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So I haven't been on here in a while... I've been bored at work and reading and reviewing bunches of fics. I've even started like eight of my own. Started, yet never finished.

There are two that are currently asking me to continue them, but I just don't have the time.

One of these days, I'll bring my laptop into work and will actually be able to find time to work on them.

One is a Castle fic (If you haven't watched that show, you really should. It will melt your face).

The other is a Doctor Who fic. (Will also melt your face).

I have a bit more work done on the Doctor Who one, but I don't have a title and I have no idea how I'm going to end it and it needs serious revisions.

So here's why I'm writing (to exactly no one because, let's face it, no one read my profile even when I was an active writer on this site) on here: I'm looking for a beta in either the Castle fic or the Doctor Who fic (or both, that'd be nifty).

I would really like to get back to writing on here, but work has drained me of all hope and drive.



PS: I realize that I have one unfinished story and one story that was promised a sequel because I cruelly decided to kill some people off (or did I?)... I'll try and finish the one soon.


Sooo... I realize I started a story and then promptly forgot to continue it. Or so it would seem... My laptop has been broken for the past two months leaving me high and dry fanfiction wise. But FEAR NOT!! My laptop should be fixed and back in my loving possession by the end of the week... SHOULD... and then I can type up the 5 billion and a half chapters that I've written up by hand so you can all enjoy the psychotic workings of my mind.



Holy cow it's been a long time since I've been on here for any sort of an update. Sooo... for those of you who are patiently read: have totally forgotten waiting for a sequel to "Bruised", I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait. I have recently fallen in love with just about anything Joss Whedon does, including the tragically cancelled show "Firefly"... and I have been inspired to write a fic for that. I don't have a name for it yet, but the story (like most of my fics) came to me in a dream and built upon and solidified whilst in the shower.

So, if anyone has read this... which is doubtful... watch Firefly (it's on Hulu and is sadly only 14 episodes long) and then read my story!


10/ 01/2008

Ok, so I realize that I said two days ago that if you wanted to read the itty bitty little bit that I had for the sequel for Bruised, to PM me... but I changed my mind. I just put it up on as a teaser for the sequel. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME ANY THOUGHTS OR IDEAS YOU MAY HAVE! I WILL TAKE ANY I GET INTO CONSIDERATION!! I REALLY NEED IDEAS!! EVEN IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA THAT YOU THINK MAY BE SLIGHTLY STUPID AND NOT WORTH AND SERIOUS CONSIDERATION, I WANT TO HEAR IT BECAUSE REALLY, I have nothing. I only have that little bit that I posted.

(I am obviously desperate.)



So, I'm WORKING on a sequel to Bruised! I don't have much, but I have like two paragraphs.

I'm also trying to work on my stupid ENG paper thats due in about 2 hours and what I have right now is complete shit, but instead, I'm writing a profile update on here that probably... 3 people will see... if that... in a fairly decent time period.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get a good start on that sequel for you lovelies to read. Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas, or if you want to see those two paragraphs on the off chance you'll have an idea for me. (I'm kinda desperate for ideas.)

Ok, back to stupid homework :(



IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! (I'm 19, and I welcome any and all love notes wishing me a feliz cumpleanos! (that's happy birthday in spanish.)

I'm contemplating starting a new story, but definitely NOT in the next week cuz I'm working with 2 year olds all day. That is not fun (I even have to do it on my birthday!!).

Loves and whatnot!



Hey guys! I promise, I haven't forgotten about you. Things are kinda insane in my life right now. I'm starting summer classes today, and we all know that I don't pay attention in class, so I'll probably be brainstorming and writing up a ... well a storm!

While there is NO excuse for me completely DISAPPEARING from here (even not reviewing... and I'm a review WHORE!), I'm going to give you the best reason I haven't been on here in a while.

My friend is a film major and over the summers he makes mini-films. THIS summer he comes to me and confesses that he SUCKS at writing dialogue. Film major in need of kick ass vampire script, meet English major with an overactive imagination. So that's what I've been doing in addition to searching (but failing to find) for a job.

So, I'm co-screenwriting and starring in my friend's vampire flick.

If you wanna see one of his minimovies and you happen to have 20 minutes, go on youtube and search "Thunder of Steel". I do believe it's the first video (part one at least). I'm in that... I'm the "bandit" that gets shot in the gut with an arrow.

Much loves and whatnot!

Can't wait to hear from you when I update! (which will hopefully be soon!)


I UPDATED BRUISED!! throws a party I am SOOOOO SORRY it took so long. But most of you know about my guy drama drama drama, and that's pretty much been draining me emotionally, physically, and creatively. So, be proud that I updated! Now, I just gotta keep updating, and work on The Basement too... and BOMCHICKAWOWWOW!! crap.

Once again, sorry for the long wait! I have the ending of Bruised written down, I just need to write the chapters before that and then type that up!


HI! In case no one clued you in, I play flute. Though, ironically, I also played trombone for jazz band in high school... so technically I'm kicking myself... shrugs

I'm obnoxious to a fault and introduce myself to people that way: "HI! I'm obnoxious! Let's be friends!!" "OKAY!" Luckily for me, most of the people that I do that to are also obnoxious... or clinically insane.


I'm obsessed with House, MD, and more recently, Law & Order: SVU, so I get kinda creative and write fanfics of those shows.

I have a VERY extensive DVD collection which kinda exploded after my family got rid of sattellite two years ago... Before then, I had MAYBE10 movies... tops. now I have bucketloads.

I obviously play flute (no, I just think they're REALLY shiny... I hate people who see me with the flute case and go "oh, do you play flute?" no, this is an accessory! isn't just amazing!?) I also play picc and trombone... but I'm not that great at them. I also sing. BAAAAAAAASICALLY, music is my life... there's just no way around it.

I have no idea what else to write... besides I probably need a beta... that would be nice. I'm pretty good, but after going over it 3 times, I tend to skip the mistakes, so I just need a new set of eyes.




So, after bugging the HELL out of one of my friends over AIM to hurry her ass up and write something for me to read (not fanfiction, but still fiction... she's writing a book or something... it's actually pretty good) and then helping her break through her writer's block... and then promptly getting writer's block myself... i realized two things:

1) I'm really good for bouncing ideas off of and killing writer's block (no matter how impossible it may seem). and...

2) I kinda maybe sorta yeah need someone to bounce ideas off of me who doesn't know me on a personal level. (i.e. my friends are too scared to slap my upside the head and call me doofus when I take too damn long to update.

IN CONCLUSION (yea, didn't sleep last night and now I'm kinda nerdy) If anyone wants to bounce ideas off of me/ let me bounce ideas off of THEM, please message me and we'll figure something out.

Now that THAT's done with... passes out WAIT!! NO!! MONDAYS ARE MY BUSIEST DAYS!! I CAN'T PASS OUT!! I HAVE CLASS IN 18 MINUTES!! fuckmylifeinthearsewithapoolstick!


SOOOOOOOOOO... yea! Undercover=amazing at life, and while I wanted to wait until I was done with Bruised, I couldn't suppress the urge, so keep an eyeball out for "The Basement" which is SORTA post-ep for Undercover, but really, it's just a during-then-post-ep. So keep an eye out for that!!

Bruised should be updated SOONISH. I'm almost done with school for the summer, so yea.


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