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Author has written 2 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, and Sweeney Todd.

Hello everyone! A warm welcome to my profile page!

I'm a person who appreciates the small things in life and practices depth of thought regarding all matters. I've been reading fanfic for about two years; I at first thought of it as more of a "guilty pleasure" than anything else!

However, I've loved creative writing for a long time. I began to realize that fanfiction would be an excellent way to practice techniques like characterization and dialogue with a ready-made template of ideas, so... here I am at last! has always been my favorite fanfic site for it's wide variety and easy navigation... I hope I'll enjoy being a member as much as I love to browse the site!

My French pen name sprung from my love of the language, and in English simply means "creative writer."

Any extra reviews of my stories, questions, or comments can be sent to my e-mail address created specifically for receiving fanfic-related e-mails:

Thanks, y'all!

A few extra things about me:

1. Music is most of my life. I spend an average of two hours a day browsing iTunes, when I'm not singing in multiple choirs and groups, playing guitar, piano, or composing.

2. Tied in with that is performing. Acting is a passion of mine. I've performed the speech team event known as DI, or dramatic interpretation. A competitor has roughly eight minutes to present a memorized, monologue-ish piece of literature or drama. The tricky part? You're judged very intensely, based on how smooth your presentation is and, most importantly, how "in-character" you are. (So no OOC-ness aloud!) I've built extensive backgrounds for my characters: I know their birthdates, hometowns, family members' names / histories; I also have to be fully aware of my characters physical ticks, mannerisms, and speech patterns. DI is a great skill-builder for acting and writing!

3. I draw sketches a lot. Mostly fashion now - I'm really into high fashion, shopping, reading "Vogue" and "Elle," etc. I learned to draw people in the Manga style, but I'm finding my own style now.

4. I love, love, LOVE books and movies. They're totally different things, but each has something great to offer. (But seriously, what fanfic writer doesn't love books or movies?)

The good, the bad, and the ugly (ok, maybe random instead of ugly, because no one should call themselves ugly):

-- I take myself too seriously sometimes.

-- I can single-handedly eat a whole tin of boyscout caramel corn.

-- I don't really care for drinking (although a couple of my stories won't give you that impression!)

-- I have three swords hanging on display in my room: Anduril and Hadhafang from Lord of the Rings, and a hand-forged Japanese katana.

-- I have a deep secret that I don't think I'll ever tell anyone in my entire life... not even you!

-- I can become completely obsessed with a certain movie. Usually it's an action movie with a smoking hot male lead haha. Anyway, I trawl the internet (ie browse extensively for info and pictures) for stuff on this movie for hours. Then I look at pictures from it while listening to newly-bought music. Pretty soon, all of my memories about the movie (it's mood, characters, etc.) come flooding back to me every time I hear the music. It's my way of tying my crazy world together. Music is an extremely extensive form of communication and memory for me. =)

-- I'm not too into OCs. They can be fun to write, but not as much fun to read, when really all you want to read about are the favorite characters that you know and love. There have been exceptions where I really became invested in an OC, but never a Mary Sue. OCs, for me, are like character gap-fillers, stepping in to assume roles that are absolutely necessary for a story's progression. I never see them as main characters. If someone is that interested in writing their own characters, I truly encourage them to step outside the box and write entirely original fiction. The plus side? No disclaimers needed, and there's a chance you could make a buck off of it in the future!

-- I idolize Ernest Hemingway (he says so much with so few words!)

-- I idolize Johnny Depp (not necessarily because he's attractive (well, okay, he really is), but mainly because he transforms into his characters so well and is refreshing to watch)

-- I idolize my mom (I guess that's more of a shout-out, even if she'll probably never see it heehee)

-- I idolize my grandpa; pretty much all of my stories are dedicated to his memory because he always fostered my creativity with such willingness.

-- I would rather be blind than deaf (so I could still hear music).

-- My favorite song is "Empire" by the band Kasabian: check it out - please!

-- Angsty fics are my numero uno guilty pleasure... ;) That, and One Tree Hill, haha. And Us Weekly magazine. (And sour cream...)

Anyway, enough about me!

Now help yourself to my stories if you'd like, once they're posted. (Darn you-can't-upload-documents-for-two-days-if-you-just-registered rule!) =)

I work mainly out of the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, Curse of the Black Pearl being one of my favorite flicks. I've seen a lot, though, so more fandoms will be coming!

My favorite thing to do with my stories is gap-filling: giving readers answers to questions they may still have had after reading a book or watching a movie. I try to remain as true to the original material as I can, while revealing unexplored scenes, characters, trains of thought, and future happenings.

I try to style my writing off of Hemingway (to the point, no extra word garble), Douglas Adams (the brilliant author of the satiric "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book series - think Monty Python-esque Brit humor), and Daphe Du Maurier (author of Rebecca, brilliant poetic use of words to describe emotions).

I truly hope you enjoy them! I'll try to include a little background about each story at the top of the story page: you can e-mail me with any other longer questions you may have.

Please read, review, and enjoy!

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