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My Silly Creed

I am a Chronic Idea Writer. I have a million different ideas for situations, characters and plots, but I never hold on to ideas long enough to really develope anything worthwhile. However I really really dislike when writers abandon their stories after getting everyone hooked on them, I will always try to update. There may be long pauses in between and I can't always gaurantee it will be any good, but I don't want to leave people who are interested in what I'm writing out to dry. It sounds like a good way become very disliked.

Character Rants

Note: I really don't care who reads this, but it might explain a few of my views on characters and will explain my view on other people's writings a little better. That and some people (me) just like to assert opinions. These are my opinions and views on the characters so don't jump on me if you don't agree, though I do welcome a healthy debate. = )

Naruto-Naruto: This has got to be my first and foremost rant because the more I read fanfiction the more its started to bother me. Everyone out there pay attention! Naruto is an optimistic, steel-spined, inspiring, stubborn hard worker. Naruto isn't angsty. Sure he has his moments of despair, anyone would with the life he's lived, but the central core of who he is, and the entire show, is the fact that he never, ever gives up. He knows life sucks, he knows he's got better reasons than anyone to become angsty and depressing, he just simply refuses too. He chooses to be happy because he's decided that being constantly depressed sucks. After that he decides to do something about making himself happy. That's the whole point of the show. All through the show he meets characters who are stuck in their own personal hells. And all through the show Naruto tells them that they can choose, that they can do something about it. That's why I love Naruto as a character so much, no matter how annoying he is (he actually kinda reminds me of my brothers in that aspect). He inspires people to stand on their own two feet and become better people.

An Explanation for Favorite Explanations

When I mark something as a favorite I always feel like I should explain why I did. Simply saying "I like it because I like it" isn't really good enough for me. I feel that in order to be able to really appreciate a person's writing you should give some solid reasons why you enjoy what they write. When I put a story as a favorite, I'm telling everyone that it's a cut above the rest and that this story is worth their time.

Silly? Of course. But I do it anyway.

My Favorites and Why they Deserve Such a Position:

Brightly Burning- I've watched a few Hikaru-No-Go episodes and I really enjoyed them, but a good original anime can only carry a story so far. This fic needs no help. The author has an excellent sense of story and character developement. The plot is enjoyable and I really like her character types.

End of One World- Wow. That was all I had to say after I read this fic. I love loyal regretful Sasuke, but in general Sasuke annoys me. Too many writers put to much emphasis on him and frankly there's a reason the show is called 'Naruto'. The author does a great job representing Naruto and Sasuke without taking them too much out of character. Once again, storyline and writing are excellent quality.

Ghost Guardian- It was good. The writing isn't quite the quality of the two above and a few of the scenes are quite contrived, but the overall idea and storyline more than make up for it. The writing isn't bad, just needs to mature a little more, but the ideas and the effort the writer put forth are really, really great. I think that the longer the author writes this fic, the better it will become. Just like with all really good ones.

Holding Destiny With Your Own Two Hands- This is probably my favorite time travel fic so far and as long as the story continues to grow and mature it probably will continue to hold that spot. I love a strong, leader Naruto, though I like when he has the same childhood as in the canon. Most AU are just a little too unbelievable and I don't really think they keep Naruto in the character of who he is. The author does a very nice job of trying to incopoerate the bright sunny nature that basically is Naruto, and the hardened cynicism of a veteran.

Intermission- I read this once liked it. I read it again, liked it more. Much to my dismay there aren't very many good Alex Rider fics out there. Most are romance and that makes me very sad. Alex Rider doesn't do romance. Another thing, other teenagers becoming spies. I shudder. The reason that Alex is so effective, and constantly being loaned out to other countries is because he is the only teen spie. Another thing is that Alex is good. He's got a cold, adaptive attitude, even if he doesn't realize it himself. People are naturally intimidated by him, especially if they really know him. I think this fic portrays a small portion of that formality and inherent scariness that makes Alex Rider the most effective weapon of MI6.

Let Me Go- This is heartbreaking, tragic and very well written. I like this story because it really portrays Ed well. I find that Ed is a naturally tragic figure and that when written by a good author tragedy fits him better than any romance ever will.

Shame and Fame- I generally don't read Itachi fics because, seriously, how do you view a murdering, torturing sociopath in a good light? but this was a very well written reflective fic. I find it realistic and believable and I enjoy reading it alot. It works well when I need something reflective and slightly dark.

Price of the Future- This isn't as well written as the other fics on my page, but it containes most of the elements in a story that I love. The author tends to rush the storyline a bit and some situations are unbelievable, but for the most part the story is well written, needing only a bit more maturity. The idea and planning are very good in this story. Also, I like Gaara.

Tragedy of Repetition- Okay, I lied. 'Holding Destiny...' isn't my favorite. Not yet anyway. This story is well written, hilarious and definitely my favorite time travel fic. Naruto is simply awesome and the interaction with Anko is pure fun. The writing in this story is very mature and very well thought out. Chapters 13 and 14 were a little drawn out and so far haven't had much relevance in the story, but I have faith in the author, since they're the one who came up with and wrote such a sonderful story. We're all on pins and needles for the next installment, however given that the chapters are really, really long, I'm being patient.

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