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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Twilight.

Hellooo I made this account when I was like 12 so give me a break alright? I read the stuff I've written now and again and cringe from the embarrassment.


Lunar Eclipse: My first kinda sucks...yeah...

Violet Haze: I lied in the story...I am not a Twilight fan...I HATE it... But the books do suck you in, I'll give you that. Edward is controlling and kind of creepy and Bella has no spine. Plus the movie sucked. I made this story on a whim because the plot bunny wouldn't leave and I NEEDED to make her less wimpy and pathetic...It turned out ok by my standards and It was kinda fun to write. P.S. I chose black wings cause I could explain her clumsiness and black wings are a sort of symbol for bad luck...which Bella has an unusual amount of...

Celestial Fox: SO FUN TO WRITE!! I never really use OC's cause they can get out of hand fast, but this is turning out great! I think that the idea is fairly original and you guys seem to like it so I think this will be my main story to focus on. I always thought the zodiac needed a fox! I know its been so long since I've updated but I've sworn to myself that one day it will be finished.

From The Void: I like this story! I started writing it forever ago and never posted it. I just put it up here one day and the response has been good so as soon as I can I'll get more up.


Interests: anything FICTION!! And exclamation points.

Gender: F

Sign: libra

Location: I'll give you a hint- "Deep in the heart of _!"

Tattoos: it be gone TT-TT

Hair/Eye Color: brown...nothin' special...

Favorite Food: Italian...mmm, spaghetti...

Favorite Color: expect me to CHOOSE!?

Favorite Animal: owls...octopi...frogs...snakes...tarantulas...etc oh! And giraffes.

Favorite Sport: SWIMMING!

Instrument: Viola!

Mmmmmmkay. I am a bookworm who loves anything fiction that I can get my hands on. I am a very distracted person and a huge nerd. I am awesome at video games ( not really... but I love em') AAAAAaaaaaaannnyways...

FanFiction Information:

Favorite Pairings:



that's basically it...

All other pairings are basically canon.







Harry/I don't give a crap as long as its not MoldyVoldy




Tony Stark/Everyone lol

Favorite Story Elements:

I LOVE (NOT TOO OVER THE TOP) VIOLENCE. The more the merrier. Especially with the main character. No missing limbs or anything just...ok, lets put it this way...You know in Naruto during the Sasuke retrieval arc? When they all nearly die and Naruto gets stabbed through the chest? Or in Harry Potter GOF when the spider mangles up his leg? Yeah, more of that.

I LOVE GUILT. But NOT for the main character. In my opinion, NOTHING should be the main character's fault. Tee hee I have fangirl bias. Like if everyone thinks the main character is dead and someone who thinks they're always right feels all guilty, it is incredibly fun to read. Because they deserve it.

BANISHMENT. Especially with the main character. At least in Nauto anyways. It's really fun to see Naruto get kicked out and when he comes back all powerful or something and everyone feels stupid. Ah..good times...

Least Favorite Story Elements:

Time travel. Confusing most of the time in my opinion.

'What if the kyuubi never attacked?' and 'What if kyuubi was sealed in someone else?' stories. The kyuubi is officially a part of Naruto's character and without it, it ruins the plot line for me and makes it an ordinary ninja story if there is such a thing.

OCs falling in love with ANY main character. It's basically like the author is trying to put themselves with their favorite character. Most of them anyways...

Evil Naruto fics. Some are really good but I just can't see it in some stories.

Desperate slash. Like the kind where the characters have no chemistry and are just thrown together cause they're the only dudes.

Rape fics. Can't do it.

Current Main Focus: Celestial Fox I really like where this story is going and I have a feeling that it will be really long. It is one of those ideas I had that I wrote a little in my story and asked my buddy Sai Yoru about it before posting. I wasn't really sure if people would like it but from your reactions I think that its doing really well. Currently working on chapter six. It's gonna be great!...hopefully...

Pottermore House: Slytherin ;)

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Workin on an update but no promises mkay? The chuunin exams were going to be harder than he thought...Naruto will have to get through it...Red fox ears or not...I KNOW THE SUMMARY SUCKS!
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