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Author has written 17 stories for Aliens/Predator, and Jeepers Creepers.

I appreciate reviews and also like it if you want to give me tips on how to improve my writing!

In "Trouble Among Siblings", I am using a character that my friend created in her stories. I strongly encourage you to read her stories first to get some understanding about this new character ( or you can send her messages if you have any questions (

The profile pictures are like my promotional posters for the stories that I'm working on and hope to get posted soon (I try to put the posters up a week or so before I start posting chapters). Not all stories have a promotional poster, only the ones that I can actually make on my own.

Information on the stories I'm working on:

Metamorphosis- Sequel to Returning the Favor. Sophie's daughter is ill and she asks Ali for help. When things don't go according to plan, Sophie has to make the hardest decision of her life.

The Last Stand- Sequel to Compassion is Her Nature. Kim tries to find answers when her beloved friend, Cobra, starts acting strange. When she meets Timothy she gets a treat and is introduced to the one that started it all. Meanwhile, the Predators are moving in to track down the legendary acid-blooded "ooman".

Alien Splice- While watching Splice, I got some inspiration to write this story. (for those who have seen it, it takes a turn in events and is completely unlike the actual movie). Clive and Elsa attempt to splice human DNA with animal DNA and wind up creating twins; Dren and Anton. Shortly after they discover the rapid growth and intelligence of their creations, Anton, the younger one, escapes into the city. Alone and afraid, Anton hides in back alleys, knowing that he is different, but not understanding why. He comes across a lone Xenomorph Warrior. Having never encountered another like Anton, and sensing his loneliness and vulnerability, the Warrior spares his live and takes him back to the Hive. Sharing a deep, yet unspoken connection, with his new family, Anton grows quickly and is content, but things aren't all well back at the lab with Dren. When she begins behaving violently, Clive and Elsa know it is only a matter of time before Anton starts displaying similar characteristics and they make plans on finding him and destroying him before he can reach that stage.

Face-to-Face- Aleris is a spell caster from a distant galaxy who dabbles in alien splicing (combining Xenomorph DNA with other animals and creatures). He also searches other worlds, galaxies, and dimensions in search for other alien hybrids. He discovers the three Alis around the same time that he manages to create an alien/dragon hybrid that begins terrorizing his planet. In a panic, he summons all alien hybrid creatures from Earth to his planet. That includes Ali (from Child of the Aliens trilogy) and her three children, Ali (from Xenomorph Princess series) and Devon, Ali (from A Thought of Compassion), as well as the Creepalien. He tries to enlist them to help save his planet, but COA Ali and XP Ali clash while ATOC Ali just watches calmly and predator-like. All three Alis must learn to get over their differences and team up if they ever want to return home.

A Time of War- I played around with the idea of creating a Vampalien, but never had the right plot to make it work. Now, thanks the the request of a fan from Facebook, I was given the opportunity to write this story! Marrah makes the mistake of upsetting a vicious foe, forcing her kind into war. When Marrah befriends a member of the enemy she becomes determined to work out the differences between the two warring species. But is she too late?

Her Majesty- From the moment she was born, she knew what her purpose in life was. Her children meant everything to her and she did her job well. When the Hunters came and took her away, imprisoning her, she was forced to watch her children die, breaking her heart every time. But Queens are extremely patient and she will bide her time to make her escape.

Lines Drawn- When the lines are drawn whose side will you fight on? I was fifteen when the war began, a war that has since been raging for five years. It may be hard to believe, but I was the one who started it all, when the parasite inside me was surgically removed. If you were in my position would you fight for your own kind, or for the ones you barely know?

Title subject to change

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I have decided to make an Official Fan Page on Facebook. I have all my story profile pictures posted there and it is the chance to get the inside scoop on all the stories that I am working on.

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