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Author has written 20 stories for Warriors, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Warcraft, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Soul Eater, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Kagerou Days/カゲロウデイズ, Ouran High School Host Club, Assassin's Creed, Death Note, Bleach, Teen Titans, Kuroshitsuji, and Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師.

Note: I'm sick with two chronic illnesses, and will never recover, unless a miracle cure is discovered or I go into remission. There's also a good chance I have a complicated mental disorder that involves wrecking my memory.

I have a few tumblr blogs, a YouTube account I rarely use, a DeviantART account, World of Warcraft account, Kik, Ao3, and Instagram. Accounts are available upon request. I'm currently looking into sites for original fiction.

I'm attending college, and in the process of editing some of the older stories. I'm working on future chapters for only a few stories right now.

Anime/Manga watched/read: Soul Eater, Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh (original), Blue Exorcist, D. Gray Man, Pandora Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vampire Knight, Monster, OHSHC, Axis Powers Hetalia, Karin/Chibi Vampire, Shaman King, Black Butler, Tokyo Mew Mew, Death Note, Ghost Hunt, Fruits Basket, Pokemon, Spirited Away, Emerging, Hikaru No Go, Baccano!, FMA Brotherhood, Vampire Cheerleaders, School Mermaid, Rozen Maiden, Another, Lucky Star, Clannad, Hetalia, Deadman Wonderland, Cage of Eden, Shiki, SNK, Free!, Death Parade, Pupa, Tokyo Ghoul, Youjo Senki

Other series I like: HP, Doctor Who, Bartimaeus trilogy, Warriors, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, World of Warcraft, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Sherlock, Elementary, Supernatural, NBC Hannibal, Old Kingdom series, NBC Siberia, Broadchurch, The Flash


Mother Hen has been moved to Ao3. It's inspired by The Cask of Amontillado and Cupcakes.

Current methods--

First chapter : 1,500 words

Consecutive chapters : 2,000 words

Little to no discussion in author's notes. Little clarification in author's notes. If you don't understand what is written in the story, there's something wrong with my writing. Some chapters/scenes are written very abstract, with philosophical meaning or stream of consciousness style. Some people find this difficult to read.

Attempting to write at least 100 words a day. Using WordKeeperAlpha to keep track of how well I'm doing on that.

Fetish material is posted on a different website. Any porn found in my stories here is softcore and kept to a minimum. Requited Love has a graphic scene in later chapters.

Most recently-posted stories will have content warnings at the beginning of chapters. If you think one of my stories is rated incorrectly, message me and I'll bump it up.


Harry Potter Fanfictions (SE and YGO crossovers lower down):

Wands and a Fez: Harry is adopted from the Dursleys to be apprenticed. At the age of eleven, he attends a magic school other than Hogwarts. -The main focus of this story is that Harry's new caretaker is paranoid, turning him paranoid. The different school is either Durmstrang or Beauxbatons. Nearly all of the dialog is in French. I like the idea of reading a story that is half English half French, so most characters speak French. There are translations next to every sentence, so no need to worry about getting confused.

Ouroboros: Sirius pleads with Death, and gets a second chance. His soul replaces another, leaving him having to adjust to childhood again after the horrors of Azkaban. -Sirius has to feign amnesia and deal with the Lovegoods. Time travel/reincarnation fic.

Marked As An Equal: He survives the killing curse, is captured and tortured, summons a demon and now he's a lord and wizard. All before he turns eleven. -Harry is the modern, wizard version of Ciel. He aspires to be like Ciel, even summoning the same demon as he. Sebastian follows him to Hogwarts, pretending to be the same age. Also, Voldemort is more powerful and widespread than canon.


Note: In my Soul Eater fanfics, I use something of a combination of the anime and manga for what has already happened and what abilities they have. I enjoy playing with the mysteries of non-humans, so Kid will be played with in that aspect. The mysteries of Grim Reapers are not consistent in my stories. In one story, Kid is a fragment of Lord Death's soul, in another he was a dying human turned into a Grim Reaper. Grim Reapers are gods (in the closest definition of a divine being).

Eyes of Gold: The trio and their Weapons receive a mission to protect Harry Potter from the newly revived Voldemort. Insanity, both unstable mentalities and hilarity, play a part. Oh? Grim Reapers count as 'magical creatures'? -Soul Eater and Harry Potter crossover. The DWMA and wizard world have heard of the other. Kid is a main character, due to how much fun I could have with the fact that he's not human. (ages are based on height and mental maturity and don't match the wiki)

In Death's Presence: A mother discovers her child survived the birth, and now travels to Death City in hopes of finding him. -Collaboration between myself and Jay Jay. It's a rollercoaster of emotion. Inspired by the question everyone asks about Kid: Who is his mother?

Clap With The Thunder: A Hogwarts letter, addressed to Harry Potter, is delivered to a denizen of Death City. -Pot of Fire is joined by Thunder and Kirikou in his journey to his first year of Hogwarts. The twins don't speak. Cue awkward moments. I will not continue this. Up for adoption upon request.

