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My name is Destiney Cheatham I have started writing I was twelve and have been on this site since I was fifteen. I'm in my twenties now between jobs with an eye for detail and OCD that makes writing both difficult and easy for me. I live in the country of so-and-so state and believe that if life yadda-something-lemons-yadda.

The following is some stuff I'm interested in and may write for.

Games: Tales of Series, Pokemon, Skyrim, Fallout, Far Cry, Xenosaga, Silent Hill, Persona, Borderlands, Dragon Age and Devil May Cry.

Anime: D.Gray-Man, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, One-Punch Man, Anima, Assassination Classroom.

Movies: Nightmare on Elm Street, Rise of the Guardians, X-Men, Harry Potter, Marvel.

Shows: Hannibal, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Yo-Kai Watch.

Story I am currently working on:

Title: It's A Father Daughter Thing.

Category: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Summary: Just because they had killed him didn't mean he would stay dead. Just because they had taken her away didn't mean he would stay away.

This is one of my more successful stories thanks to Darkness Takes Over who was kind enough to leave a very lengthy review each in every chapter. My love for Freddy Krueger dates back to when I had seen FreddyVSJason while I was still young. It scared the crap outta me, so naturally I avoided it at all costs until Robert England lured me in with his handsome acting and witty one liners. This story is pretty much about some low lights in Freddy's life, many involving his daughter; Kathryn. I've been told that I am just amazing at drabbles and that's pretty much what this story is with a little plot of it's own in each chapter.

Why I took it down: Because the thing was a mess. Yes, it was a beautiful mess but it was out of order and littered with mistakes that needed correcting. After rereading it, I realized that it had the perfect ending already and had developed a kind of timeline of its own and just needed to be reorganized. So, I dusted off the ol' flashdrive that held within it the still beating heart of the story and got to work. You can expect it back on my page any day now.

What I'm putting back up: Okay, so I'm rewriting the chapters that I had and keep getting stumped in places so finally I decided 'fuck it' and open a new page. Next thing I know I have five pages worth of story that is just beautiful. I do still plan for this to be a book of shots but with more background and plot point. It's going to be given more character and bulk than it did before.

Progress: Three chapters. Finding the points in the story for a chapter break itself is proving a bit difficult though.

Title: A Blessing And A Curse

Category: Tales of Symphonia

Summary: What am I suppose to do when I'm born into my favorite video game and have to live out my new life as Colette's older sister? No, really. What am I suppose to do? Send help. Not your average Self-Insert

Once upon a time I made a story called Crimson Butterflies on Green Gales. This was when Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World first came out, and I killed it. Twenty one chapters in I had over a hundred reviews and damn if that didn't make me feel happy as a bunny with a carrot. Since then I've always wanted to try my hand at making another one, not of the sequel but original game.

Tales of Symphonia was the first game I have ever truly been immersed in as a child. Back when they were still a thing my mother worked as manager for a Hollywood Video. One day as I browsed the store during after school hours I spotted a colorful game cover featuring a boy in red, a purple ninja, someone in pink that, for a time, I thought was a girl, and a pretty blond all surrounded by a lovely background shade of white and blue. Not being able to pronounce the title did not stop me on my quest from getting and eventually forcing my mom to buy the game, as it went 'mysteriously' missing on it's return date.

I got as far as the 'Fire Dungeon' before it kicked my ass into re-evaluating my life choices. Then I got to the 'Water Dungeon' and the internet learned to stand instead of crawl and said, 'Hey did you know that there are people who play this game and have beaten it already?" "What?" I say, as I try to beat the purple thingy pretending to be a little girl. "Yeah, and that there are two ways to play through the early stages?" "What?" I say, as I get my characters innards rearranged by some sort of bird dragon. "Yup and that there are-" "WHERE THE FUCK IS DISC TWO???!!!!"

So, I re-bought the game and actually checked for a disc two and restarted from the beginning. At this point I actually listened to the story and understood what the difference was between just gaining exp and gaining a level. Soon, I had beaten it once then twice, then six and seven times before the sequel came out and...Well...What convinced someone to get a new system? Is it the graphics? The controller? Fuck no, it's the game you really wanna play that only plays on the Wii.

I could go on and on about how much I love the story and it's lessons but hey how about instead I just write a story about it?

Progress: Up to chapter fifteen, which is just word documents of hoo-ha missing chunks of story between them to actually be considered chapters.

Let your children play video games people. Not only will Modern Warfare teach a child how many bullets are in a magazine/clip but also how to properly tell what kind of gun it is.

Let your children play video games people. Not only will Pokemon teach a child how to read but also the value in memorizing strategy types.

Let your children play video games people. Not only will Saints Row teach a child that life is full of bullshit but also teach them to take joy in the bullshit.

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