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I was thinking it might be time to update my profile again. I'm really not that interesting, but somehow my profile always seems to end up being very long :)

I'm a swedish girl who loves writing and reading, right now I'm working on my first english fic, but I don't really now where it's going yet so I'm going to wait a while before posting it. But for those who are interested, it's based on a RAB theory I had before the last book was released and is a quite ambitious project.

I almost only read Harry Potter and Narnia fan fiction, I love many other books as well but I think fantasy is the best FF. I have loads of favourite books but some of them are Harry Potter, Narnia, Pride and Prejudice (and everything else by Jane Austen), The hunger games, Jontahan Safron Foers books, The book thief and many more.

A book I don't like is Twilight. I could go on forever with how much I dislike Twilight but I bet some of you would just be angry and the rest of you bored so I'll keep it short. I think it's poorly written, that the characters are boring and annoying and the storyline predictable. That's it. Now when that is said we can move on to something else.

I love watching movies but I don't have a particular favourite, but James McAvoy is probably my favourite actor, there's something with his eyes that is captivating... and the fact that he's a brilliant actor of course.

I also love musicals and I have so many favourites but I really like Lés Miserables, Cats and Wicked (and West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Spamalot, Oliver!, Sound of Music, American Idiot, Evita, A Chorus Line...) well, pretty much everything really. :)

My favourite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I never watched Buffy when it was on television, but I got a DVD box for a birthday a couple of years ago, and since then I've been stuck. The third season is my favourite, I loved when the gang were still in High School and hung out in the library and were hated by principal Snyder. I also think the last season was really good (I have them all on DVD, so I've watched them several times). I also think my love for Buffy is one of the reasons to why I find it so hard to like Twilight. I also like Glee, though I'm annoyed as hell with Rachel. Kurt is probably my favourite character since I think he's a great role model for teenagers. I also adore Kurt and Blaine together. I've watched several other TV shows like House and Gossip Girl, but gotten tired of them. Another show I think is really nice is the Young Indiana Jones, it's quite old now but still very entertaining, especially if you're interested in history.

I can play flute but my favourite instrument is cello. I really like classical music, though not everything. Right now I'm really into the allegretto from Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, it's featured in the movie The King's Speech (great, by the way, WATCH IT!), and is beautiful. I would recommend you to listen to the entire allegretto though, and not only the violin part in the beginning which is featured in the movie, there is a beautiful solo for woodwinds later on. Another composer I listen a lot to now is Tchaikovsky, I can listen to the music from the Swan Lake a thousand times and never get tired of it, it's great for inspiration if you're writing something sad and heartbreaking, by the way. (I can also recommend the movie "Black Swan" which is based on the ballet Swan Lake)

I'm also a major Beatles fan and I think Let it be is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

I prefer older music, as you probably have guessed, though I really like som modern singers like James Blunt, Kelly Clarkson, Robyn, Lady GaGa, Coldplay and occasionally Green Day. I also discovered Swedish House Mafia a while ago, and I really like them.

Oh, and I think Team Starkid and their musicals are brilliant, it's some of the funniest things I've ever watched. If you haven't watched A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel and Starship, I recommend you to go right away to Youtube and type in "A Very Potter Musical" and just watch it. Trust me, you're going to be stuck after a couple of scenes.

I read a lot of fanfiction, and try to review as much as possible, even if just a line or two. There's nothing I enjoy more than a really well-written story with a good plot, but I also have to admit that I sometimes get stuck in a Marriage Law, Time Turner or Veela fic. Or one where Hermione goes to America and works as a nanny. Or starts working at Malfoy Inc or something equally cheesy. I also love one-shots, because it's so nice with a story that is finished from the beginning :)

Just like so many other writers on this site, I've been writing for as long as I can remember. When I was 7 or 8 I wrote my first series of stories, consisting of 20 short-stories about the three sisters Jessie, Julia and Jenna. I never drew any pictures to go with the stories like the other children, I just wrote about the three sisters' adventures, which were strongly influenced by my own life. If my family and I went to an amusement park, Jessie, Julia and Jenna also went to an amusement park in the next installment of the series. When I was nine I got tired of Jessie, Julia and Jenna (plus their two new sisters, who I had added in one of the late stories) and started writing stories about girls whose parents' bought them their own ponies. I wrote about horses for several years with occasional breaks to write about something else. When I was around 13 I started writing about teenage girls like myself with crappy self-esteem. A year later or so I discovered the wonderful world of Fanfiction. It's difficult to explain the feeling I got when I came across my first fanfic. It was thousands of new stories about the best books ever waiting to be read.

