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Hi guys! I'm from Montreal, Canada.

98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.

If you've ever been so obsessed with something that now everyone is scared of you because of its effects, copy this into your profile. all the time.

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If you think that Eric and Calleigh should be together forever, copy and paste this into your profile! I am a huge hiphugger fan. like unbelievably. i cry if they cry, and i jump up and down when they smile. so every story i write will be hiphugger all the way just so you know!

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.see a hummer and get all excited.

...leave out of your house and think you're going to a crime scene -at least I've pretended I was

...wearing black makes you feel like Calleigh Duquesne ( i so want an outfit like the one she wore in man down!)

...you can do the Horatio move

...when you hear "M.E." you think of Alexx

...you sing along to the "CSI:Miami" theme song... go the who!

...know all the characters backstories

...read the fanfictions for "CSI:Miami"..

...Write fanfictions for "CSI:Miami"

...meeting the cast became an ultimate wish (especially david, emily and adam)

...you got shopping for new sunglasses and try to find some like Horatio's

...still hold your breath when Eric is shot

...still wondering if Calleigh will make it out safe when she's kidnapped

...you own at least one "Calleigh Duquesne" inspired outfit.

...you got out your way to buy CSI:Miami DVDs, Games, Board Games, even kits

..suddenly the game Clue became CSI:Miami(you're solving the murder, but you're acting like a CSI)

...watching CSI:Miami made you a little more smart in Science

...you know what AFIS, CODIS, GSR and IAB mean

...when you know every time it comes on and watch it even if you've seen it

...CSI:Miami became your bedtime story; you call asleep each night watching one of them

...Write CSI Miami Every night before you go to sleep

...You still get freaked out every time the episode where Eric And Natalia have a pregancy scare- (more for hiphugger fans) I refuse to watch it- that is how much i love eric and calleigh!

If you spend multiple hours each day reading or writing or a combination of both...copy and paste this on your profile.

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