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Ahahaa, I luffles you lots and lots bffl

So My name is Mel and yeah i live in Australia. But that doesn't mean a)i live in a country where kangaroos are everywhere b)i do not greet people by saying 'G'day mate' c) yes Australia is the only country in the world which eats it's national symbol, but i have never ever eaten a roo steak before. Ohh and last of all Uluru is not made of copper or any other metal it is all natural baby.

So i'm a little bit of a nerd but i do not consider home work to be the best thing since sliced bread. I tend to get obsessed really easily especially if my friend T shows the thing to me. (Seriously obsessed, i cried because Roswell only had three seasons after she got me hooked. You would have too it's like Twilight with human looking aliens with powers instead of vampires). I am in France this year on student exchange. yes just admit it you're all jealous. :) Toulouse pride!

Now onto the important subject of books. i love them. even when i say i hated a book i loved reading it. even the stupid ones you have to read for school. :)

I have an older sis on here and a best friend so please do me the favor of checking out their stuff. it is good but i won't kill you if you think mine is better :) Sister : Black Anithe Bestie/ bffl: Neon Love

RanDoM FacTS

I love movies, tv and books.

English is my fav subject.

I adore animals.

My brown hair is uncontrolable.

I wear glasses.

I am a total romantic. (anyone who says they aren't is just in denial)

Books are not my only love, Television is to! It is like books with chapters but they are visual. on the down side you can't put the character picture together yourself but sometimes i don't mind (when the character is hot).

I love bones, robin hood, doctor who, torchwood, stargate sg-1, gossip girl, roswell, instant star, supernatural, smallville, gilmore girls, criminal minds, firefly, Eureka, kyle xy and loads more.

i don't have enough space to write down them all.

there is no charge for the awesomeness and attractiveness :) Twilight is AMAZING, BRILLIANT, UNREAL, MY ONE TRUE LOVE! if you don't think so, it wasn't me who called the volturi.

Quotes which i live by:

Tulio: what is the object of this game pray tell?
chell: you gotta knock the ball through the hoop.
Tulio: What hoop?
Chell: points really really like insanly high up a wall That hoop.

Dewy:I'm hungover. Does anybody know what that means?
kid in back of classroom: That you're drunk
Dewy: No, it means i was drunk yesterday

Bussiness owner:You got a great set of pipes now take off your clothes
Maria: what?
Alex: ohh. Reads audition flyer BYO thong

Max: Liz where are you going?
Liz: Sweden
Max:What?! No you're not. Get in the car grabs Liz's bags and throws them in the back of his Jeep
Liz: What are you gonna do? You gonna throw me in?!

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You Had Me At Hello by summerg94 reviews
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When Renee left she took Bella with her, leaving her brother and Charlie broken hearted. Now their back but whats the catch? ExB of course and usual pairings....hopefully will get better....rated T just in case
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Tears of Joy and Remorse by Auphora66 reviews
Leah: Sadly, imprinting magic has side effects, such as loss of judgment, lustful thoughts, watery eyes -dripping may occur-, chest pains, dizziness, and headaches. For more information, contact Taha Aki -the spirit that no one will believe you've ever met. LeahxOC.
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