forget about Remus, glad this author doesn't!

6. Guardian: A Sirius-takes-charge story. Sirius takes charge of Harry and trains him to defeat Voldemort. Dumbledore, Molly, Ron/Hermione bashing. (Abandoned) The only complaint I have is this story was never completed. Wish it was.

7. A Mishap and An Opportunity: Harry and his sister "Tonks" go back in time to the Marauders era. I like the fact that in this story, Peter is not portrayed as a betrayer. This fic occurs in their sixth year at Hogwarts so he can't possibly have been a traitor at this point in time, right? I also like how Harry is willing to give Sirius and James a dressing down who have get to grow up. I also like that Tonks is his sister. That is how I portray them, not as a couple. I love Remus/Tonks together. (In progress, possibly abandoned)

8. If Not For Umbridge: This is a Harry/Daphne fic. It shows what might have happened of Daphne had heard the rumor's of a defense club and showed up at the Hogs Head meeting. (Complete). It think it's sequel is in progress though I am not sure if it is abandoned or not...please check it out yourself on her page. (sequel name: The Consequences of Living)

9. The 'I' Series by Marauderlover7: Sirius escapes from Azkaban when Harry is eight years old. AU

Innocent: Sirius escapes from Azkaban when Harry is eight years old and rescues (aka kidnaps) Harry from the Dursleys, with his permission, of course. Harry's life from age 8 to 10. Complete.

Initiate: Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Complete.

Identity: Harry's second year at Hogwarts. Complete.

Impose: Harry's third year at Hogwarts. Complete.

Intensity: Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts. Complete.

Influence: Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts. The author has stopped posting on You can read influence on AO3. In progress. (updated every second Sunday.)

10. Contagion: A pandemic hits the wizarding world. Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione. Complete. I absolutely love this story. it has everything that a fantastic fic needs. Suspense, thrill, angst, all packed in one.

11. Chamber Girl: No one figures out the secret to the Chamber of Secrets. Ginny is left in there for years. Harry/Ginny. Slight Dumbledore bashing. Complete. It's amazing! Literally, spectacular! And I absolutely love the fact that Sirius has a bigger part in Harry's life and doesn't die. Ginny is portrayed perfectly!

12. Perilous Journey: Umbridge expels Harry and Ginny from Hogwarts. Sirius take a bigger interest in his godson's life. Harry/Ginny. Abandoned. It's really really good, my only complaint is that it is most likely abandoned.

13. Without a Trace: Harry and Ginny disappear eight months after the Battle of Hogwarts without a trace. Ron/Hermione bashing. Slight George bashing. Harry/Ginny. Complete. Perfect storyline and very plausible! Perfect amount of Ron and Hermione bashing. However, I don't like the fact that Harry forgives them.

14. Time to Put Your Galleons Where Your Mouth Is: Harry is the Master of Death and and is reborn as the older brother of Sirius and Regulus Black. Complete. No pairings. No words for this other than amazing!

15. The Return of the Marauders: James dies but Lily and Sirius live and take Harry to America. Harry comes back to Hogwarts in his final and seventh year. Harry/Ginny. Neville, Dumbledore and Molly bashing. Complete. I really like it, especially how Neville is portrayed. We don't see Neville bashing often, and it is a pleasure to read a fic with it.

16. Remember: Harry and Ginny are obliviated after CoS. They are reunited due to their soul bond. Molly, Ron and Dumbledore bashing. Complete. Amazing! A bit lengthy with many plots going on at once but it's amazing! I kinda don't like the fact that this author seems to hate Ron a lot, he was not always loyal (like in the fourth and seventh book) but when he stuck his mind onto something, he stayed with it till the end (in the second book when Harry was being vilified for being a Parselmouth).

17. Hold Me While I'm Here: Dumbledore proposes a plan to Harry who willingly goes back in time to the Marauders era. Abandoned. I really wish it was completed. I wanna know if the Marauders ever found out who Harry truly was. I like the way the Marauders at suspicious of Harry at first, and how much their betrayal hurts Harry even though it isn't their fault.

18. One-shots:

a) Tolerable Tempers by TheGreySpecies. I absolutely love this one-shot! It's so realistic and sweet!

b) No More Secrets: Hermione and Ron find out about Harry's less than happy childhood. Perfect amount of Ron and Hermione bashing.

c) The Fifth Hogwarts House: The students if Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were bullying Harry because of his placement in the Triwizard Tournament and then bullying the rest of the Gryffindors as well when they defended Harry. Their Head of House, McGonagall doesn't do anything to defend them so they take matters in their own hands.

Sink Into Your Eyes: https:///viewuser.php?uid=217113

Archive Of Our Own: https:///users/millie15128/pseuds/millie15128



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