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Nuts. I just turned 52, and there's still almost nothing new to say!

Yes, I am Neku the Last Reaper's mother! We live in the western U.S., though I was born in the Midwest. I have a Ph.D. in physics and played far more Dungeon and Dragons than was good for me in graduate school. With the downturn in the economy in the mid-80s I stopped working in physics, and after giving birth, started working part time doing books for lawyers (which I still do). I tried writing several years ago, but then all my male characters sounded like the sergeants I'd been working with on our local Air Force base. At least now my male characters use words that have more than four letters...

Neku and I are close friends with Bjanik whom we met through our dojo/dojang where we study karate (shotokan and shorin-ryu), taekwondo (WTF and ITF), and escrima. Neku and Bjanik recently started studying jiu-jitsu, but not me--I think I have a phobia against martial arts on the floor! When Bjanik finished One Stroke, I asked her if I could take up the story. She said "go for it," and I've been writing One Stroke: Part II ever since (sheesh--two years now!). I think at some point Neku may do "One Stroke: Part III." Currently she's writing a piece called Life with Lucy about life in Sephiroth's household with a seven-year-old daughter, so that too might be considered "One Stroke: Part III." Life with Lucy started out as my 51st birthday present from Neku, and I love it! Thank you, Neku!

A note about the other pieces on my site--Sweaty Yoga: Part II (again--thanks, Bjanik!) and A Belated Wedding Gift should really be chapters in One Stroke: Part II, but if I incorporated them, I'd have only one story, so I've left them as stand-alone pieces. "Sweaty" would come between chapters 2 and 3, while "Belated" would be between chapters 3 and 4. Bjanik has written two other One Stroke pieces for me, and I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate them. Neku helps me with fight scenes, and she's just given me a Lifestream scene I've been waiting for, so maybe I can get some more story posted soon.

A note about the name--I drive a Jeep Liberty. When I pull up to our local coffee shop in the morning, the newspaper guy shouts, "Welcome, Lady Liberty!"

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