It took me a couple of months to read all swedish fics. I read everything. Every pairing, every rating (though I have to admit I was NOT mature enough for some of the content) and every plot, no matter how bad or cliché it was. The positive thing about swedish fics was that everyone who wrote knew the language fairly well, and the grammar wasn't as bad as it is in many english fanfics. Then one day I decided to read a fic in english, I think it was called The North Tower, and then I just continued.

Recently, I've started writing in english. It's quite nerve-wracking, to be honest, since it's not my first language and I'm not entirely comfortable writing in it yet. I hope I'll gather enough courage to publish something more than a small one-shot soon :)

Almost every single quiz I've taken says I belong in Ravenclaw, including the long, science-based one, so I guess I am a Ravenclaw. I was also sorted there at Pottermore :) my name there is Lumoschaser28, feel free to send a friend request if you like.

I try to review as much as I can, but I'm unfortunately not able to review every single chapter of every single story, even if I want to. I think one of the worst thing a writer can do is to blackmail their readers into reviewing, some of us has a life outside , you know.

I read stories with good summaries, and there are two things that makes me not so keen to read a story. The first is if the author has written in the summary: "bad at summaries, plz just read the story". If you can't write a proper summary, you probably can't write a moderately good fic either. The second is quite similar, it's when the author HAS written a summary and then writes: "Crappy summary, I know, just read the story" or "The story is better than the summary". Don't excuse yourselves, if you find it very hard to write a summary, maybe it can be an option to let someone else write it, a friend or a beta reader. Sooner or later you should learn to do it by yourself, though.

Well, that pretty much summons it, so I'll just write what my favourite ships and characters are and why like everyone else.




Harry - Hermione (I really think they should have ended up in the books, they are like made for each other! But JK Rowling obviously had other plans...)

Draco - Hermione (I know... it's impossible, and I NEVER thought I would like this couple, but now I'm stuck, damn. There are loads of bad Dramiones on this site, and it's so difficult finding the good ones, but sometimes you find one that is really good, and then you're stuck. If you need help in the Dramione jungle, I recommend you to take a look at my favourite list, I think all of them are worth reading. And don't just read the ones with most reviews, look at the other ones too!)

Harry - Luna (They're so sweet together! And Harry really understands Luna)

Harry - Pansy (Mostly as a side-pairing, and only REALLY well-written, otherwise, ugh)

Tom - Hermione (As I mentioned before, I read Time Turner fics every now and then, and it's usually Tomiones. The thing I don't like about this ship is firstly that it's weird since he's... Voldemort. And secondly because the fics about them are usually dark. I can accept, and enjoy, fairly dark fics, but not very often. If you like less dark Tomiones I can recommend Flaignhan's fics, they are very well written and she captures the characters brilliantly, but they are a little brighter. She also writes Dramione very well. I only read Tomiones as Time Travel.)

Lily - James (I suppouse I have to add this pairing to the list now since my only fic in english is a James/Lily. I think they're sweet together, and I'm definitely not a Lily/Sevrus-shipper, but there are ships I like better than James/Lily)

Tonks - Lupin (Probably my favourite canon couple. They're so sweet together and Teddy is just adorable, I was really upset when he wasn't in the last movie...)


Ron - Hermione (Let me make one thing very clear: I really like Ron as a character. But I don't think he belongs with Hermione, it just doesn't work... I think they are the kind of people who dates in their late teens and break up when they reach their twenties)

Draco - Ginny (No,no, NO!)

Snape - Hermione (Honestly, it's disgusting, he could be her father. Therfore, I have the same opinion about following men with Hermione: Lupin, Sirius, Lucius, Peter Pettigrew. I can accept it if it's a Time Travel fic, though. But not Pettigrew, not ever.)

Fred/George - Hermione (I just don't get it... I love Fred and George, they're hilarious, but with Hermione...?)

Harry - Ginny (I'm not very fond of Ginny. I'm not really sure why, since she's that kind of character I should want Harry to be with. She's smart, funny, independent, sporty. Maybe she's a little too perfect to be interesting. And then we have the biggest cliché of them all, the whole date-your-best-friend's-sister-thing. It feel slightly overdone, I think JK Rowling could've made up a much more interesting girlfriend for Harry. On top of it all it bothers me a bit that Ginny and Lily are so similar. Sure, Lily is muggleborn and Ginny's eyes are brown, but besides that they are quite alike. Popular, pretty and intelligent with red hair... It feels like James and Lily all over again, which is a little bit boring.)