Cooperation is Futile: Blackstar and Kid are being their annoying selves. Liz finds something to allow her some peace. Things get weird when Blackstar wakes up. No pairings or hint of romance besides confession to symmetry. Short fic. -Needs an ending. I had an awesome dream, and have decided to share it with you. Everything in my dream except for Kid yelling that he won't leave without his shoes will be here, and I have added stuff so it makes sense.


Note: In my YGO stories, when Atemu and Bakura were sealed in the Items, half of them died. Those halves were reincarnated as Yugi and Ryou. So they are pure 'light' halves and pure 'dark' halves. After the series and the Items were buried, Yugi, Ryou, and Malik all began to go insane. Odion discovered this had something to do with the Items, and so they dug them up, to discover that the spirits stayed sealed in the Items. The Rod, Puzzle, and Ring were given to their previous owners, who returned to normal after several hours. the Tauk went back to Ishizu and the Scales, Key, and Eye went to Shadi. Also, the characters can control the shadows to some extent, with some abilities not canon.

Halved and Whole: After waking up from a coma lasting a week, Ryou's father sent him to another school, where the shadows twist and fade. During his stay, Ryou discovers two more realms: one screams, one makes him scream. -I haven't watched Bleach for a while, so I forget details from the anime and what the characters are like.

Dissociative Magics: After a new law is passed in the Ministry, Ryou receives a letter to Hogwarts. Malik tags along. However, complications arise. -Instead of being sent to Karakura, Ryou went to Hogwarts. Insanity with spells, shadow magic, and alternate personalities ensues.

Hikari no Yasha: She embraced the shadow, putting her light to sleep. It ate away at her, even in its twisted state. In her effort to keep her 'destiny' at bay and exercise control she signed her own death warrant. -A twist on Raven's powers in relation to how I see shadow powers. Ryou and Bakura are very close, frequently switching control, minds aligned in almost every instance.


Rant about Yu-Gi-Oh and its fanfictions.

I love Yu-Gi-Oh. I really do. But sometimes the 'heart of the cards' and 'friendship' and Yugi's cheerleaders...too much. I realize that the 'heart of the cards' is really the Puzzle (and maybe the other Items) reacting to their holder's wishes. Yami Bakura tried to tell this to Atemu once, but he didn't listen. Speaking of Yami Bakura, he never stole Ryou's last name. He told Yugi/Atemu twice that he wasn't Ryou Bakura, never gave a name, and not a minute later you hear Yugi/Atemu call him Bakura. So really, you can blame the rest of the cast for the use of Bakura's name. It's annoying when I come across those fics that have Ryou angsting because "he stole my name." At least some authors attempted to give Yami Bakura a name, Akefia. Otherwise he's called Touzokou (thief king in Japanese), Koe (by Ryou, Japanese for voice), Yami Bakura, or Bakura. (In the anime/manga, Ryou only calls him koe. Everyone else calls him Bakura.) The last one kinda conflicts with the 'he stole my name' thing, but he's called Bakura in the anime, and it's easy to differentiate when you use 'Ryou' for Ryou Bakura. This name scheme carries over to Yami Malik, and some authors call him Ishtar or Ishtal. Or Marik, but that's extremely easy to confuse. Malik, Marik, Malik, Marik. One letter difference ain't gonna cut it. The 'R' and 'L' letters in any word are interchangeable in the Japanese language (Runge, Lunge, Ren, Len, and why Orochimaru sounds like Olochimalu). I prefer to use Mariku, since it's the romanji name for Malik and it has two different letters. I also make sure to have Malik's last name be 'Ishtal' with an 'l' to help readers differentiate.

Still on Yami Bakura. (I call him Bakura.) In Atemu's duel with Bakura, Malik forced Bakura out of control so that Atemu would have mercy and not give the command to attack. Bakura protested, but gave in. Ryou immediately started asking where he was, and said it hurt. Bakura looked alarmed and insisted he take control again. He said it wasn't his arm that was hurting him, but Malik cut him off before he could say what it really was. He took control again, taking the brunt of the God card's attack for Ryou. This episode told me a few things: Something about that duel was hurting Ryou, and Bakura wanted to protect him from it. Bakura also assumed (can't exactly say knew) that Atemu would attack regardless of who was in control, and so he protected Ryou from the brunt of it. This is why I hate abuse fics. They portray Bakura in the wrong light, Zorc or not.

Speaking of Zorc, here is how I think of him: Zorc invaded Bakura's spirit, selecting each thought he thought would help him and clinging to it, convincing Bakura it was a good idea and to go through with it. Even with Zorc, I doubt Bakura would abuse Ryou, especially considering the events in Bakura and Atemu's duel on the Kaiba (which is Japanese for Seahorse) airship. After Zorc is banished, writers either send Bakura to the afterlife or keep him with Ryou. There are too many fics where Ryou angsts about how he misses his 'love' (they're two halves of one soul, people) or how he feels hollow. The latter is more realistic to me and is less done, but it's still overdone. Nothing against homosexuals; I prefer euroshipping or angstshipping without the angst.

