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Wow, I'm updating my profile. I got sick of the old one, it was childish. I'm full of infinite wisdom and sarcasm now. So, I'm still the same person, I just grew up a little. I had a rough patch, got through it, and grew from it. I've also stopped trying to be someone I'm not. I'm me, and if you don't like it, you don't like it. Don't complain, just leave.

But enough of that, I don't want to threaten you nice people. Now, you may have noticed, but I don't write fanfics. I only have an account to review. I do write, but only original fiction. Fanfic is too restraining for me. Half the fun of writing for me is creating characters, naming them, and sorting out all their little quirks. However, if you head on over to Fiction Press you'll find me and my stories under the same pen name, Poppinfresh.

Now... what do I like? I like the night time, winter, and the moon. I like music, and I like writing. I like reading, and I like poetry. I like flamingos, and my cats. I like a lot of things. But, seeing as we're on a fanfic site, I'll tell you what movies I like, what books I like, what anime... you get the idea.

Books. Now, I have a crate in my room, and have a bookshelf filled downstairs, so you'll excuse me if I leave some out, yes?

Twilight series. (Ha, to anyone who flamed the Bella's Pregnant stories)

Skulduggery Pleasant

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Eragon, Eldest, all those books. (Just got the new one!)

Maximum Ride series.

And I think that will do for that.


V for Vendetta (I have a serious crush on Natalie Portman)

The Crow

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Anything Monty Python

Anime/TV shows



Death Note

Doctor Who


Little Britain

Top Gear

Ugly Betty

(Yes, I'm aware some of those aren't on here)

Anyway, enough of that. I'm bored, and I bet you are too. So here's some random stuff about me.

I have a dirty sense of humour. Actually, everything is dirty to me, soo...

I'm very sarcastic

I'm a bitch to a lot of people

I live in Australia, and I think it rocks

I'm 14, turning fifteen in January

My birthday is the same day as my dad's. I mantain I am the best present my father could be give. Besides those beer hats

I like neon things

I have a flamingo on my desk called George, and a wombat called Waffles. And a RSPCA stuffed dog called Liam

I'm sick of writing this, I wanna go read Brisingr


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