Draco Malfoy (Draco Malfoy is a complex character. If you can't manage to write him well, I suggest you don't do it. I don't think I write him well, so I don't do it)

Harry Potter (I really like Harry, he's so sweet. When I read the books I just want to hug him. The first two movies has the same effect too, I love the cute, innocent, overplaying young actors. In the third movie Hermione's hair had suddenly became wavy with blonde highlights and Harry started getting angsty and weird. Ron was like Ron always is though, Rupert Grint is brilliant)

Hermione Granger (Ah, bookish Hermione... Some people says Hermione is the HP character I'm most alike but I don't think so myself. Sure, I'm quite intelligent, and I have pretty good grades, but I'm not the bookish type, and definitely not as studious as Hermione. I read books I enjoy and I study to get my A's, but not MORE than that. Anyways, I like Hermione because she really fights for what she wants and because she's a GREAT role model for young girls.)

Luna Lovegood (I don't understand how you can not love Luna, she's great)

Minerva McGonagall

Albus Dumbledore

Bellatrix Lestrange

Narcissa Malfoy

Severus Snape


Lavender Brown

Argus Filch

Ginny Weasley

Lucius Malfoy (He's so creepy)

The Carrows (Frolic Feather and her story "Harry Potter and the Fight for the Malfoy Empire" has made me hate Amycus Carrow more than I thought was possible. By the way, READ THAT STORY, it's brilliant)

Peter Pettigrew (C-O-W-A-R-D)

Dolores Umbridge (I can't deny she's a genious character though)




Caspian - Susan (I know, I know. It was so cheesy of the film producers to add that kiss, and wrong, since Narnia isn't about romance. But I can't help that I'm drawn to this pairing. It's like Dramione, you don't want to like it, but somehow you end up loving it anyways.)

Peter - Any OC that ISN'T a Mary-Sue. Okay, honestly, there are no such OCs, so just forget about me mentioning this at all.

Edmund - The same as above


Peter - Susan (They're SIBLINGS people! Sister and brother! If they would fall in love it would be called INCEST)

Edmund - Lucy (The same as above)

Peter/Edmund - Mary Sue

I actually prefer Narnia fics without any pairings because I don't think Narnia is very much about romance.




Giles (The coolest librarian EVER)

Spike (He's funny, hard on the outside and soft like a teddybear on the inside)

Cordelia (Probably my favourite character for the first 3 seasons, she's the best comic relief EVER)

Angel (Dark and mysterious and older, just that kind of guy your mother doesn't want you to go out with)

Anya (Has some really funny moments, and some reallly annoying. But most funny)

Willow (I do prefer the old Willow, you know the one with long, red hair dressed in conservative dresses? But I think the new Willow is kinda okay too. But I do miss the stockings.)

Wesley (Wesley's appearance on the show was very short, but unforgettable. You have to look to find a sillier man)

Xander (Xander is Xander)

That's a lot of characters... though I like most of them, it's very few I don't like


Glory (she's blonde and evil, end of story)

Harmony (She's blonde and annyoing, end of story)

Drusilla (though I think the actress who plays her does a remarkable job)

Dawn (I don't hate her, I just don't like her)

Someone notices there were just women on the Don't Like-list? It's completely unintentional, but all guys in this show are so likable!



Buffy - Angel (Favourite Buffy couple ever, they were GREAT together)

Buffy - Riley (I actually thought I would hate the guy after Angel, but how can you not love Riley? He's so sweet, unfortunately too sweet to be interesting for more than one season...)

Buffy - Spike (prefer the two others above though)

Willow - Tara (Sweet)

Willow - Oz (I liked Oz and Will, they were cute, the Witch and the Werewolf.)

Xander - Cordelia (This show was never as entertaining as when Cordy was on it, and it got even better when she started dating Xander)

Xander - Anya (Anya was definitely an all right substitute for Cordy, though there was times when I wanted to strangle that ex-demon)


Xander - Willow (I think everyone has realised that it doens't work, but they are great as friends!)

Faith - Buffy (Not really sure why I'm even mentioning this ship... but it's weird)

Spike - Drusilla (No... just... no. Spike deserves better)

Angel - Darla (I'm not a huge fan of Angel with anyone besides Buffy)

Well, that's everything about me. If you've actually read this far I'm very impressed, and honoured, that you've taken the time.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to send me a PM. I love getting PM:s, and reviews, they really make my day.


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James thinks about Lily.
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