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Hi. My name is Raven and I just love writing stories and reading other people's stories! OMG my computer is working and i have 6 stories on here!! if i have any errors on my story (like spelling or grammar) please tell me (cause most likely i will!)


My Favorite Books:

Daughters of the Moon


Vampire Kisses

Vampire Knight

Skip Beat

Girl Got Game



Tail of Moon

Anything that is manga that I've read.

My favorite ships are:

Sasuke and Naruto

InuYasha and Kagome
Miroku and Sango

Skip Beat:
Kiyoko and Ren T.

That's about it so far. I know, my little profile is very boring but, hey, I don't have anything interesting to say yet!

Zet (Another nick name of mine)

P.S. Sorry I haven't written much. I have a huge rode block that makes it really hard to come up with stuff. I will up date as much as I can. So please review! ! !


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Update 1/11/09

Happy late Holidays, and Happy Birthday PJ! ! ! ODOW will never be up on here again. I'm sorry, but don't send angry messages to me about it. That's all for now.


Update 2/6/09

I hope you guys like the new chapter. I'm going to add a new one up as soon as it's done. I hope you guys don't guess what's going to happen because it would ruin the whole thing. Anyway I'm eating chocolate, peanut butter, and lays. Yummmy. I was sick and missed school to day. Which sucked because I missed food day for math :(. Sorry if it was hard to find me, because of the whole name changed thing. I choose that because Zetsumei Tenma Ketsueki Mitsukai is my characters name (except for her last) cough cough and that's what it means.


Update 4/1/09

Happy April Fools Day!! I haven't updated in for ever. Most likly like last time, I'm in history. Yeah, we are watching Forest Gump. I know I haven't updated lately, but I might this week end, or should I say this spring break, I will be avoiding hanging out with my cuzin, and doing homework (blah), but other then that I will work on a story. . . . Evetually. And with that I will tell you my fiction press page and continue on with my history notes. - . I know the other bio is the same, but I will change it.


Update 5/21/09

Sorry for not updating so much, but I'm a freshman in high school. It was hard to work on stories when you're getting used to high school. I will upload things as soon as the summer hits off. Maybe. Anyway, I'm in english watching the Count of Monte Cristo moive. Like all movies they don't live up to the book. On that note a new story might come. I am closing most of the stories (ending them) because I am out of ideas, and some just need to stooooop (he he stooop). This is the second to last day of school!! Oh, and everyone enjoy there last few days of school!! Sophomore year here I come!! runs off with arms swinging in the air.


Update 6/20/09

Hello. My internet is up!! Sorry again for no updates. I've been . . . 'busy'. So I'm glade to say is . . . that I realized that only one of my stories on here belongs here, and the rest should go on fictionpress, but I'm too lazy to move them. School is over. yes. I mean. . . awwww. I have written one chapter, but it's not going up here. hehe. My bother is now 11 as of yesterday at 5:59 in the moring. He celebrated by screaming at the exact time. My family was up until 3 o'clock because of the storm. So his screaming stoped suddenly. He is fine, for now. I also happen to be moving. On a goooood note there is 52 days and some many hours until a very important date. And as a future driver I've go to go. gets in car and starts driving on the sidewalk. You see a bumper sticker that says "If you don't like my driving get off the sidewalk!"


Update 8/25/09

Jeezz, I really suck at updating. Anyway it's the second day of school and I'm in creative writing class. I had my birthday 16 days ago!! Family is crazy, and were still moving. I'll update more to this later to day because class is ending :'(. Gets in car and drives away. Police chases me down the street Still need to get my stupid permit.


Update 9/17/09

New story!! It's my creative writing assignments. Some will not be finished. Unless if you really want me to. Peace!


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Creative Writing Assignments
This is assignments that I do in Creative Writing Class. Some aren't under the catagories, but some are so you'll have to live with it.
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Love at Twilight reviews
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