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The Selinnium

Isn't it totally cool that "Selinnium" sounds like "millenium"?

I'm Selena, or also known as SeLinn or my online identity, Selinnium. Okay children, take out your pencils and paper. We shall now take notes on the history of "Selinnium".

The idea of "Selinnium" originally came from the word Selenium. At first, I thought I would be cool use that as an online identity but it was too unoriginal. Back in around April of 2007, a friend of mine nicknamed me "SeLinn". "SeLinn" came from the adjoining of both my first and last name. I added an "ium" and BAM! The SELINNIUM is born. Okay now, pop quiz, my sweets.

And that is my poor attempt at educating you. I currently reside in CANADA. Where specifically in Canada? Well, that is for me to know and you to not care about(talk about a cliché). I am AzN, female, underage and likes the taste of orange juice, especially SunnyD. If you were my friend you would be allowed to call me at 1AM(and talk as long as you want since it's unlimited evenings). But since you are not... well, let's be buddies then!

My current obsession is Twilight. I am a hardcore fan so don't screw with me. Rawr. I love Edward so much that I turn giddy at the thought or even see or hear anything that reminds me of him. In fact, I have a short and true story for y'all to be "entertained" by.

In health class(yes, we actually have a class on that), we were taking a test on tobacco and driving. It took place in our school art room. I was sitting at a table across from my Twilight-obsessed friend and my other Twilight-obsessed friend beside her(I know, pretty confusing description). Directly across from me is the sink and counter where the painting stuff are stored(or rather stewn across). I have a habit of staring into space when stuck on a question so I stared at a coffee can that contains dirty paintbrushes. I focused my eyes on the coffee can and started giggling to myself. The coffee can was at an angle so that I only saw a part of its brand name. Do y'all want to know what I saw? Well? What I saw whats "EDWARD" with the "D" a bit cut off. I was thinking to myself, We are so meant to be... I started giggling again. After the test, I went to the counter and turned the coffee can again. What I saw disappointed me though. It turned out to be "EDWARDS" not "EDWARD" like I thought it was. It was funny though because my Twilight-obsessed friends were looking at me funny after the test because I was still giggling and acting hysterical. So... um, moral of the story is to never trust a coffee can, no matter how convincing it may be.

NEW RAMBLINGS!! My friend and I are part of a new cult/unhealthy obsesson/scary religion!! It's TWILIGHTISM so we are now TWILIGHTERS!! I actually came up with it. Basically it involves our lives to revolve around one thing: Twilight. God = Stephenie Meyer. Symbol = Red Apple. Worshipping days: EVERY-FREAKIN'-DAY, Y'ALL!! -cough- Different sections: Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland. I modeled it after Christianity but don't be offended if you are offended. I mean no offense in any way. JOIN Y'ALL! And now... I'll be quiet.

I do fan art for Twilight so check it out, okay?


Now, let us talk about serious stuff.


I have taken liking to oneshots. They are short and a perfect way to express my feelings towards a certain part of the original plot. So I have started on writing oneshots =) They are so quick and momentary. If I don't write it down, I'll just forget all about the idea. I have only one story finished. It's also posted. Check below. I have a bunch of others to finish and go through the whole process before posting it.

I get my oneshot inspirations from songs so the titles are all based on song titles and could be somehow unrelated to the actual story itself.

Felicity Worthington

From the Gemma Doyle trilogy of course. It is also known as A Great and Terrible Beauty series. I prefer the first as the latter is way too long. I am still forming ideas of it in my head but it will be put down on paper(or rather Microsoft Office) soon enough.

It is post TSFT and about Felicity Worthington's life in Paris and places. She is a lesbian so I guess I will be writing in a lesbian in the 19th century's perspective. Expect the first chapter in April. EDIT. Actually, expect the first chapter in May. I'm so busy to start on it... :'(

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