Yugi's cheerleaders: It's a card game. If anything, they're interrupting his concentration and planning. Mai had the right idea.

Yami Malik, or as I call him, Mariku: a second personality, the one true Dissociative Identity Disorder in the entire series. Have you ever noticed how innocent Yugi and Ryou are? They're hikaris; light halves of the soul. Malik? Not so innocent and light. If I was to go along with the way I see it, Malik was a whole soul, but over time, he and Mariku split into light and dark halves with the aid of the shadows.

Mariku was born of pain and anger, and is pure pain and anger. He is sadistic and doesn't hesitate to plow through things recklessly if they're in his way. Not huggable and clingy. He doesn't get along with Malik, he wants to be the dominant personality. He doesn't get along with Bakura, either. Ryou, well, Ryou would be scared of him; fanfiction authors have that right, at least. ...or would he?

There are too few fics where Ryou and Bakura get along (without romance; more like brotherly love or roommates due to finances) and too many where it's abuse or a story that dissolves into smut. The abuse is creepy and the romance is like some sort of extreme narcissism.

In some fics, the writers think that it's perfectly reasonable for Atemu or Bakura to be clueless on modern advancements. If this were true, they probably wouldn't be able to speak the local language. They have access to all of their light's memories and everything they know. Atemu even had this confused, as he thought he was Yugi and thought that all of Yugi's memories were his for a time. It's not a bad guess that the yamis probably hear everything that goes through their hikari's head. There is no evidence to disprove that theory. Of course, this brings into how Ryou interfered with two shadow games. This brings up two other theories: Either Bakura knew of Ryou's plans beforehand and had no power to do anything, or Ryou and Bakura both planned it together. The latter being one of 'Ryou is on Bakura's side' theory. I've seen the theory a lot as plot bunnies hopping around the internet, but I've only read one one-shot about it. There is the idea that having Zorc there would close off any of that mind-hearing, but that's no fun.

"How does the durable poly resin feel now!? HOW DOES IT FEEEEL?" -Yami Bakura, manga.


Rant about Soul Eater (and its fanfictions)

I don't have much to rant about with Soul Eater, as it's one of my favorites and had fewer episodes than Yu-Gi-Oh. So I'll start by pointing out something.

The creator could have expanded much more on Death the Kid and made the story go along about Grim Reapers. But the point is, they decided against it, and that's a stylistic decision. They touched on that Kid is not normal amongst other Meisters only a few times, but it's still there. They downplayed the issue, which is something I respect; as you can possibly tell, I can't stop myself from expanding on those points in my fanfictions. In the anime, we were reminded that Kid was different only three times; five in the manga. In one episode, Kid says that he can't get sunburned and he's tried countless times to dye his hair to no success. In another, he says that he should go in the magnetic field to get BREW, because he might not even be affected or it would have a delayed effect on him. In another, one that isn't part of the manga, Kid goes in the town that everyone disappeared from, leaving Liz and Patty behind. He says that his father probably sent him specifically because if it was a biological weapon that wiped out everyone, it wouldn't affect him. In the manga, Blackstar picks a fight with Kid after he's told not to use the Enchanted Sword because Kid said that he had a god's body (right after Nigus told him he wasn't a god).

The subject of Grim Reapers isn't delved into that much, and that's probably on purpose. We're given small hints toward how Grim Reapers differ from other Meisters, some of which fanfiction authors completely ignore. One being the longevity: Kid's gonna live a long time. He's going to live over 800 years; cancels out a ton of potential love interests. Then there's the small hints we're given every time Kid completes a Sanzu Line, and Lord Death's last words to Spirit in the manga. It's implied that Lord Death will die once Kid completes all three lines, so what if Kid has a kid that completes the lines before him? Dead Lord Death, dead Kid. Kid wouldn't live long.

This seems so obvious to me. So why do I see the Soul Eater fandom cluttered with romance and mpreg with Kid? It's disturbing. Even more so that I support the amoeba theory (Lord Death has somehow reproduced asexually and as such Kid has no actual biological genitals). There's no fics with that idea.

Also, I can never find any fics that play on the insanity of the Black Blood, after sifting through everything with a romance genre. In the anime you have a wonderful scene with a hysterical smiley Maka, but that's for only for ONE episode, and then they refrain from Maka being consumed by the Black Blood for the rest of the anime. It would be awesome if someone could have a crazy!Maka. It disappointed me that the anime, and manga, used Maka's 'anti-demon' wavelength as an excuse not to make her go 'crazy'.

"We are currently in a physical relationship." -Kid about him and Kim, chapter 98 of manga.


I am currently not taking any requests for a beta or collaboration.

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