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10/12/08: Hello peoples!! This has offically become a joint account. Both MistressLeia24 and RikkuMcClowFox will be posting stories on this. We will not specify who posted what so use your best guesses. Until next time!

TA-DAA!! Welcome to my profile! I just know you would want to sit in your seat for four hours and go through every little detail I type up! (Coughnotcough) Ahem, well then, shall we get started? First off, thank you to all, if any, of my reviewers. I appreciate your feedback and thank you so much for the support! Good luck to all of you!

My ultimate favorite subject to write and read about is romance and angst. I just love all of the confused feelings, heartbreaks, and joys that accompany it. I also love angst (I actually like fics that make me cry... O_O), a little bit of humor, family fics (Harvest Moon community doesn't have enough in my opinion), and drama. (Yes I'm one of those gals who loves cliche plots and stuff like that. Go figure...)

I am a bit of obessed with the Tales of the Abyss fandom right now. That game is just so awesome! And the characters! Don't even get me started about the characters! ALL OF THEM ARE AWESOME!!

Stuff about ME:

-I like confusing canon people with crack pairings and fanfics that actually make the pairing seem cute.

-In Tales of the Abyss however, nothing except TearXLuke, which is adorable, is the only canon besides NataliaXAsch, so...

-I love comedy romance.

-I do however like a good angst or tragedy fic once and a while.

-I procrastinate.

-I love reading and writing equally.

-I love writing and reading long reviews.

-I have a bad habit of starting a fic then losing interest in it two chapters later.

-I get random ideas for stories, write them down, then ten seconds later delete the whole thing cuz I'm not sastisfied with it.

-I am freaking out over the Tales of the Abyss anime. My Tales of the Abyss plushies would agree. Sqeeuzes them and squeals as she watches the opening yet again

-I am into Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss (like you hadn't already guessed that), Harvest Moon, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Twilight, GrimGrimoire (LilletXBartido is to die for), Final Fantasy games in general, and Phantasy Star Universe.

-I am a girl.

More to come...

Tales of the Abyss Stuff...

Favortie Characters (in order)

Natalia L.K. Lanvladear (She is awesome. I also love her outfit! Who says a bow and arrow can't rock?)

Tear Grants (Cool and awesome. Magic users can kick some tail too!)

Guy Cecil (-Goes into fangirl mode- WHO DOES NOT LIKE GUY?!)

Luke fon Fabre ((Short hair)) (He looks so cute with the short hair!)

Arietta the Wild (I love her little doll and voice actor.)

Jade Curtiss (His voice actor did an amazing job and the witty comebacks are to die for!)

Anise Tatlin (I can honsetly say that she's unlike any 13 year-old I know.)

Mieu (I feel so sorry for him with Luke and all and yet he's so adorable at the same time!)

And Everyone else. (Can't pick favorites when it gets down to here. Ion is pretty cool though. Annoying at times, but cool.)

Favorite Pairings (Warning: I don't really support any yaoi or yuri pairings. Sorry, just don't.)

GuyXNatalia (I swear don't even get me started... If only Guy wasn't scared of women! Curse you Guy! ...I still love you though!)

LukeXTear (Who doesn't love this pairing?)

LukeXNatalia (...What? Techincally since Luke is a replica and they aren't related, and if anything happened to Tear, it could happen.)

GuyXTear (They do share some cute moments!)

GuyXNoelle or LukeXNoelle (If we saw more on Noelle, yes it could happen!)

AniseXLuke (If Anise suddenly became older, yeah, again it could happen.)

AniseXIon (Face it. You know they shared a bond in the game.)

SyncXArietta (...What? They're both on the God-Genreals side and have some realtion to Ion!)

LegrettaXAsch (...My mind is weird.)

Anyother straight pairings rank around here.

Harvest Moon:

My favorite Harvest Moon game would have to be either Harvest Moon DS or More Friends of Mineral Town. Both are just awesome!

My favorite character would have to be... man this is a toughie... Um, I would have to say somewhere between Chelsea, Keria, Leia, the Witch Princess, Muffy, and Ann. I just love them all so much! -Hugs Chelsea, Keria, Leia, Witch Princess, Muffy, and Ann plushies- Kai, Gray, Cliff, Vaults, and Mark are right up there with the gals too! Oh, and Flora too!

Pairings... Ugh...

I do not support any yaoi or yuri pairings. I am sorry, but I just don't. I won't bash or flame people who do though.

Let's see my ultimate favorite pairing would have to be... MarkXChelsea! -Fangirlish scream- Don't even get me started on this pairing because I will never stop babbling about how great it seems to me. I swear, do not get me started abotu this or you will regret it 30 horus into the conversation.

MaryXGray/ClaireXGray: I can not choose a side. They are both so adorable! It all really depends on how Claire is protrayed though. If she's kind and somewhat confident, yeah I could see it happening. If not, MaryXGray all the way! (Hey, that rhymed.)

TimXElli: Going with the crowd on this one... They are kind of cute together...

KatieXCarl: The two cafe workers, what else is there to say?

KeriaXJack: Keria doesn't get enough love as it is and since she has no rival... Can anyone say, match?

KarenXRick and PopuriXKai: I am not too fond of these pairings but I still think they are a good match. On one side, the geek and the beauty while on the other the traveler and the bubbly girl.

AnnXCliff: Who doesn't love this pairing?

CliffXClaire: Eh... I'm not too sure about this one... Again, all depends on how Claire is protrayed. Really this applies to all ClaireXguy pairings.

MuffyXKai: ...What? They're both flirts!

LeaiXJack: A mermaid's got to have a man at some point... and Daryl kind of creeps me out...

That's really all the pairings as off now. I will be adding more though. Do not fear!

Works in Progress

101 Rules of Being a Fon Master Guardian

A Pirate's Life for Me

Runaway Princess

Mistletoe: Chapter Two

Jumping randomly from oneshot to.. oneshot.

Future Pieces You Can Look Forward To:

Pretty Pink Shells: LeiaXJack. Ties in to "Mom, Are you a Mermaid?"

A oneshot with the JackXHarvest Goddesss pairing from the Witch Princess' P.O.V.

Mom, Are you a Mermaid?: First longfic with LeiaXJack pairing and a family fic.

That's all of them for now. I really would like to know what you guys and gals think and which one you think I should post first. I really would like to hear your opinions and i would very much appreciate any feedback given.


Note: I will only take on three requests at a time. To make a request, simply PM me or ask in a review. I usually do oneshots off of a Harvest Moon character or pairing but I can do other things like family fics or angst. No yaoi or yuri please.

Requests as of now: 1 (YEAHH!!)

1: Ann/Blue oneshot

2: none

3: none

Um... I really can't think of anything else to put here, so I'm gonna end this now. 'Member, I love any review that I recieve (as long as it's not a flame) and I will always appreciate any feedback even though I just can't seem to find the time to reply to each and every one of you awesome guys and gals! Here's a big thank you to all of you how review! And curse you homework and projects! -Moodswing- Okay, well see y'all for now!

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That is why I am waiting for my knight. That is why I endlessly wait for a human, no, an equal worthy of my treasured heart and thoughts; so that he may banish the demons of fear and guide me onto the path of light.' Oneshot told from Keria's P.O.V.
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